Nissan Dashboard Warning Lights

As with the vast majority of other vehicle manufacturers, Nissan cars have on-board computers to constantly monitor the vehicles health.

Sensors are used throughout the vehicle to monitor the health of electrical and mechanical systems. If an issues or a problem is detected, this is communicated the driver via lights, or symbols on the dashboard, sometimes with simultaneous audible sound.

For the driver to determine the severity of the issue, different coloured symbols are used. Messages providing further information may show on the dashboard.

Blue and green symbols typically inform the driver that a utility is active. For example, full beam headlights are active or hazard lights.

Amber / orange or yellow lights are used to inform the driver that something requires attention but often not urgent. For example, this could be a fault with the vehicle emissions or that the car requires a service,

Red dashboard symbols are used to inform the driver that something is more urgent. These symbols can range from a fault with the engine to a safety issue where the brakes may become ineffective. Significant issues may also be accompanied by an audible beep.

Nissan Qashqai


The Japanese Nissan Qashqai is fast becoming one of their most popular models. Detailed in this section are the dashboard warning lights for the Nissan Qashqai along with pictures of symbols, colours, an explanation and in some cases, the appropriate action needed.

Nissan Micra


The Micra has for many years been one of Nissan’s most popular models due to its compact size, affordability and fuel economy. This section covers the dashboard warning lights for the Nissan Micra along with images of symbols, specific colours, an explanation and in some cases, the appropriate action needed.

Nissan Juke


This section details the dashboard warning light for the Nissan Juke. The many error, information and fault symbols are included with an explanation along with appropriate action to be taken.

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