Drivers That Don't Signal

Drivers That Don’t Indicate

So those flashing amber lights on cars, vans, lorries etc… What are they and do we really need them?

Apparently they’re called directional indicators, or ‘turn signals’ and some drivers use them to inform other road users of their intention to change direction. Additionally, when all four amber flashers are activated (hazard lights), it allows you to park where ever you like – legal or not.

Van drivers haven’t been using indicators for years now (except hazard lights for parking) and besides, it’s nobody’s business where I’m going, so why tell them? Let’s take a look at some reasons why indicating is for losers.

1. I’m Just Too Lazy

When I’m driving, I have much better things to be doing than faffing about with the indicators. It becomes tiresome very quickly all that lever flipping, plus no one cares where I’m going anyway.

2. I like to Annoy People at Roundabouts

When I approach a roundabout to make the first exit / left turn, it’s good fun to not to bother indicating so that the driver on the left stops to give way for no reason.

3. Last-Minute Indicating

Sometimes if I’m not paying attention to where I’m going, I might need to make a last-minute exit, or quick change of direction. Indicating is beneficial here because it saves you from having to check your mirrors.

4. Indicating Isn’t Cool

I drive a flash car – recently changed my high-end Audi to a BMW and indicating doesn’t look cool. Certain privileges come with driving particular cars.

5. Not Enough Time

When I’m out driving, I’m in a rush. Even if I’m just off to the local supermarket to pick up a pack of peas for tomorrows dinner, I must get there as quickly as possible and have zero time for courtesy and consideration.


Hopefully you’ve assumed there’s a heavy dose of sarcasm here and that I really don’t drive like that – honest. And of course, those that do indicate are not losers.

Just the other day, I was at a mini roundabout waiting to go straight ahead (2nd exit from the four available). The driver directly opposite enters the roundabout without any signal, so I assume he’s going directly ahead. As it was quite busy at this time, I entered the roundabout only to brake harshly as he was actually turning right.

So why no turn signal, particularly as it’s a mini roundabout?

How Bad is it?

A survey conducted by AA Streetwatchers of some 40,000 vehicles at junctions and roundabouts around the country concluded that 33% of all vehicles did not indicate before making a turn.

It does appear that indicating has now become an optional driving procedure. Is it laziness, forgetfulness, or just that some drivers couldn’t care less?

24 thoughts on “Drivers That Don’t Indicate”

  1. maboza ritchie

    Drivers who don’t indicate are sacks of pure 5hite

  2. Roger Ponsonby-Smallpiece

    People should drive so as to put themselves in a position where they will not be influenced by the driver in front. If a driver has allowed plenty of room between him/herself and the vehicle in front, it doesn’t matter a flying fig whether that driver indicates or not. Regarding roundabouts and indicating left… Would you seriously pull out in front of a left-indicating vehicle? If so, one day you are in for a shock! One of the cardinal rules of road safety is: “Never pull out in front of a left-indicating vehicle”… Also, again on roundabouts… The highway code states that you should give way to vehicles approaching from the right, and once in the roundabout, you should adjust your speed to suit the speed of the vehicles already in the roundabout… Some clown approaching from the road on your right, and using excessive speed in order to gain priority over the vehicle at the ‘give way’ lines in the road on his left deserves to be cut up. Too often I am forced to wait at the ‘give way’ lines because there is no way that the vehicle approaching from my right would be able to regulate its speed should I elect to enter the roundabout. Those drivers who assume priority at a roundabout because they are going straight ahead are a particular favourite of mine.

  3. Would you seriously pull out in front of a left-indicating vehicle? If so, one day you are in for a shock! One of the cardinal rules of road safety is: “Never pull out in front of a left-indicating vehicle”

    With UK roads getting busier every day, it would be almost impossible to make any progress based on that rule. There has to be an element of risk assessment. Trying to move out into a busy road, sometimes the only chance you get is a car indicating left. Also at busy roundabouts, if everyone simply indicated correctly, it would allow traffic to flow and ease congestion significantly.

