Driving Theory Test

This section aims to help learner drivers pass the driving theory test with theory test tips, guides, details on how to book the theory test and what to take with you.

Once you have your provisional driving licence, the driving theory test is the next stage in obtaining your full driving licence. The majority of the theory test multiple choice questions is common sense and is relatively easy. There are certain questions however that you may struggle with.

Plenty of help and advice is available in the driving theory test tutorials below from details on all UK theory test centres, booking, rearranging and cancelling theory tests, plus mock quiz to take. For all contact information and test booking details including the theory test, visit the learning to drive section.

Learner driver lawsLearner driver laws

Advice detailing each step needed from the theory test to the driving test plus generally advice for learner drivers. Plus DVSA contact details.

When can I take my theory test?When can I take my theory test

Information concerning when you are eligible to take the driving theory test and when you can book it.

Car theory test explainedCar theory test explained

A full description on what is involved in the car theory test and hazard perception explained, plus theory test tips and advice on how to pass.

Theory test revisionTheory test revision

Look at the most popular books, CDs and DVDs to help you pass the car driving theory test.

Free mock theory testFREE MOCK THEORY TEST

Test your skills to see if you pass the free mock theory test with questions almost identical to the official DVSA theory test. Ever wondered what the most difficult theory test questions, responsible for many test failures? See Top most difficult theory test questions.

Theory test languages explainedTheory test languages

Information detailing the available languages that the driving theory test can be taken in, plus the theory test translator options and those with dyslexia or other reading difficulties.

DVSA Driving theory test centresTheory test centres

Locate your nearest DVSA driving theory test centre complete with maps, theory test booking information and advice for arriving and taking your test.

Theory test centre pass ratesTheory test pass rates

Theory test pass rates covered for the year 2014 for UK DVSA theory test centres. Car and motorbike theory pass rates.

Theory test changesTheory test changes

Detailing any recent changes to the driving theory test for car drivers.

What to take to theory testWhat to take to a theory test

It is essential that the correct documents are taken along with you to your theory test else your test may get cancelled and a loss of test fee.

Theory test helpTheory test help

The most frequently asked questions about the driving theory test, with advice on what to do.

Theory test confirmationTheory test confirmation

Upon booking the theory test, the DVSA send an e-mail confirmation to confirm the test centre, time and date of your theory test. This section offers tips on what to do if you did not receive any confirmation.

How long does the theory test lastHow long does the theory test last

This section offers tips and advice on how long the theory test certificate lasts and what to do if it is reaching its expiry date.

Book a driving theory testBook a driving theory test

Book a driving theory test at any of the UK DVSA theory test centres. Telephone booking details and how to book online explained along with other frequently asked questions.

Check theory test dateCheck theory test date and time

If you have forgotten the time or date, this guide provides information for how to easily check the date and time of your driving theory test online.

Change theory test date and timeChange theory test date or time

Information for learner drivers for changing the driving theory test date and/or time, where to do it and what is required to make those changes.

Cancel the driving theory testCancel theory test

Information on how to cancel the DVSA driving theory test along with the procedures needed in order to gain a full refund.

Theory test road signs and meaningsTheory test road signs and meanings

Part of the theory test requires questions on UK road signs. This guide provides road sign pictures and meanings for Order road signsWarning road signsBlue road signsspeed limit signsBrown road signsWhite road signsRoad works and temporary yellow signsParking and no parking road signsBus lane signs and bus stopsDirection signs and Low bridge signs.

Road sign test quiz 1Road sign test quiz 2Road sign test quiz 3

Road signs Theory test quiz

Once you have studied all the various UK road signs, take a go at the road signs test quiz. The road sign test is designed to show you the answer right away to enable you to learn whilst testing yourself.

Theory test road markings and linesRoad markings and road lines

An essential part of the theory test and learning to drive is to understand road markings and road lines. This tutorial provides learner drivers and those wishing to understand the UK road system diagrams of road markings and road lines along with their meaning.

Road markings theory test quizRoad markings Theory test quiz

One of the largest categories of the driving theory test is the road signs and road markings section. Test your ability of road markings understanding with the free road marking test quiz.

How traffic lights workHow traffic lights work

This section of the theory test covers traffic lights, how they work, their sequence when they change. Motorway light signals and their meaning and tram signals. See also UK traffic lights for further information and pictures on motorway light signals.

Anti-lock brakes theory test quizAnti-lock brakes theory test quiz

The theory test includes questions about a cars brakes and how to use them. Test your knowledge by taking the anti-lock brakes (ABS) theory test quiz.

Taking your driving theory test

Unlike the practical driving test which is much longer, there is usually around a 1 to 2 week waiting list for sitting your theory test. The waiting time does however vary from which part of the UK you are from.

The new theory test

Although the new theory test will remain much the same, it may become harder due to the questions and answers no longer being published in either book or web format. See theory test changes for further information.

Driving theory test FAQ

We are often asked many questions about the theory test. Recently added are the most common questions we are asked in the Theory test help section.

Lost theory certificate

In order to book a practical driving test, you will need the theory test number from your certificate. See lost theory certificate for further information on obtaining your number.