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UK driving for foreign drivers

Information and advice from experienced UK based driving instructors on the key factors to be aware of when driving in the UK.

This section also offers advice for exchanging a automatic driving licence to a manual licence along with UK driving tips and UK practical driving test tips for manual cars.


UK driving

If you are planning to stay in the UK and are an experienced driver from another country, driving on UK roads can be challenging due to different road types, systems and of course driving on the left.

Being experienced and fully qualified UK driving instructors, we teach a great deal of foreign individuals who have experience in driving in their country but are not proficient with driving in the UK.

This section is dedicated to helping foreign drivers get to grips with Britain’s roads including information and advice on UK driver licensing.

Driving in the UK Driving in the UK
A guide for the main signs and essential key points for driving in the UK aimed at drivers from other countries. Read more
Automatic licence to manual

Automatic licence to manual
The vast majority of cars in the UK are manual transmission and are often cheaper for a like-for-like model. Although automatics are easier to drive and pass the driving test, manuals often offer an advantage. Advice on how to exchange your automatic driving licence to a manual licence. Read more

Driving on the left Driving on the left
UK driving tips for visitors or those relocating to the UK and have little or no previous experience of driving on the left. Also included is a list and map of countries that drive on the left and countries that drive on the right. Read more
UK driving test UK driving test
Help for foreign drivers wishing to pass the UK practical driving test including driving test procedure, appropriate vehicle and preparation leading up to taking the driving test. Read more
Refresher driving lessons Refresher driving lessons
Information on the benefits of refresher driving lessons and courses for non UK residents, individuals wishing to take the UK driving test and the advantages for nervous drivers, the elderly and eco driving. Read more