Cardigan Driving Test Routes 6-8

Recently the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) stopped publishing the driving test routes for each test centre to prevent test candidates from practicing the routes that the examiners take you on.

The driving test routes for Cardigan may have altered in the mean-time, although it is likely they are very similar if not identical. Listed below are the driving test centre routes for Cardigan, routes 6-8.

The Cardigan driving test routes should be used for a guide only as test routes are for the discretion of the test examiner and may be subject to change.

Driving test routes incorporate the most challenging areas to drive in that particular location. Study the roads and the routes to establish which areas you will need practice on.


Driving test routes for Sat Nav, Google Maps, Google Earth, iPhone, Android & CoPilot Live are available. Browse to see if the Cardigan driving test routes are available for your device in the Driving Test Routes for Sat Nav section.


  • EOR – End of Road
  • T/L – Traffic Lights
  • DTC – Driving Test Centre
Route Number6
Name/Number of RoadDirection
William Terrace/ Napier StEOR left
Feidr FairFollow bend to right
Priory StEOR right
PendreTake left fork
North Rd2 nd left
Park PlaceEOR left
Gwbert RdRight
Park AveEOR right
Greenland MeadowsEOR left
Aberystwyth RdLeft
Heol HelygEOR left
Aberystwyth RdFollow left by-pass A487
To Village Of Pen ParcLeft
Feidr TywodEOR right
Heol Y FelinEOR right
A487 BypassRoundabout ahead
Priory BridgeRoundabout right 3 rd exit, left
Quay StFollow right
Lower MwldanEOR left
College RowEOR right
BathhouseEOR left
PendreTake left fork, right
Napier StLeft
Napier GardensEOR left
Feidrhen FforddEOR left
Aberystwyth Rd / North RdFollow left
Feidr FairLeft
William Terrace / Napier St2 nd right
Route Number7
Name/Number of RoadDirection
William Terrace/ Napier StEOR, left
Feidr FairLeft
Finch SquareRoundabout ahead
A4842n left
B4570Crossroads left, crossroads left
Heol Y FelinCrossroads left
Feidr TywodEOR right
A487 By-PassRoundabout ahead
Priory BridgeRoundabout right 3 rd exit
Castle StOver bridge 3 rd left
College Row / Middle MwldanEOR right
Greenfield Rd Bathhouse RdEOR left
PendreTake right fork
Feidr FairFollow right bend
Priory StEOR right
PendreLeft fork, 2 nd left
Park PlaceEOR right
Gwbert RdEOR right
North RdLeft
Route Number8
Name/Number of RoadDirection
DTCExit right
William Terrace / Napier StEOR right
North RdLeft
Park PlaceEOR right
Gwbert RdEOR right
North RdFollow left
Feidr FairFollow right bend
Priory StLeft
Morgan StFollow left
Castle StRoundabout left
A487 Priory BridgeRoundabout ahead
A487 By-PassAfter 40mph sign, left
Feidr FairEOR right
Heol Y FelinEOR right
Unnamed RdEOR right
Unnamed RdEOR right
B4570EOR right
A484Roundabout ahead
Pont Y Cleifion / Finch Square
/ Priory St
EOR right
Bathhouse RdFollow left
Middle Mwldan2 nd left
College RowEOR left
PendreTake left fork
North Rd / Aberystwyth RdRight
Feidr HenfforddRight
Maes Henffordd / Napier
EOR left
Napier StFollow right bend


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