Cycle Lane Road Signs

Cycle lane road signs can be a blue circles or circular red ring which give a mandatory instruction, a blue or white rectangular road sign that provides information or a red triangular road sign which provides warnings.

See order road signs and warning road signs for further information on these types of signs. Cycle lane road signs are important to not only cyclists but pedestrians and motorists. Motorists must understand the meaning and markings on cycle lane road signs not only for the theory test, the practical driving test, but for general safe driving.

Listed are the most frequently seen road signs on UK roads along with the applicable meaning for each sign. The theory test involves questions on cycle lanes and signs.

Mandatory with traffic flow cycle lane ahead sign. Hours of operation may also be shown.
Mandatory with-flow pedal cycle lane sign
Mandatory with-flow pedal cycle lane sign.
Solid white line tells other vehicles they must not use this part of the carriageway except to pick up or set down passengers. Hours of operation may be shown.
Cycle route is recommended for cyclists on the main carriageway of a road. This may be marked as an advisory pedal cycle lane.

Mandatory contraflow cycle lane sign. The upward arrows indicate the number of traffic lanes available.
Contraflow pedal cycles in a one-way street sign (other than a mandatory contra-flow cycle lane). This may be marked by a broken line on the carriageway or there may be no line at all.
Cycle lane on road at junction ahead sign or (where “lane” is varied to “track”) cycle track crossing road at junction ahead.
End of cycle lane, track or route sign.

Reminder sign for pedestrians to look out for cyclists approaching from the right.
Shared route for pedal cycles and pedestrians only sign.
Separated track and path for cyclists and pedestrians sign.
Route for pedal cycles only sign.
Riding of pedal cycles is prohibited sign.
Parking place for pedal cycles sign.
No through road for vehicles except for pedal cycles sign.
Pedal cycle route crossing or joining road ahead sign.
Cyclists to dismount at end of lane, or break in, a cycle lane, track or route sign.

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