ADI Driving Test Routes

The ADI Part 2 test is similar to the standard learner driver test, both of which are developed by the DVSA. It is of course harder and lasts a little longer at around one hour.

Driving test centres that are equipped to provide the ADI Part 2 test has specific examiners that conduct the test and that also develop and design the test routes for Part 2.

The test routes will of course involve as many varied roads and traffic systems as possible, so that the examiner can test your abilities to the highest standard.

The ADI test routes are no longer published publicly by the DVSA and the test routes displayed were taken just before the DVSA removed them. Some of the routes may have changed as they are subject to change at any time, and some of the test routes may remain similar if not identical.

Using these routes should be to form a knowledge base for an indication of the types of roads and traffic systems that you’re likely to take during your Part 2 test, rather than an exact test route that will be taken. Test routes are in text format and can be planned out alongside a traditional map or a digital map such as Google Maps.


ADI test routes may also be available to download for your mobile device or Sat Nav. Available are driving test routes for Sat Nav, Google Maps, Google Earth, iPhone, Android & CoPilot Live. Download Driving Test Routes.


Examiners do of course integrate some of the most challenging roads and traffic systems into the routes that are viable within a given radius of the test centre. As an already experienced and qualified driver, you’ll be expected to demonstrate proficiency, courtesy and expertise in such areas as:

Use the test routes as a base to develop your own routes based on a similar layout. Ensure you brush up on your driving skills and Highway Code knowledge.


Your local test centre may not offer the ADI Part 2 test. Travelling to a location you may not be familiar with may be necessary. Listed below are the ADI driving test routes that are available.


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