Car Driving Tips

With the ever increasing prices of fuel at the pumps, car insurance and general running costs of a car, it’s never been more important to make savings where possible.

The driving tips section will offer advice on reducing the running costs of your car along with tips for finding cheaper car insurance. The driving tips section is also to include tips for safer driving techniques for new and experienced drivers.

An area of driving that newly qualified drivers rarely experience are motorways. This section covers all aspects of motorway driving for new or inexperienced drivers as well as the various driving laws. New driving help articles are always being added, so check back soon for more information and tips.

Fuel efficient cars guideFuel efficient car guide

With the current cost of living in the UK at an all-time high, cutting costs is essential to many of us. Let’s take a look at some of the most fuel efficient and low maintenance cost cars in the UK.

How to save fuel / petrol / dieselHow to save petrol / fuel

The general running costs of a car are ever increasing. This article explains that some minor changes to the way you drive can drastically reduce petrol costs.

How to reduce car insurance costsHow to reduce car insurance

Advice for drivers of all ages on how to reduce car insurance costs. Read some simple tips that can make a big difference on your insurance premium costs.

Safe driving tips and techniquesSafe driving tips and techniques

Safe driving is of course essential for you own safety, passengers and other road users. These driving tips explain the most common mistakes made whilst driving that lead to accidents, plus tips on how to avoid making them.

Driving at night safety tipsDriving at night safety tips

Driving at night can be challenging and stressful for many due to the lack of visibility and glare from headlights. Night driving tips are provided along with help to reduce headlight glare and dazzle.

Driving in fog safety tipsDriving in fog safety tips

Driving in winter offers a plethora of challenges for motorists. Driving in fog in particular represents one of the most dangerous conditions that any driver faces. This guide offers safety tips and advice for driving in fog.

Driving in snow safety tipsHow to drive in snow

How to drive in snow safely advice and driving tips, driving in snow car precautions, moving off, braking and steering techniques and benefits of winter tyres.

Driving in hot weather tips and adviceDriving in Hot Weather Conditions

Detailed are tips for how to avoid heat exhaustion whilst driving in hot weather, plus keeping your car running optimally. Car engines undergo immense stress whilst operating in hot conditions. This guide provides advice on basic car maintenance for keeping the risk of breakdown minimal.

How to drive in strong winds tutorialHow to Drive in Strong Winds

How to drive safely in strong windy weather conditions. Professional advice from qualified driving instructors for driving in high winds.

Things to check before going on a long driveTHINGS TO CHECK BEFORE A LONG DRIVE

Many of us use our cars for mainly short journeys. The occasional long trip puts extra stress and strain on our vehicles making those vehicle checks we often neglect much more important.

what is aquaplaning and what to do if your car is aquaplaningAquaplaning

This guide explores the question ‘what is aquaplaning’ looks at tips to avoid it and what to do if you find your car in that rather terrifying situation of aquaplaning.

Stopping distances, thinking distance and braking distance explainedStopping distances

Details thinking distance, braking distance and stopping distance for UK speed limits. Stopping distance formula, charts and graph for safe driving tips and the theory test.

What are Anti-lock brakes and how to use themAnti-lock brakes (ABS) explained

This guide explains what are anti-lock brakes in a car, what they do, when they work best and how to correctly brake in a car that has ABS.

Car blind spot meaningCar blind spot

A considerable amount of accidents occur due to lack of effective observation when overtaking or changing lanes. A simple check of the car blind spot is often all that is required. The car blind spot explained.

Motorway driving help guideMotorway driving help guide

Driving on a motorway for some, can be a traumatic experience, especially if it is your first time. The motorway tutorials allow an easy to understand approach to joining and driving on motorways. Section includes: Motorway slip roadMotorway overtakingMotorway rulesMotorway road signsMotorway signals and Motorway reflective studs.

Car clutch help guideCar clutch help guide

Driving tips on how to save clutch wear and damage, various terms used for using the car clutch, damaging the car clutch by riding the clutch and explanation of slipping the clutch. Section also includes: Clutch controlClutch bite pointWheelspinWhat is coasting and How to stop stalling a car.

Flashing headlights lawFlashing headlights

Although legal to flash headlights in the UK, a simple courteous gesture to another driver, cyclists or pedestrian can be dangerous.

what to do with a Tyre blowoutTyre blowout and what to do

A burst tyre or tyre blowout can be the result of hitting a kerb or pothole. It may also be the result of hitting a loose piece of debris which is particularly dangerous on fast roads such as motorways. This guide explains what to do when you have a tyre blowout.

How to control a skidding carHow to Control a Skidding Car

This tutorial details the events and reasons that can lead up to a front wheel and rear wheel car skid. The guide details how to control a car skid and more importantly, how to avoid it in the first place.

What shoes you should use for drivingShoes for driving

Wearing appropriate shoes for driving is an important safety aspect. Flip flops and high heels can be dangerous. These driving tips explains the dangers associated with incorrect footwear and driving in bare feet.

Driving offencesDriving offences

Listing driving offences and the consequences and driving licence penalty points usually incurred by a particular driving offenses. Offences include: Driving without a licenceDriving without insuranceDriving without taxDriving without an MOTCareless driving penalties and finesDangerous driving penalty and Tailgating.

Parking Restrictions and LawsParking restriction laws

Parking up or simply stopping at the side of the road is often a challenge in itself just to avoid being fined. The parking restriction guide explains road signs and marking that make parking illegal, how to avoid getting fined and how much you’re likely to get fined. Included: Parking on single yellow linesParking on double yellow linesParking on a single white lineParking on pavements and Parking at night.

Driving in EuropeDriving in Europe

A guide for those intending on taking their own car abroad and visiting the various countries across Europe. Detailing compulsory legal documents, essential equipment and safety tips. A guide also available for: Driving on the leftDriving on the right and Driving in France.

Learning to drive tips

The driving tips sections is ideal for both learner drivers and fully qualified drivers helping you to become a safer driver along with tips on reducing the cost of running a car. This section of driving tips is designed by experienced UK based driving instructors helping to not only save the costs of motoring, but to make safer drivers.