Taxi Test Tips

For many, becoming a taxi driver provides not only a financially rewarding career, but a career where you’ll meet a wide variety of individuals.

Becoming a taxi driver does require a certain level of skill. Two tests are usually involved based on the local council where you live. A knowledge test where you’ll be required to answer questions to successfully navigate from one area to another, by means of the shortest or quickest route. Other questions will test your ability on areas of interest and other establishments such as colleges, pubs and restaurants for example.

Finally, most councils require that you take a practical taxi driving assessment test. You’ll be required to demonstrate to a DVSA examiner a proficient level of driving, road safety and to that of your passengers, plus basic maintenance knowledge of your vehicle.

This taxi test tips section aims to provide potential licensed taxi drivers with knowledge on what to expect on the tests, plus tips on passing and advice on how to improve your driving before taking lessons or the taxi test.

Is taxi driving a good job?
Is it Good?


Discussed is the expenses involved in taxi driving, the salary, the advantages and disadvantages of being a taxi driver and the type of passengers that a taxi driver must deal with.

Taxi Driving Lesson Tips
Taxi Driving Lesson Tips


This section offers tips on how to improve your driving skills so to improve your chances of passing the taxi test. Taxi driving lessons are often beneficial and following this guide can reduce the number of lessons required.

Taxi test training tips
Taxi Test Training


Many taxi driving tests are failed due to the accumulation of bad habits. Covered here are the most common reasons for failing a taxi test and tips for remedial action to avoid making them.

Taxi test manoeuvre explained
Taxi test manoeuvre


The majority on UK councils require that a driver sits and passes a DVSA taxi test before being issued a taxi licence. Part of this driving test involves and taxi test manoeuvre. Explained are the manoeuvres with diagrams and tips on completing them safely.

Taxi Insurance FAQ
Taxi Insurance FAQ


Taxi insurance is a legal requirement and one of the most costly outgoings of a driver. This guide provides an explanation of the various types of insurance available, plus tips on how to find cheaper taxi insurance.

Taxi driver test cabology questions and answers
Cabology Questions

Taxi Driver Test Cabology Questions

This section covers the taxi driver test cabology questions and answer for the DVSA practical taxi assessment test for both private hire and Hackney carriage (black cab) tests.

Taxi Test Routes
Taxi Test Routes


Taxi test routes are devised by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) examiners for individuals who intend on taking the hackney carriage (black cab) or private hire practical test. Official DVSA test routes can be viewed in this section.