Theory Test Revision

With the all new theory test, it’s important to use the best revision materials for the DVSA theory test. The new theory test no longer provide a list of all questions and answers.

The exact questions and answers are not published in any books, software or on the internet. The DVSA’s reasoning for this is to allow learner drivers to have a better understanding of an answer and why, instead of simply knowing an answer.

The new theory test isn’t necessarily harder, it just requires a little more revision with an understanding of why an answer is given. The questions and answers provided in the theory test revision books are very similar to the actual questions found in the theory test, with full explanations given. The revision materials will also cover the very same topics found in the official theory test.

Detailed in this section are the theory test categories, currently being updated of the official DVSA theory test.

Theory Test Revision Categories

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