Fiat 500 Generic Dashboard Warning Light

The exclamation mark contained within a triangle symbol is the Fiat 500 generic fault warning light.

The generic fault light can signify a potential issue with the following circumstances detailed below. The generic fault light may illuminate along with a message depending on the version of Fiat 500.

If you are receiving the generic fault light on your dashboard, contact a Fiat specialist who will be able to remedy the issue. Below details the possible faults of the generic fault symbol illuminating on the Fiat 500 various models, versions and markets, where provided.

Speed limit exceeded

The generic warning light illuminates on when the speed limit manually set in the Setup menu has been exceeded. When the vehicle exceeds this speed, on some versions of the Fiat 500 a message and a warning symbol are shown on the display along with an acoustic sound.

Fuel cut-off system intervention/fault

The generic warning light illuminates together with a message on the display panel in the event of fuel cut-off system intervention/fault.

Exterior lights failure

The failure or fault relating to any of these lights could be one or more blown bulbs, a blown protection fuse or a break in the electrical connection. The generic warning symbol will illuminate when a fault or failure to one of the following lights is detected:

Generic Fault
  • side lights
  • daytime running lights (DRLs)
  • direction indicators
  • rear fog light
  • reversing light
  • number plate lights
  • brake lights (for versions with multifunction display only)

system failure of DST

The generic warning light switches on along with a message on the display panel when a DST (Dynamic Steering Torque or steering corrector) system failure is detected.

Water in diesel filter

The warning light illuminates along with a message on the display panel to indicate the presence of water in the diesel filter.

Start & Stop failure

The warning light comes on along with a message on the display panel when a Start & Stop system failure is detected.

LPG/methane level sensor failure

The generic warning light illuminates along with a message on the display panel when an LPG/methane level sensor failure is detected.

City Brake Control system failure

The warning light illuminates along with a message on the display panel when a temporary or permanent City Brake Control – “Collision Mitigation” system failure is detected.

Rain sensor failure

The warning light comes on the dashboard along with a message on the display panel when a rain sensor failure is detected.

Park Assist failure

The generic warning light illuminates along with a message on the display panel when a Park Assist system failure is detected.

Dusk sensor failure

The warning light illuminates  with a message on the display centre when a dusk sensor failure is detected.

Engine oil pressure sensor failure

Versions with multi-function display: engine oil pressure sensor failure is indicated by the activation of the generic warning light on the dashboard instrument panel.
Versions with reconfigurable multi-function display: the engine oil pressure sensor failure is indicated by the display icon switching on.


11 thoughts on “Fiat 500 Generic Dashboard Warning Light”

  1. sylvia

    i have a fiat sport car a triangle comes on with a line done and dot what does that mean

  2. Hello Sylvia,

    The triangle that contains an exclamation mark is a generic fault light, meaning that there’s many faults that can be associated with it. Check all of the possible faults on this page (check all your lights are working) and go from there. If all the lights are working, you may need to take it to a repair workshop for diagnosis.

  3. Gemma

    Right so I went to the garage last week and it seems to happen often it comes up with amber general fault and amber stop and start first it was apparently my sensors they lasted for about 4-5 months then it came back up went to 1 garage said it was my oil leaking another garage said I had a misfire as that’s what the reader said but it seemed okay and didn’t sound like it missfired they managed to sort that but I drove it today as I got to about 20 mins of driving it it came straight up again so I doubt it was the oil In the end but I seriously need help as its costing me a bit just to get it sorted and then I found out that cant of been the issue please some one try get in touch as soon as tommorow I could get called in to work any second of the day or night and its stressing me out just need to sort it works a good 4 hours drive

  4. Lanelda R Jones

    I wish I knew what to tell you. Mine just came on today on my Fiat 500 and I just got through checking all of the lights that it
    offers me too check. Since it’s late I guess I will check other avenues tom. Good luck with yours.

  5. Bernard Konig

    How di I turn this warning light off?

  6. Hi Bernard,
    You’re best going through all the possible faults that you can yourself, then if the warning light is still on, have a mechanic run diagnostics, look at fault codes etc.

  7. null

    Mine came on a week ago. When I started my car one time, I watched the dash board messages, it said check lights. I had a friend check all exterior lights as I turned them all on. The lights above the license plate were out.
    This is not listed in the manual, and I haven’t found online. I snapped out one of the 2 led fights above plate (had to remove plate to get to them. The would pop out, but would not disconnect. I’m still looking and will let you know when I find the answer.

  8. Sue Neilson

    Just got my Fiat 500, every time I turn on the engine my boot opens. The amber triangle with explanation mark is on

  9. Hi Sue,
    There is a known problem with the microswitch in the boot handle. Might be worth looking into that first.

  10. Jodi

    Hi, my 2005 Fiat just came up with the triangle warning light and the dash said ‘check number’ any idea what this means please? Thanks

  11. Suzy Gorme

    I have a Fiat 500 Sport year 2012 and I just got all my hatch rewired and all my lights replaced and new battery. A month later the triangle light came on and it says your stop light are out. I just got that fixed. I also have the left light burned out above my license plate and I cannot unplug it to replace it. I am headed back over to the Freedom Car shop tomorrow again. Here we go.

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