Land Rover Dashboard Warning Lights

On-board computers control and maintain the high levels of safety, security and efficiency that we have come to expect from our vehicles.

Almost all modern vehicles have ECU (Engine Controls Units) along with various sensors that monitor almost all vehicle systems. Any issues detected are displayed to the driver, usually in the form of a dashboard warning light or symbol.

Certain warning lights are generic and universal, though others may be specific to a particular make or model of vehicle such as Land Rover. Symbols and lights use colours to determine their level of importance.

Green and blue dashboard lights are used generally to inform the driver that a system has been activated and are for informational purposes such as indicators (green) and full beam headlights (blue).

Amber or yellow lights will usually illuminate to signify something needs attention. An example of this could be an engine service is due soon, but is not of immediate attention. Red lights will typically require attention either immediately or very soon. A dashboard symbol that is red and flashing will require immediate attention. An audible sound may also accompany a symbol to further gain the drivers attention

This page displays Land Rover dashboard warning lights and symbols with pictures, an explanation of the symbol along with the appropriate action that should be taken. The Land Rover dashboard lights on this page cover Range Rover models:

Range Rover Models
Range Rover Range Rover SportRange Rover Evoque
Discovery / Discovery SportFreelander
Battery Charge Warning Light (Red)

The battery charge warning light illuminates as a self-check with ignition. If the light remains on, or illuminates whilst driving, there is a fault with the battery charging system. Seek assistance urgently.

Engine Temperature WARNING LIGHT (RED)

This dashboard symbol illuminates due to the engine temperature being too high. A message on the display centre will read ENGINE OVERHEATING. Stop the vehicle as soon as possible as engine damage is likely to occur. Seek assistance from a Land Rover engineer.

Low Oil Pressure WARNING LIGHT (RED)

If this dashboard symbol illuminates or flashes whilst driving, this signifies low oil pressure. Stop the vehicle as soon as safely possible and turn off engine. Check engine oil levels and top up if required. If light continue to illuminate, switch of engine immediately and seek professional assistance. Continual driving with low oil pressure may severely damage engine components.

Critical WARNING Message (RED)

The red triangle with a exclamation mark in red signifies a critical warning and should be looked at immediately. Details of the warning can be seen in the message centre.


The amber triangle with an exclamation mark in amber signifies a general warning (non-critical), or information. Details of the warning or information can be seen in the message centre.

Brake Dashboard Warning Symbol (Red)

The symbol with a red exclamation mark will illuminate briefly as a bulb check when ignition is on start. If the light illuminates whilst driving, there’s either low brake fluid levels or a fault with the Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) system. Stop your Range Rover as soon as possible and check brake fluid levels. If light remains on, contact a qualified workshop before continuing your journey.


The symbol with a red exclamation mark will illuminate briefly as a bulb check when ignition is on start. If the light illuminates whilst driving,this indicates either worn brake pads or a fault with the Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) system. Vehicle can still be driven, though contact a qualified Land Rover workshop as soon as possible.

Engine Emissions Warning Fault (AMBER)

This symbol will illuminate briefly as a bulb check when ignition is switched on. If the light illuminates whilst driving or remains on after starting, it indicates an engine or transmission emissions fault. Vehicle can still be driven though it may enter limp mode where a reduction in performance may be noticed. If symbol flashes, reduce speed and seek qualified assistance as soon as possible.

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) (AMBER)

This symbol flashes when DSC is active. The symbol will remain lit if there is a fault and the message centre will display DSC not available. Vehicle can still be driven, though you will not have the assistance of DSC. Seek assistance as soon as possible. DSC OFF will illuminate only when the system is manually turned off.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) (AMBER)

The symbol should illuminate as the ignition is started as a bulb test. If symbol stays on after engine has started or comes on whilst driving, it indicates a fault with the ABS system. Vehicle can still be driven as normal brakes remain unaffected. However, avoid heavy braking and seek assistance from a Land Rover specialist as soon as possible. See: What is ABS

Tyre Pressure Monitoring SYSTEM (Yellow)

The symbol will illuminate along with a message in the message centre to inform that one or more tyres are significantly under-inflated. Check tyre pressures as soon as possible. The symbol will flash to indicate fault with the system.

