Car Tips

Once you have gotten over the initial costs of learning to drive and taking and passing the driving test, you’ll want to get your first car.

The cost of buying a car, running costs and maintenance costs especially for new and young drivers is extremely expensive. The car tips section is here to help with that. Driving Test Tips offers guides and advice on choosing your first car with those that are the cheapest to purchase, maintain and run.

Guides include tips on finding the cheapest car insurance and tax group, how to maintain your own car and how to ensure you keep your car legal on the road. This section is designed for new car drivers offering car care tips and maintenance.

Best cars for young and new driversBest cars for young and new drivers

Car running cost are often high. For new and young drivers, these costs are significantly higher. This guide offers useful tips on choosing your first car, keeping costs minimal, based on new and young drivers.

Buying a used car tipsBuying a used car advice

Buying a used car can be fraught with many potential pitfalls. Here we have plenty of car tips and advice for buying a second hand used car from security checks, bodywork checks, interior checks, engine checks and test driving a used car.

Buying a new car tipsBuying a new car tips

Whilst visiting dealers in the search for your new car, the convincing sales people will try their hardest to part you from as much money as possible. This guide offer great money saving tips and advice.

Electric car guideElectric cars guide

With electric cars becoming more affordable and with technology allowing greater mileage per charge, electric cars are becoming more attractive to the eco-driver. This guide explores the advantages, disadvantages and facts of electric cars.

Car insurance helpCar insurance help

Car insurance help for new, young and experienced drivers, explaining the various types of car insurance, the various terms used explained and how to keep the costs to a minimum.

Petrol or diesel cars, which is best?Petrol or diesel cars, which is best?

Diesel cars are renowned for being the most economical. Due to certain factors however, choosing a diesel car over petrol may cost you more. This guide explains based on your mileage, whether diesel or petrol is cheaper.

Automatic or manual, which is better?Automatic or manual, which is better?

Article discussing the benefits and drawbacks of both automatic and manual transmission cars in the UK, the purchase costs and running costs involved.

Car maintenance tipsCar maintenance tips

Basic car maintenance is essential for keeping your car reliable and in good working order. Follow our car maintenance guide explaining what needs to be done and when. Also provided is a car maintenance checklist that can be downloaded and used for further reference.

How to service a carHow to service a car

Car servicing can cost a fortune due to the high costs of labour. This section explains the tools and parts required to perform a basic service for your car to do by yourself and saving around two thirds off the servicing bill.

How to make a car emergency safety breakdown kitHOW TO Make a Car Emergency Safety Breakdown Kit

An essential kit that is often forgotten about until it’s needed. This guide tells you the recommended contents for a roadside first aid kit, a car breakdown safety kit, a winter breakdown and safety kit and a European travel kit.

How to park a carHow to park a car

Tutorial with reference markers designed for drivers with a full licence wishing to brush up on their car parking technique. Tutorial includes diagrams with step-by-step procedure.

Guide on how to prevent your car from getting stolenHOW TO Prevent Car Theft

Car theft is big money for thieves, or simply a little fun for joyriders – either way, it’s a huge headache for the owner. This guide offers advice for simple procedures that can prevent such crimes occurring.

Car battery maintenance and lifeCar battery lifespan and maintenance

How car batteries work, general car battery lifespan expectancy, maintenance to get the best and long-life from your battery, plus various types of batteries and chargers available.

Catalytic Converter adviceCatalytic converters

Guide to explaining what Catalytic converters are, what they do, how long they last and are they required by law. guide also covers maintenance, if the catalytic converter needs cleaning due the an engine management light.

Car tyres legal limit checksTyre tread legal limit depth

Neglected and unchecked tyres can easily lead to fines and points on the licence. Illegal tyres are also the cause of many accidents. This tutorial offers tips on how to keep your car tyres legal and safe and how to easily check tyres for wear and damage.

What is engine coolant / antifreeze, what it does, why you should use it,Engine coolant / antifreeze

This guide explains what is engine coolant / antifreeze, what it does, why you should use it, what type of antifreeze / coolant to use in your car and where you must put it under the bonnet.

Dashboard warning lightsDashboard warning lights

Explanation of the most common dashboard warning lights in cars, engine management light along with pictures. Also available are specific car makes and models of engine dashboard warning lights.

How to push start a carHow to push start a car

Car batteries can often fails after 3 to 4 years and the cold weather certainly doesn’t help. If your car battery fails, or any other engine component, you may have to push start your car.

Car lights lawCar lighting laws

Many guides explaining the appropriate time to use certain lights, plus which penalties and fines may be imposed for defective car lights. Guides include hazards, fog, brake, sidelights, dipped low beam and head lights.

How to wash a carHow to wash a car

How to wash a car properly, by hand and without a hose. Car tips on how to clean a car using the correct technique and products leaving that showroom finish.

New car dealsNew car deals

Provides more tips on purchasing a new car and advice on getting the best possible price and extras.

Defrosting and de-icing car windows and windscreen tipsDefrosting Car Windscreen Tips

When there’s no de-icer to hand, there are other methods that you can use to defrost those windows. This guide offers tips for de-icing car windows and windscreen quickly and cheaply.