Car Clutch

Using the clutch in a car properly whilst driving can increase safety and also significantly increase the life of your cars clutch, which considering the clutch is not a cheap replacement, is something that benefits all.

This section offers basic, easy to follow tutorials that explains the various terms used to define the way in which a car clutch is used.

Explained is bad use of the the clutch such as riding the clutch which can significantly increase wear.

Tips on good clutch control techniques for not stalling a car, clutch control for finding the biting point and how the clutch in a car should be used properly for general driving.

Also covered are the potential road safety issues and damage the inappropriate use of a car clutch can cause.

Clutch control tutorial

Clutch control

You may be learning to drive, or simply have problems correctly controlling the clutch. This guide offers basic car clutch control technique for both learner drivers and those that have passed the driving test.

Clutch biting point tutorial

Clutch bite point

A guide and diagram detailing what the clutch biting point is and how to find the bite point whilst driving. This guide is suitable for both learner drivers, plus more experienced drivers with difficulties using the clutch.

How to stop stalling a car tutorial

How to stop stalling a car

A tutorial and tips for both novice drivers and more experienced drivers who wish to stop stalling the car.

Slipping the clutch tutorial

Slipping the clutch

Guide explaining what is slipping the clutch, is slipping the car clutch bad, plus the differences between slipping the clutch and a slipping clutch.

What is coasting a car tutorial

What is coasting

What is coasting explained, how it can be potentially dangerous and how free wheeling doesn’t save fuel in modern cars.

How to and how to avoid wheelspin tutorial


How to use the car clutch correctly to avoid wheelspin in your car and also how to achieve wheelspin if you should want to.

What is riding the clutch tutorial

Ride the clutch

Explanation for riding the clutch, how it can damage your cars clutch and how to avoid doing it.

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