Follow Mode Dashboard Symbol (Amber)

Illuminates (amber) when the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system is in Follow mode. Follow mode on is the default setting for adaptive cruise control. Follow mode off automatically cancels if adaptive cruise control is not used for a prolonged period of time. To disable follow mode, press and hold the gap decrease button (4) on the steering wheel controls.


The airbag symbol will illuminate when the ignition is switched on and will extinguish after approximately 6 seconds. After this initial system check, if the symbol remains illuminated or comes on whilst driving, it indicates a fault with the airbag system. Have system check as soon as possible. For further information about airbags and possible faults, see why is the airbag light on?

Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) (Red)

The red ‘P’ symbols displayed as EPB on the dashboard illuminates to indicate the electronic parking brake has been correctly applied. If the symbol flashes, a fault has been detected. Seek assistance from a qualified Land Rover engineer.

Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) (Amber)

This symbol will illuminate when there is a fault with AFS. Headlights will still function, though AFS will not be available. See a Land Rover qualified engineer as soon as possible.

External Temperature (AMBER)

This ‘ice’ snowflake dashboard symbol will illuminate to warn when the external temperature is low enough that there might be ice on the road.

Low Fuel Warning (AMBER)

This symbol will illuminate when the fuel level is low. Refuel as soon as possible. The arrow next to the fuel pump icon indicates which side of the vehicle that the fuel cap is located.

Gear Shift (Green)

This arrow symbol containing the plus (+) symbol informs the driver to change up a gear at a recommended time to combine best fuel efficiency and control of the vehicle. This system will not activate when cruise control is in operation.

SRS Warning Light (Red)

The SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) is a symbol associated with the Land Rover Freelander model only. The SRS light is related to the airbags. If light illuminates whilst driving, or stays on after ignition, airbags may not deploy in the event of an accident.

Lane Departure Warning System (RED / Green)

When the Lane Departure Warning System (LDW) recognises lane markings, it will illuminate green, otherwise it will be coloured grey. If LDW system detects that the vehicle has crossed either side of the lane markings without applying the appropriate indicator, the symbol will illuminate, with red being the relevant side that has been crossed. This will be accompanied by a vibration in the steering wheel.

Automatic High Beam Assist (GREEN)

This dashboard symbol illuminates when the Auto High Beam system has switched on high beam headlights.

Trailer Direction Indicators (GREEN)

This dashboard symbol will initially illuminate as part of a bulb check when the ignition is turned on, but will go out after the engine has started. If you have a trailer attached, the symbol will flash when you apply indicators. If the symbol fails to flash, the indicator bulb on your trailer could be faulty.

Hill Descent Control (GREEN)

Symbol illuminates when Hill Descent Control (HDC) has been selected and that the appropriate conditions have been met. The symbol will flash if HDC has been selected but the conditions are not appropriate, or HDC fade-out has occurred.

Forward alert (GREEN)

The green triangle in the Range Rover illuminates when Forward Alert is active.

Cruise Control (GREEN)

This symbol illuminates on the dashboard when cruise control or adaptive cruise control is active.

Progress Control System (Amber)

This symbol illuminates in amber to inform the driver that the Progress Control System is active.

Intelligent Start / Stop (Green)

This symbol illuminates in green to inform the driver that Intelligent Stop / Start system is active and the engine has been shut down.

ACE (Land Rover ‘Active Cornering Enhancement’)

ACE red light: If the light illuminates in red or initially flashes then remains on, a serious fault has been detected with the system where damage to vehicle components may occur along with reduced ACE performance. The vehicle must be stopped as soon as safely possible. Do not continue driving and seek qualified assistance immediately.
ACE amber light: The amber ACE warning light indicates reduced ACE performance but will not leave the vehicle in a dangerous condition. You can continue driving, but reduce speed and have the system checked as soon as possible.

Other Land Rover Dashboard Lights

Seat Belt
Glow Plugs
High Beam
Front Fogs
Rear Fogs
Side Lights

23 thoughts on “Land Rover Dashboard Warning Lights”

  1. Richie

    Um…totally missing the ‘M’ and ‘S’ ‘gearbox’ lights!

