Volkswagen Dashboard Warning Lights

The vast majority of modern cars now have computers hidden away called electronic control units, or ECU’s.

The ECU has many functions, one being to monitor the general health and safety of the vehicle you’re driving via various sensors in and around the vehicle.

Any problems detected by the ECU are passed on to the driver, usually in the form of dashboard warning lights and symbols. The symbols vary in colour based on how urgent the issue is. Some might also flash and include an audible sound if serious.

Other lights illuminate simply to inform the driver a utility has been activated, such as external lights for example, or information that a service is due.

Detailed here are Volkswagen dashboard warning lights. Sections will cover the various colours along with level of importance and appropriate action to take. Depending on the age and model of Volkswagen, some symbols may differentiate, though many remain the same.

Volkswagen Golf


This page details the dashboard warning lights for the Volkswagen Golf. The utility and malfunction symbols are accompanied with the meaning of each picture along with the manufacturer’s recommendation on what action should be taken.

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