How to Wash and Clean the Front Windscreen

Before attending your driving test, ensure that your car has sufficient windscreen washer fluid in the reservoir. If you are using a driving school vehicle, the instructor will check this for you.

Whilst driving, the examiner may ask you the show me question: “When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you wash and clean the front windscreen?”

Before carrying out the task, ensure it is safe to do so as your view ahead will be temporarily obscured. Check:

  • Is the road ahead free from hazards that may require you slowing or stopping shortly?

Examples may include T-junctions, traffic lights, queuing traffic, parked cars or other road users such as cyclists.

  • Have you checked your rear view mirrors?

Check your rear view mirrors to ensure there are no hazards such as overtaking vehicles or cyclists passing you in slow-moving traffic.

How to clean the front windscreen
To clean the front windscreen, pull the right-side hand control stalk towards you and hold

To wash and clean the front windscreen, on most cars, this requires pulling the right-side hand control stalk directly towards yourself. This will initiate the washers. Hold for around two seconds to allow for sufficient water to cover the windscreen and release. The wipers will initiate automatically and will also automatically stop after a few wipes of the windscreen.

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