White Road Signs

There are many road signs that need to be learnt for the driving theory test. This section covers white road signs and their meaning.

White road signs
White road signs are generally rectangular or square in shape

What do white road signs mean?

White road signs are used to give directions on non-primary roads. White road signs can also be used in conjunction with warning road signs and regulatory order road signs. They are usually rectangular or square in shape.


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White road signs incorporating warning sign

White road sign incorporating warning sign

A typical white road sign providing directions to non-primary routes may incorporate other signs such as the warning triangles as seen in the image to the right, warning motorists of height restrictions and a preferable alternative route.

Oncoming vehicles in middle of road due to road narrowing ahead
Single file traffic as road narrows on right (left if sign reversed)

White signs used alongside other signs

White plate signs can be used alongside warning or regulatory order road signs. This example being white plate signs used with ‘road narrows’ warning signs. See warning signs for further advice.

Standard white parking signs
Primary route with parking signs

White parking signs

White road signs are used to provide directions to parking facilities by incorporating the blue ‘P’ symbol. White parking road signs can also be integrated into primary route green signs. Other details such as the distance to parking facilities may be included. Green signs are primary route signs. See direction signs for further advice.

Recommended maximum speed limit sign
Recommended speed limit bend in road sign

 White speed limit signs

Remember which shape speed limit signs are? Speed limits that are enforced must be contained within the circular red ring, or the national speed limit sign. White rectangular signs will accompany a warning sign, such as a sharp bend in the road, or any other hazard. They are a recommended speed limit only. For further information, see speed limit signs.

No stopping on red route
End of red route sign

White signs containing regulatory signs

Certain white road signs contain regulatory signs. Frequent examples seen are where a motorist might enter a traffic controlled area, from a 30 mph limit into a 20 mph zone, or as can be seen from the images, the white signs contain the ‘Clearway’ no stopping regulatory sign. The white sign allows for more information to be displayed to motorists. See what are red routes and regulatory order road signs for further information.

White bus stop sign
Bus lane on road at junction ahead

White signs for buses and cyclists

White road signs are used to inform pedestrians of the location of bus stops. White signs may also be used for road users to inform them of the direction of a bus lane or cycle lanes up ahead. For further information, see bus lane signs and bus stops, plus bus lane road markings.


Once you have studied the white signs, the other UK road signs and feel confident in your ability to know them, take the road sign test quiz


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