Renault Dashboard Warning Lights

Almost all modern cars have on board computer systems that monitor the health of the electronics and mechanics of the vehicle.

To relay any issues that the system detects, dashboard warning lights are used to provide a visual signal that there’s a problem. Different colours are used to distinguish the importance or urgency of a particular issue with the car.

Other dashboard symbols may simply signify that a utility is in use, or that the car requires maintenance or a service.

Covered in this section are the dashboard warning lights of various models of Renault.

Some of the Renault dashboard warning lights may differentiate to those found in your own car due to vehicles being made during different years and manufactured in different counties.

Renault Clio


This page details the dashboard warning lights for the Renault Clio. The utility and malfunction symbols are accompanied with the meaning of each picture along with the manufacturer’s recommendation on what should be done.

Renault Megane


One of the more popular cars manufactured by Renault is the Megane. Detailed in this section are the dashboard warning lights and symbols with pictures and an explanation of the Renault Megane.

7 thoughts on “Renault Dashboard Warning Lights”

  1. D bowater

    Can you help me with this symbol it’s a three sided cup with a teardrop in it in orange thanks

  2. Mr Townsend

    My outside temperature light on my dashboard starts ok, then it keeps going up and up into the 30 and up into the 40. Is there a sensor on engine need fixing. It’s a Renault Twingo.

  3. If you have a look under one of your door mirrors (it could be either), it’s a small raised lump. That’s the outside temperature sensor for your Renault. Check to see if it’s clean from dirt or corrosion. Failing that, you can buy replacements online quite cheaply.

  4. Christopher Peacock

    Check vehicle light.

  5. Frank McGuinness

    I have a Clio 64 plate when you turn the engine on and start driving the engine management light the traction light and the light with the spanner stay on and the Engine management light flashes and the car loses power but when you switch the engine off and try restarting it the car runs ok

  6. Hi Frank,
    Sometimes when there’s a fault that causes the engine warning light to come on, the traction control system is disabled. If it’s not disabled, it can cause driveability issues, especially where the car enters reduced power mode. When the issue causing the engine warning light is rectified, the traction light should go off. In terms of the engine warning light, the only way round this is to use a diagnostic code reader to determine what fault codes have been stored.

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