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Being an established driving instructor with a steady flow of pupils is of course an ideal situation for any individual wishing to join the list of Approved Driving Instructors.

Of course, all the driving instructors tests need to be passed even before you can begin to think that far ahead. There are many ADI driving instructor training establishments, but deciding which one can be difficult.

It doesn’t really come down to price, most important is the service and experience of those training you. Driving Test Tips offer advice on how to become a driving instructor and the ideal driving instructor training.

If you are thinking of embarking on a career as a driving instructor, this section will provide advice and tips on not only driving instructor training, but the instructors job itself and the best direction for your career. This advice is provided by fully qualified driving instructors and ADI trainers.

Become a instructor

Become a driving instructor

Detailing the necessary procedures that need to be followed and completed, complete with contact details for how to be a driving instructor.

Instructor training

Best driving instructor training

For those wishing to become a driving instructor, choosing who to train you can be a difficult decision. This guide explains the various options that can be taken with driving instructor training, and also the cheapest and often the most successful method for training to become a driving instructor.

Trainee licence

Trainee driving instructor licence

Facts for obtaining a driving instructor training licence including the DVSA requirements and applicable forms to send to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

ADI Part 1

ADI Part 1

Information for those undertaking driving instructor training – ADI Part 1. This guide includes what to expect and the cheapest method in training to pass the ADI Part 1 test.

ADI Part 2

ADI Part 2

Complete guide on what to expect on the ADI Part 2 test, ideal driving instructor training for the Part 2, plus advice on preparing for the ADI Part 2 test and an ideal driving instructor training course to take.

ADI test routes


In this section are the ADI driving test routes for applicable test centres that conduct the ADI Part 2 test. These test routes are no longer published by the DVSA but provide an excellent guide into the type of roads and traffic systems that you are likely to encounter during your ADI Part 2.

ADI Part 3

ADI Part 3

This guide offer plenty of information regarding the ADI Part 3 test, what’s involved and tips on how to pass ADI Part 3. this section also advises on an ideal ADI Part 3 driving instructor training course, that often gains better results and is generally cheaper.

ADI Check Test

ADI Check Test

ADI check test guidance notes provided from the DVSA. The driving instructor check test guidance notes detail documents to take on the check test, suitability of your vehicle, type of pupil to take, check test / lesson preparation, what happens during the lesson, other persons present, check test role play, check test role play subjects, check test results, check test result appeal and fleet driver training check tests.

ADI Code of Practice

ADI Code of Practice

The new 2012 Code of practice released by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) for approved driving instructors (ADI) draft version for driving instructors and learner drivers.

How many driving instructors in the UK

How many driving instructors in the UK

Detailing the official number of UK driving instructors currently registered. Statistics begin from April 2011, through to December 2014. Statistics include approved driving instructors on the register, approved driving instructors that are taking part in continuing professional development, amount of ADI check tests completed.

Number of trainee driving instructors in the UK

Number of trainee driving instructors in the UK

Official statistics detailing how many trainee (potential) driving instructors (PDI) within the UK. Statistics begin from April 2011, through to December 2014. Statistics include the number of potential driving instructor applications submitted for the first time, amount of first time PDI applications refused and the amount trainee driving instructor licences issued.

Advantages of being a driving instructor

Advantages of becoming a driving instructor

Many enjoy the lifestyle, freedom and financial rewards of becoming a successful driving instructor. Although success can take many months, or even years to fully achieve, the advantages of being a driving instructor can significantly outweigh those found in a normal job. This section covers the many benefits of being a driving instructor.

Disadvantages of being a driving instructor

Disadvantages of being a driving instructor

For others, the disadvantages of being a driving instructor far outweigh the advantages. Although there are pros and cons in all jobs, some seem unable to find any real benefit from becoming an ADI. Driving instructor training can be expensive, take a look at some of the disadvantages associated with being a driving instructor to help make up your mind.

Driving instructor salary pay

Driving instructor salary

Before undergoing the time and cost of driving instructor training, this article offers an insight into a driving instructors salary, weekly income and expenses endured by many ADI’s and PDI’s. The article offers a brief summary for what’s involved in being a successful independent driving instructor and what is necessary to remain ahead the competition and to gain a rewarding career and salary.

Driving instructor jobs

Driving instructor jobs

For trainee, new or even experienced instructors, it can be a minefield trying to understand an ideal franchise that will lead to a driving instructor job, providing plenty of work at minimal cost. This guide points you in the right direction giving you insight in what to look out for.

Driving school advertising

Driving school advertising

Upon finishing your driving instructor training, you can either join an established driving school or go it alone. Starting out as an independent driving instructor is likely going to involve advertising your driving school. Provided are advertising techniques, some of which work and some techniques that are generally best avoided.

Driving School Website

How to create a driving school website

It’s important for any business in the modern digital age to have a website. A driving school website provides potential customers with valuable information about you and your services. Explained are the basic types of websites on offer, the benefits and disadvantages helping you to make a suitable decision on which type of driving school website to choose.

Effective Website

Make your Driving School Website Effective

Now that you have created your driving school website, you now need to build content and ensure that it complies with current legalities. This guide offers advice on how to do that, plus how to increase rankings.

Starting a Driving School

How to Start a Driving school

This guide offers some useful tips on how to start your UK based independent driving school as a sole trader. Preparation is the key so that your business is bringing in work when you qualify.

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    I’m interested in instructor training, can you please advice me and course plus fee

  2. Hi Muddasar,
    For driving instructor training, you’re best off looking for a established independent company local to your area. They usually have better results and are often more competitive than the national driving instructor training companies.

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