Ford Mondeo Tyre Pressure Sensor Reset

Tyre pressure sensors located in each wheel measure air pressure and sends the readings wirelessly to your vehicle. A pressure reading that is significantly lower than the correct pressure values will trigger a dashboard warning light.

If the tyre pressure warning light comes on, check tyre pressures as soon as possible. Following inflation of the tyre/s, you will be required to reset the tyre pressure monitoring system. Reset the tyre pressure monitoring system on the Ford Mondeo / Ford Fusion by following this guide:

  1. Enter your vehicle, ensure all doors are closed and switch on the ignition – avoid starting the car.
  2. If you are receiving any warning messages on the information display, press the OK button located within the navigation buttons on the steering wheel to clear each message.
  3. When all messages have been cleared, using the navigation buttons, press the left arrow to enter the menu options.
  4. Using the navigation buttons, locate Settings and press OK.
  5. Navigate to Driver assist and press OK.
  6. Navigate to Tyre Monitor and press OK.
  7. Now press and hold OK.
  8. A progress band will progress from left to right and when complete, you will receive the message Tyre pressure reset.
  9. That’s it, the tyre pressure monitoring system has been reset.
  10. Depending on the model of your Mondeo / Fusion, you may have a dedicated tyre pressure monitor reset button. Look for a button with the  symbol or ‘TPMS’ (tyre pressure monitoring system) on it. If you have one, press and hold to reset.
Information display on the Ford Mondeo / Ford Fusion

How Often Should You Check Tyre Pressures?

The tyre pressure monitoring system shouldn’t be used as a substitute for checking pressures. Tyre pressures should be checked at least once per month. Running on incorrect pressures will decrease fuel economy, it increases tyre wear and also degrades vehicle braking ability.

How Often Should You Reset the Tyre Monitor System?

The TPMS must be reset after a tyre replacement or after each time an adjustment has been made to the tyre pressures.

What Are My Tyre Pressures?

Tyre pressures vary depending on the model of your vehicle. Your Ford Mondeo / Ford Fusion will have a tyre pressure sticker located on the ‘B’ pillar on the inside of the driver’s door.

Tyre Pressure Warning Light

These are the possible reasons why you have the tyre pressure warning light on and what actions should be taken.

Warning Light Description Action
Solid warning lightTyre(s) under-inflated1. Ensure tyres are at the correct pressure, see tyre pressure sticker.
2. After inflating the tyres to the correct pressure you must carry out the tyre pressure monitoring system reset procedure. See above.
Spare tyre in useRepair the damaged road tyre / wheel and refit the repaired road wheel and tyre to your vehicle. This will restore correct operation of the system. If light remains on, you will be required to reset the system.
Tyre pressure monitoring
system malfunction
If the tyres are correctly inflated and the spare tyre is not in use but the warning light remains on, the system has detected a fault that requires service. A malfunction with the tyre pressure monitoring system may also be indicated by a flashing warning light.

Temperatures and Tyre Pressures

From a cold start, pressures may increase by up to 4 psi (0.3 bar) when driving under normal conditions. If overnight the vehicle is stationary and the temperature is significantly lower than daytime temperatures, tyre pressures may decrease by up to 3 psi (0.2 bar) when there is a drop in the ambient temperature of 63°F (17°C) or more.

In this instance, the tyre pressure monitoring  system detects this pressure decrease as being significantly below the correct stored inflation pressure and the warning light illuminates.

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