Taxi Test Routes – M

Listed below are the official Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) practical hackney carriage black cab and private hire taxi test routes beginning with the letter M.

This taxi driving test is set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and is similar to the standard driver test that learners take, though unlike learner test routes, taxi routes may involve motorways. Taking the taxi test you’ll be a full licence holder and as such, examiners will expect a higher standard of driving than that of a leaner driver.

Many taxi driving tests are failed due to a lack of preparation. One method to help prepare yourself for the taxi test is to gain familiarity of the taxi test routes that DVSA examiners set.

Examiners design taxi routes so that varied routes, roads and traffic systems of all types are included. Routes often include difficult areas. Studying each and every road isn’t necessary, use the routes as a guide only as to what to expect during the test. Routes can and do change over time and even on a daily basis depending on road and traffic conditions.


Use the A to Z menu below to locate your taxi test routes.



Below are taxi test routes for the DVSA hackney carriage black cab and private hire taxi driving test starting with the letter M

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