Driving Test Centre Reviews

Detailed in this section are reviews for practical driving test centres and DVSA / Pearson Professional theory test centres by test candidates. This section provides reviews all UK test centres and theory test centres. Specific test centre reviews will also appear on their individual page.

Once you have taken your practical test or theory test, you may submit your own review. Please note however; names or inappropriate language may be edited or removed.

Practical Driving Test Centre and Theory Test Centre Reviews

 by Nick on 

Wasting money and time

 by Lilli on 

Just amazing - Today I had my test in Trowbridge with Alison, it was as they all are a bit nerve racking but she instantly made me feel at easy. She was engaging in conversation as we drove. If I had known that it would have been like that Inever would have panicked before hand. And I passed!! Thank you Alison (I did try to do a google review but it messed me about on there so thought I would do it here)

 by Midget gem on 

It's NOT the fact i failed but the fact there was no need for the instructor
To be as blunt and cold towards me .I was nervous as it was but the examiner tone did not help .I am human i have feelings she should not be allowed to talk to me in the manner she did

 by Katie on 

Terrible driving center - examiners basically fail you on any minor mistakes, so unfair for the ones who take test in this terrible driving center Newcastle under lyme

 by Sammy on 

Had Caroline twice, she has red/purple tinted brown hair.
It strikes me as odd that someone who seems to dislike people so much would choose a career working with people.
She made me feel so uncomfortable in an already uncomfortable situation. She was rude, and honestly mean!
The first time I took my test with you it was near the end of the day so when I tried to make some chit chat with her and she barked “just concentrate on what you’re doing” I thought maybe she was tired.
The second time I had her in the morning and received the same harsh tone when she spoke to me.
I would wonder if I remind her of someone who wronged her in the past but according to my instructor she is rude to everyone and known for failing people.
So everyone if you get a woman who has bad tattoos, hates to chat but loves to fail people brace yourself for an unnecessarily terrible experience.

I understand that this could come across as someone who is bitter to have been failed but that’s absolutely not the case, I’ve taken my test three times now and the first person that failed me was lovely and encouraging. I thanked him at the end, I couldn’t even speak to caroline as she admonished me for the mistake I made. It was as though she thought I had done it on purpose!

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