Bury St Edmunds Driving Test Routes

Recently the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) stopped publishing the driving test routes for each test centre to prevent test candidates from practicing the routes that the examiners take you on.

The driving test routes for Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk can be altered at the discretion of the examiner, though examiners usually keep to specific routes, it’s often traffic conditions that make this impossible and result in route alterations. Listed below are the driving test centre routes for Bury St Edmunds, routes 1-5.

The Bury St Edmunds driving test routes should be used for a guide only as test routes are for the discretion of the test examiner and may be subject to change.

Driving test routes incorporate the most challenging areas to drive in that particular location. Study the roads and the routes to establish which areas you will need practice on.


Driving test routes for Sat Nav, Google Maps, Google Earth, iPhone, Android & CoPilot Live are available. Browse to see if the Bury St Edmunds driving test routes are available for your device in the Driving Test Routes for Sat Nav section.


  • EOR – End of Road
  • T/L – Traffic Lights
  • DTC – Driving Test Centre
Name of Driving Test CentreBury St Edmunds
Type of Test RouteCar
Test Route Number1
Name/Number of RoadDirection
St Andrew St (North)Mini roundabout right
Risbygate StRoundabout ahead
Out Risbygate3 rd left
Albert StEOR right
Queens RdEOR left
West RdRight
Priors AveEOR right
West RdLeft
Hospital RdRight
Petticoat LaneT/L EOR right
Out WestgateLeft
Vinery Rd / Hardwick LaneRight
Home Farm Lane / Mayfield RdEOR left
Mayfield Rd / Nowton RdRoundabout right
Cullum RdRoundabout ahead
Rougham RdRoundabout ahead, roundabout left
Newmarket2 nd exit
Fornham & WestleyRoundabout left
Bury St EdmundsInto
Newmarket RdT/L ahead, mini roundabout ahead
Out RisbygateRoundabout Left
Parkway NorthRight
Test Route Number2
Parkway NorthRoundabout ahead
Parkway SouthRoundabout left
Kings RdRoundabout ahead, roundabout right
St Andrews St SouthT/L left
Parkway SouthMini roundabout right 3 rd exit
Out Westgate / Horringer Rd3 rd right
Glastonbury Rd3 rd left
Wigston RdEOR left
Glastonbury Rd / Flemyng RdRight
Abbott Rd2 nd left
Winchester RdEOR right
Cadogan Rd2 nd left
Gainsborough RdEOR right
Westley RdMini roundabout left
Newmarket RdRoundabout right 4 th exit
A14 Dual carriageway1 st exit
St SavioursRoundabout right 3 rd exit
Compiegne WayRoundabout ahead
Tayfen RdRoundabout ahead
Parkway NorthLeft
Test Route Number3
St Andrews St (North)Mini roundabout right
Risbygate StRoundabout ahead
Out RisbygateMini roundabout ahead
Newmarket RdLeft
Bennett AveEOR left
Oliver RdEOR left
Westley RdRight
Flemyng RdRight
Starre RdLeft
Maltward AveEOR left
Flemyng RdRight
Abbott RdLeft
Cadogan Rd / Westbury AveRight
Gainsborough RdEOR left
Westley RdRight
Risby RdRoundabout 3 rd exit
A141 st exit
Bury St Edmunds CentralRoundabout right
Compiegne WayRoundabout ahead, roundabout left
Northgate StRight
Looms LaneEOR right
Wells St / Orchard StRight
St. Johns StEOR left
Ipswich StRoundabout left
Tayfen RdMini roundabout ahead
Parkway NorthLeft
Test Route Number4
Parkway NorthRoundabout right 3 rd exit
Out RisbygateMini roundabout left
Westley RdLeft
West Rd2 nd left
Queens Rd / Kings RdRoundabout right 3 rd exit
ParkwayTake up left lane
Boby WayEOR right
St Andrews St SouthLeft
ParkwayTo double mini islands ahead
Cullum RdRoundabout ahead
Rougham RdRoundbaout ahead, roundabout right
A14 Dual Carriageway1 st exit
Slip RdEOR right
The BattliesLeft
Mount RdRoundabout ahead, 3 rd right
Appledown DriveEOR Right
Mount RdRoundabout right
Orttewell RdT/L Left
Barton RdLeft
Kingsworth RdEOR left
Barton RdRoundabout left
Eastgate StT/L right
Northgate StRoundabout left
Tayfen RdRoundabout ahead, mini roundabout ahead
Parkway NthLeft
Test Route Number5
St Andrews Rd (North)Mini roundabout left
Tayfen RdRoundabout right
Out RisbygateMini roundabout left
Westley RdLeft
Fleying RdRight
Starre RdEOR left, EOR left
Flemyng RdRight
Abbot RdRight
Winthrop RdLeft
Langton RdEOR right
Abbot RdLeft
Boyne RdRight
Linnet RdEOR left
Boyne RdRight
Ashwell RdEOR right
West RdT/L left
Out WestgateDouble mini roundabout right
Cullum RdRoundabout left
Wilks RdRoundabout ahead
Rougham RdRoundabout ahead, roundabout left
A142 nd exit
Bury St Edmunds & WestleyRoundabout left
Newmarket RdT/L ahead, mini roundabout ahead
Out RisbygateRoundabout ahead
Risbygate StMini roundabout left
St Andrews St (North)Left


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