  2. Paul

    Hi i have a freelander 2 i got into it tonight and noticed the snow mode was on tuned it off it was ok then i turned off the engine then re started it ant it was on again an ideas thanks

  3. Rich

    I get a red and black car alert when I’m driving. Anyone know what they mean?

  4. Hi Rich,
    The red and black car warning light is a no passing zone. So for instance, the next time you’re on a road with 2 solid white lines, or where the white line closest to you is solid, check to see if the warning light comes on.

  5. Steven Nadin

    Has a t reg landrover freelander 1 diesel got a fuel low warning light

  6. Jason Lampen

    I have a 2015 discovery and a warning light has just appeared which goes off after a short time. The symbol is yellow and looks like it says ECU with a circle around it, thats as best as i can describe it. I cant find the meaning to this symbol anywhere…help??

  7. Ivette

    We have A 2001 Land Rover Discorvery Se7 the car symbol with the two arrows came on on the dashboard
    I don’t know what this indicates Need help

  8. Hi Ivette,
    Is it the Land Rover ‘ACE’ system?. The warning light is at the end of the page.


    I have a 2001 range rover with the AFS light blinking its adaptive front lighting system can I get some help on that

  10. Ladyb

    I have the sign with the _vehicle going down hill with exclamation mark. Mines is yellow not like green listed here. Does anyone know that meaning? Thanks..

  11. Grrrr

    Missing the yellow circular arrow wrapped around a triangle, which is appearing on mine, and predictably is nowhere to be found anywhere on the web *!**!

  12. Stephen Soladoye

    Hi David, did you get help with your question? I have a 2006 L322 with same issue. Any help will be appreciated.

  13. Patrick Fitzgerald

    “This dashboard symbol illuminates due to the engine temperature being too high. A message on the display centre will read ENGINE OVERHEATING. Stop the vehicle as soon as possible as engine damage is likely to occur. Seek assistance from a Land Rover engineer.”
    However, the temperature gauge is normal and the coolant and radiator fluid is good. What causes this warning light?

  14. Hi Patrick. It’s likely a temperature sensor issue. A different sensor that controls the warning light and a sensor that controls the temp gauge.

  15. hady j breidy

    My 2017 long wheel base range rover suspension goes up automatically when i turn my car off. Even sometimes i manually put it down and it still goes back up ? Is this a faulty system ?

  16. Frazer

    Hi I have a 2014 Range Rover Sport occasionally the yellow triangle pops up usually at the first start up of the day. The information states that it has restricted performance… none noticed when driving though. Any guidance as to what may be please.

  17. Hi Frazer, you’ll need diagnostics. Cracked inlet manifold is a common issue. Turbo issues and engine sensors can all be reason.

  18. Micah Neal

    I have a 2020 Evoque with the red triangle and exclamation mark in it.

  19. Rob Gale

    Hi There, We have a 2014 Freelader 2 TD4 and a red triangle came on dash with a message saying Performance Limited and my wife said when she pushed foot on accelerator it was sluggish, and she cant seem to go over 100kmh.
    Cheers Rob

  20. Hi Rob,
    There’s no other warning lights or messages? Doesn’t give you much to go on. The reduced performance, also known as limp home mode is what the vehicle’s ECU does intentionally to help prevent engine damage. There’s usually an engine light or DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) warning light that comes on too. To find out why your vehicle is in reduced power mode, you’ll need diagnostics to pull any fault codes that have hopefully been generated and stored.

  21. Mike Shord

    I have the ACE red light coming ( sometimes ) on, I am out in the country, what needs checking

  22. Joe V.

    My hill descent warning came on my dashboard and won’t go off along with my traction control light how do I turn them off

  23. Hi Joe,
    Do they remain on after a restart? If they’ve been manually deactivated, the system is automatically reset and activated after a restart.

    If the lights remain lit, then the most likely issue is a wheel speed sensor. Diagnostics / scanning for fault codes will help to locate the problem.

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