Farnborough Driving Test Routes

Recently the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) stopped publishing the driving test routes for each test centre to prevent test candidates from practicing the routes that the examiners take you on.

The driving test routes for Farnborough may have altered in the mean-time, although it is likely they are very similar if not identical. Listed below are the driving test centre routes for Farnborough, routes 1-4.

The Farnborough driving test routes should be used for a guide only as test routes are for the discretion of the test examiner and may be subject to change. Driving test routes incorporate the most challenging areas to drive in that particular location. Study the roads and the routes to establish which areas you will need practice on.


Driving test routes for Sat Nav, Google Maps, Google Earth, iPhone, Android & CoPilot Live are available. Browse to see if the Farnborough driving test routes are available for your device in the Driving Test Routes for Sat Nav section.


  • EOR – End of Road
  • T/L – Traffic Lights
  • DTC – Driving Test Centre
Name of Practical Test CentreFarnborough
Type of Test RouteCar
Route Number1
Name/Number of RoadDirection
Hawley Lane1 st right
Ley RdLeft
Greatfield Rd2 nd left
Hurst RdEOR left
Greatfield RdRight
Church Hill CrescentRight
Sand HillEOR left
Prospect AvenueT/L left
Farnborough RdRoundabout ahead, roundabout left
Frimley RdRight
Watchetts DriveEOR left
ParkwayEOR left
Park RdRoundabout right
Frimley Rd2 nd left
Vale Rd2 nd right
Victoria Avenue1 st right
Alexandra AvenueEOR right
Victoria Avenue1 st right
Edward AvenueEOR left
Frimley RdEOR left
London Rd ( A30 )Roundabout left
A331 Blackwater Valley RouteRoundabout left
A331Roundabout left (use 2 nd lane)
Farnborough Gate ExitRoundabout right 3 rd exit
Farnborough GateRoundabout ahead, roundabout ahead
(2 nd lane)
Hawley Lane2 nd mini roundabout ahead, 2 nd left
Route Number2
Name/Number of RoadDirection
Hawley Lane2 nd mini roundabout ahead, roundabout left
Farnborough RdRoundabout right
Frimley High StRoundabout left
Church Rd2 nd left
Grove Cross Rd2 nd right
Frimley Grove GardensEOR left
Grove Cross RdLeft
Frimley Green RdRoundabout ahead, 1 st left
Worsley RdT/L 1 st left
Peters WayEOR light
Worsley RdEOR left, EOR left
Frimley Green Rd3 rd mini roundabout ahead, mini roundabout right
Hamesmoor RdEOR right
Coleford Bridge Rd2 nd roundabout right
BVR A331Roundabout left
Farnborough GateRoundabout left
Farnborough RdRight T/L
Prospect AvenueRoundabout left
Prospect Rd1 st right
Mayfield RdMini roundabout right
Fernhill RdRoundabout ahead, T/L right
Hawley RdRoundabout ahead Becomes
Hawley LaneRight
Route Number3
Name/Number of RoadDirection
Hawley Lane1 st right
Ley RdBecomes
Greatfield RdBecomes
Churchill CrescentBecomes
Sand HillEOR left
Prospect AvenueT/L right
Farnborough RdT/L left
Highgate LaneEOR right
Rectory Rd2 nd left
Ashley Rd1 st right, 1 st right, EOR right
Waverley RdEOR right
Manor RdEOR right, EOR left
Sycamore RdMini roundabout right
The GroveEOR right
Canterbury Rd1 st left
Church Rd East1 st left
Penns WoodEOR left
Church Rd EastEOR left
Church Circle1 st left
Oxford RdEOR left
Reading Rd1 st right
Peabody RdMini roundabout ahead, left
Lynchford RdRoundabout ahead
BVR1 st exit
Slip RdRoundabout left
Farnborough GateRoundabout ahead
Hawley Lane2 nd mini roundabout ahead, 2 nd left
Route Number4
Name/Number of RoadDirection
Hawley Lane2 nd mini roundabout right
Grange RdEOR left
Sand Hill1 st left
Sand Hill CourtEOR left
Sand HillEOR right
Prospect AvenueRoundabout left 1 st exit
Prospect RdMini roundabout 1 st left
Revelstoke AvenueEOR left
Prospect Rd1 st left
Union St3 rd right
Elm Grove RdMini roundabout Left
Victoria RdAhead mini roundabout, roundabout ahead
Rectory RdMini roundabout right
Salisbury RdBecomes
Church AvenueAhead crossroad, Becomes
Sycamore RdLeft
Farnborough Rd1 st left
Boundary RdRoundabout right
Alexandra Rd1 st left
Albert Rd3 rd right
Belvedere RdEOR right
Church Circle2 nd right
Guildford Rd EastRoundabout ahead 2 nd exit
Alexandra RdRoundabout 2 nd exit
Lynchford RdRoundabout ahead 2 nd exit
BVR1 st exit, EOR left
Farnborough GateRoundabout ahead
Hawley LaneAhead 2 nd mini roundabout, 2 nd left


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