    Many roundabouts are so busy that you have to take advantage of a car indicating left in order to make progress. You could also argue that giving way for a left-indicating vehicle is more dangerous due to following drivers not expecting you to stop.

    There is an element of risk, but a larger element of common sense. Observe the left-indicating vehicle and speed – if it doesn’t appear to be slowing down, then wait.

  4. Poo.c flapsucker

    Yes Mabozas and they are lazy cu9ts.

  5. Benny dillon

    Non indicating drivers are ***** who should be banned for life.

  6. Glabston Munipot

    Benny you are so right they are total cu9ts!!!

  7. Dustin

    Roger, even given space of 3-4 sec car length or so and driver in front does not use a turn signal, it is still possible to rear end them. Example: front driver is turning right if drivers drive on rightside of road, the driver decides turn just slowing down then stops fast to turn that right without a turn signal like in foggy weather. I rear end the butt because they did not provide warning to be turning soon. It increases your alertness by that alone in signaling. Also you are required to be aware of your surroundings so i was driving checking mirrors and doing a 360 degree check in which i can miss the front drivers abrupt stop. The warning would divert my attention to front driver preventing an accident. So it would BEHOOVE YOU to give a FLYING FIG to use and observe turn signaling.

  8. Beniti delaney

    You are a sack of manure and a lazy ba5tard

  9. Barrie Turner

    I only indicate when I think I need to, indicating is a rule not a law, everyone making a comment on this page is a hypocrite, I could follow anyone of these driver and make a list of rules and laws that they break, most break the law. I would drive in full compliance of the highway code if everyone else did the same.

  10. Mike hunt

    I agree 100 percent and they shoukd be fined and get points on their licence.

  11. Nixoff swiftly

    Pi55 off Barrie you bag of 5hit.

  12. Roadwage

    I assume that the business of using indicators is too complicated for some people (usually men) and therefore they are stupid. It might also be that their hands are just too tired.

    I write as a male van driver who drives with consideration for other road users and does use his indicators. Good manners costs nothing.

  13. Mike hunt

    Nice one roadwage, Barrie is a total 5hithead!

  14. Nixoff Swiftly

    In reply to maboza ritchie.

    I agree 100 percent Maboza, most are lazy,stupid uneducated thickheaded twats.

  15. Dave

    In reply to maboza ritchie.

    I agree… They do it to upset people. Like they are looking for a fight

  16. Dave

    In reply to Roadwage.

    Well said

  17. Labionda jones

    P155 off Barrie you cnut!!

  18. Maboza Richie

    Roger you are a bonehead and a manure bag!!

  19. Jimmy Savlon

    Yes for sure those lazy uneducated cnuts who don’t signal should be fined at least £100 and repeat offenders should lose their licence.

  20. Oscar Framlington

    Dustin go and boil your head in a vat of fresh manure!!!

  21. Carl Fletcher

    @Dustin. I can’t stand people that don’t indicate, however, if you rear end a car, that is your fault. The car in front could have braked hard to avoid a pedestrian or another object in their way. You not breaking in time means you are not paying attention to the road in front of you. What if that car had been a child that just walked in front of you “without indicating” as most kids dont?
    As for the scum bags that don’t indicate. Should make it a fine and points on your license. Motorways are the worst, 70 -80 mph and some moron doing 50 doesn’t look, doesn’t indicate and pulls out. Dashcams are the only way to go. People can say what ever, your word against theirs. They can’t lie to a video recording it

  22. Alan Roddis

    If all drivers used their indicators properly, the traffic would flow faster. Those that don’t should get points on their licences!.

  23. Anyone who doesn’t use indicators is not telling the oncoming motorist of their intentions and where they are going. Fine the bastards a minimum of £1000.00 with 9 penalty points

  24. Jk Rowling

    Barrie,you are a moron,always use your indicators,whether you see anyone about or not,its always the thing to are an accident waiting to happen.

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