About Driving Test Tips

Driving Test Tips was developed as a means to help not only learner drivers, but drivers of all ages and abilities to improve their driving skills and offer a source of information that may be of benefit. The tutorials, advice and tips contained on this website will extend the knowledge to those that are about to start their driver training within the UK. It is designed to provide information on what as a learner driver you can expect during driving lessons and to be better prepared, what to expect on the driving test and once passed. provide tips for safer driving.

Using information on Driving Test Tips


The information contained within the Driving Test Tips website is based on the experience and knowledge of professionally trained individuals. The information provided isn’t intended to replace a qualified driving instructor, but it is intended to offer you tips and advice in regards to what is needed to pass the driving test.

Reading through the information on the Driving Test Tips website should be used in conjunction with the teaching methods provided by your driving instructor, friends or family member. The information provided on this website is developed by experienced driving instructors who use the tutorials provided in day to day life for their own learner drivers.

Many of the driving test tutorials are based on a certain method found to be successful in aiding learner driver in reaching test standard. There are possibly many methods for teaching however.

The tutorials in particular are in-depth and detailed and although they may take a lot of practicing, they are accurate and if followed as intended, will pass any driving test for that particular part.

Following the information contained will not only make your learner driver experience easier to understand, but should also reduce the overall cost in driving lesson fees.

Experienced drivers wishing to sit the UK driving test will also find the Driving Test Tips website of significant benefit. Practicing the techniques and tutorials provided should allow a driver to reduce bad habits. Ultimately even an experienced driver should take a driving lesson or two before a test to ensure they are up to standard.

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