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Driving Test Tips

Driving Test Tips is a resource to help individuals of all ages to learn to drive and pass the UK driving test. Driving Test Tips is developed by expert qualified driving instructors.

Learn to drive

Learning to drive is a process many of us go through. It can be time consuming and costly. The learn to drive section offers tips on how to start learning to drive, along with finding good driving instructors.

The learn to drive section also offer many other tips including the ideal driving courses, how many driving lessons are required, tips on how difficult the driving test is and information on how to obtain a provisional driving licence.

Pass the theory test

Once you have obtained your provisional driving licence, the theory test is the next stage. Although relatively easy, without a complete understanding of what Is involved can easily lead to a failure.

Our guide to passing the theory test and other useful tips on helping you pass, will put you in good standing for a first time theory test pass.

Also available is all the UK theory test centres along with their address, contact details, map locations and information for booking the theory test.

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Passing the driving test

Passing the practical driving test is to some, an impossible task. You are only ever going to be as good as your driving instructor. As you learn to drive, reading through the driving test tutorials will aid in your abilities to drive, should increase your knowledge of the driving test providing you with a higher chance of passing the test first time and possibly help to save you money.

The driving test tutorials sections is full of up-to-date driving help for test manoeuvres, the correct process for roundabouts, junctions and many more tutorials. All tutorials are developed by fully qualified and experienced driving instructors.


The driving test tutorials are in-depth and accurate. If followed precisely, a learner driver or experienced driver taking the UK driving test will pass that part of the practical test.

The driving test tips section offer both learner drivers and experienced drivers wishing to pass the UK driving test plenty of advice.

From a complete in-depth guide on what to expect on the driving test, a break-down of the independent driving explained, to helping with driving test nerves.

A complete list of all driving test centres is available in the driving test tips section, which provide address details, contact map and other tips specific to each test centre.

The driving test tips section offers driving test routes. Driving test routes change from time-to-time although they do remain similar, especially the difficult areas. Gaining knowledge of the difficult areas of a test route will benefit anyone planning to take a practical driving test.

Driving Test Tips is constantly updating and adding new relevant information to help anyone intending to learn to drive and pass the driving test.

Car maintenance tips

Driving Test Tips isn't just about learning to drive and passing the driving test. When you have passed the driving test, you will of course need a car and to maintain it. The car maintenance tips section offers basic car maintenance tips for keeping your car on the road to help avoid those expensive garage expenses and to of course help to keep your car legal. We'll also explore the world of learner driver insurance for those who have recently passed their test.

Those expensive trips to the garage can often be avoided with basic car maintenance.

Driving tips

Driving tips and UK driving tips are also available for drivers who have just passed the driving test or individuals who have moved to the UK and intend on taking the UK driving test and who have previous driving experience.

These driving tips and driving help sections are currently being developed and frequently updated.

Driving instructor training tips

Driving Test Tips is not just for learner drivers. The driving instructor training section provides tips and help for individuals wishing to start the training process to become a PDI (Potential Driving Instructor) and ultimately become an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor).

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