Driving Test Centre Reviews

Detailed in this section are reviews for practical driving test centres and DVSA / Pearson Professional theory test centres by test candidates. This section provides reviews all UK test centres and theory test centres. Specific test centre reviews will also appear on their individual page.

Once you have taken your practical test or theory test, you may submit your own review. Please note however; names or inappropriate language may be edited or removed.

Practical Driving Test Centre and Theory Test Centre Reviews

 by C on 

Horrible experience with Dave, like many of the people who have left reviews. Shocking to see these bad reviews have been going on for 6/7 years and there’s been no action.

 by Chantel Humphrey on 

I passed my driving test on 15/04/2024 at 11.11am with Driving Examiner Nadia.😁 Nadia put my nerves at ease and made me feel confident and Calm.😊 Thank you Nadia, you would be lucky to have her as your driving Examiner.😁

 by Peter S on 

Rude examiner. Stupid result.I am a good driver but she failed me. Total rip off, money making exercise. She made a scene about my instructors camera which really put me on edge too start with

 by Bryan on 

After the third attempt my son passed today, first fail driving too carefully 35 in a 50 , second fail, before he even left the test centre , they made him reverse back into the space he was parked in and failed him within 10 meters for lack of observations, third time passed no faults at all , this centre is riddled with incompetents who try and trip young drivers up and feel smug about it two female examiners really rather repulsive individuals

 by Karen on 

Had my test with Bernard. The test was an absolute joke. He gave me 10 minors and 4 from not pulling off safely. All of them were unjustified and simply lies. I'm sure he is failing people for the sake of it My feedback lasted about 5 seconds and started even before I finished my reversing. I told him to hold on until I've finished. His feedback was you are not looking around enough. Please don't go to St.Helens in case you get him,I will not be going back there.

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