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When you take the driving test, it is rare that you have a clear test report sheet at the end. You certainly want to avoid any serious or dangerous faults as just one of these will be an immediate test failure. It is however highly likely that you will receive a few, if not many driving test minors.

You are permitted to receive up to 15 minors, 16 or more results in a test failure. Three or more minors (now called faults) within the same category will also result in a test failure. Below is the driving test report sheet along with the possible driving test minors that can be received.

Driving test faults

The faults recorded on the driving test report sheet are dependent to that particular situation and the affect it has on another road user or pedestrian.

So for example if a simple mirror check is missed, it may result in a minor but if that missed mirror check results in a vehicle having to swerve or brake, it will result in a serious of even a dangerous fault.

Driving test report sheet

The driving test report sheet has faults categorised by minor, serious and dangerous faults. Each fault is recorded by a slash mark within the appropriate category box on the sheet.

Driving test report sheet
Driving test report sheet
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At the end of the driving test, the examiner will count all the and place the total in a box. Up to 15 minors are permitted – any more and this results in a failure. Possible other reasons for test failure is acquiring too many minor faults within the same category, though how many really depends on the seriousness of the errors.

One or more serious or dangerous fault will result in a failure. Even if you know you have failed the test, for example you went through a red light, keep trying to the best of your ability as the rest of the test will allow you to see other areas that may need improvement. Select the image to the right to open into a large view.

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