Keep Clear Road Markings

Keep clear road markings are placed at areas on the highway to advise drivers to not stop or park within the two lines of the keep clear marking.

Keep clear markings are used to keep the flow of traffic resuming and can often be seen at side roads that lead off from a busy main road that typically has traffic congestion. Business or private entrances that lead off of a traffic congested road may also utilise the keep clear road markings.

Other locations that they can be utilised are areas where pedestrians frequently cross a road, but where a pedestrian crossing has not been inaugurated.

Keep clear road marking law

Keep clear road markings are advisory only. The Road Traffic Act has no legislation that can prosecute a driver for stopping on keep clear road markings although if stopping in such a location results in an accident, it may be used to reinforce evidence in court.

Other road markings such as the white zig zag road markings use legislation to enforce no parking and certain yellow zig zag lines prohibit parking or stopping within the times shown on a sign.

Keep clear road markings and the driving test

Although it’s not illegal to stop on keep clear road markings, the driving examiner expects a good level of common sense and consideration to other road users from a driving test candidate.

Keep clear road markings
Keep clear road markings keeps the junction clear and allows motorists to enter and exit the junction

If during a driving test you stop on keep clear road markings, it really depends on the circumstances that will dictate whether the examiner will fail or pass you in this instance.

Try to avoid stopping in such areas by keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front and by remaining vigilant for road markings. Granted, they can be difficult to see, especially if they are well worn and not clearly visible. The examiner will take this into account.

However, if you do stop in a keep clear zone and you are aware that you have done so, acknowledge this to the examiner. They will at least then be aware that you are aware of the mistake you have made rather than being completely oblivious to it.

The circumstances and the ramifications will then become the deciding factor. Generally, if your actions impede another road user, it’s likely to fail your test. Or if for instance you stop in a keep clear area because you were driving too close to the vehicle in front, this alone may fail your test even if it has no effect on other vehicles.

Other types of Keep Clear Road Markings

Below are various other types of road marking that must be learnt for the theory and driving test.

4 thoughts on “Keep Clear Road Markings”

  1. Andrea

    Maybe someone can help me…I have an accident….I want to turn out from the shopping centre and I was stop in the keep clear zone to make sure that nobody is comming and safety I can turn out… on the main road the cars was stoped in line because the traffic light was red and one motorcycle over taked the cars and hit my car on the front side the insurence saying it was my fold because the motorcycle was in the main road….what do thing that is right ?

  2. We are not insurance assessors or members of the police, so this is purely opinion. But by the sounds of it, the motorcycle was already on the main carriageway, you were entering it, so the motorcycle rider has right of way. By your own admission, you also say you were stopped on a keep clear area. Having said that, motorcycle filtering where they pass slow moving or stationary traffic to gain ground can be hazardous – particularly at junctions.

  3. jpw

    The motorcycle was overtaking and was on the wrong side of the road, he was driving with out due care and attention so he is at fault

  4. Luke Bourke

    I just had a recent auto accident, same situation where I left the driver making a left turn plenty of room while I was stopped in the Keep Clear section waiting for cars to clear out so I can see the side of the road where I was going to make a left turn into as the cars were backed up waiting at a stop light when he hit into our car while I already had been there for a good 5 or 6 seconds not moving at all. The insurance simply took the other driver’s side putting me 100% at fault citing the right-of-way law, but the thing is I didn’t impede his right-of-way and he struck into us without us moving at all. He at first said sorry (admission of guilt) and then had us meet him at a local body shop where he found out how much it was going to cost to repair out of pocket. Once he found out, he changed his tone and suggested we go through insurance and made up a complete LIE which the insurance based their whole decision off of. I’m currently appealing their decision and seeking legal assistance as I did nothing wrong.

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