Theory Test Pass Rates

Listed are the official UK driving test centre Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), and Pearson Professional pass rates for 2015 / 2016.

The statistics on this page show the theory test pass rates test centres in England, Scotland and Wales from from the months April 2015 through to March 2016. Statistics covers the overall tests conducted, the amount of passes and pass rates for each test centre. Statistics last updated January 2017.

A ‘pass’ is tallied as an official final statistic only when the candidate has passed both the theory multiple choice section and the hazard perception part during the same test sitting.

A test candidate can book and take the theory test at any DVSA centre and is not dependent on the location of the candidates residency. Statistics for 2017 will follow shortly.

Test centre based statistics – Any statistics produced showing test centre level data will not include any centres where a small number of candidates has taken tests.  This is because, due to the low numbers, it may be possible to identify that individual and as such, the information then becomes personal data and is covered by the Data Protection Act.

These tests will be amalgamated together and shown on each report as either National total or Total of test centres where less than 10 tests conducted. Changes to a driver’s licence number will affect statistics run on the number of individuals in a specific category. The reports are based on driver licence number; when running a statistical report, a single individual who has changed licence number could be reported multiple times.

Local Theory Test Centre Pass Rates

Use the A-Z menu below to locate your theory test centre and find out its official pass rates.


National theory test centre pass rates

The total UK national theory test centre pass rate is:

Total Tests ConductedTest PassesPass Rate (%)
National Figures1,900,691937,03449.3

Theory Test Pass Rates Based on Gender

Statistics from between April 2015 through to March 2016 male and female pass rates per test centre and entire pass rate for time period captured.

Previous Theory Test Pass Rates

Detailed are the theory test pass rate statistics for the year 2014.

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