Fiat Punto Dashboard Warning Lights

This section covers the dashboard warning light symbols of the popular Fiat Punto.

The engine management lights or fault lamps as they’re also referred to may vary slightly depending on the age of your Fiat Punto and the location that is was manufactured.

Each warning light symbol details an explanation of its meaning along with a manufacturer’s recommended action to be taken.

Usually the colour of the symbol reflects the severity of the problem. Red flashing symbols will often require immediate attention where damage to the vehicle may occur if driven, or possible danger to passengers.

The dash symbols may differentiate slightly from your model of Punto depending on the year of manufacture and the country where it was manufactured.

Gearbox Fault

Fiat Punto Gearbox Fault warning light

This warning light illuminates when a fault is detected on the semi-automatic transmission versions of the Speedgear or Dualogic models of the Fiat Punto.

Fiat Punto low brake fluid

Low brake fluid or handbrake engaged warning light

This exclamation mark dashboard warning light will illuminate in red on the Fiat Punto if the brake fluid level is low. Excessively low brake fluid levels can have a detrimental affect on the cars ability to brake. Replenish brake fluid to the correct levels. This warning symbol will also illuminate in red when the handbrake is applied. If driving whilst the handbrake is applied, an audible warning will also sound.

Fiat Punto Airbag Fault

Airbag or Pretensioners System Fault WARNING LIGHT

When the car is started, this symbol should illuminate in red and should go out after a few seconds. If the light remains on or comes on whilst driving, this signifies a fault in the airbag or pretensioner systems. Pretensioner or airbags may not be deployed in an accident. Contact Fiat authorised dealers immediately. For further information about airbags and possible faults, see why is the airbag light on?

Fiat Punto Front Airbag Fault


This warning light illuminated in amber on the dashboard to signify that the front airbags have been deactivated. With the ignition key turned to MAR, for the airbag to be enabled, symbol should illuminate for 4 seconds, followed by flashing for another 4 seconds. If this warning light continuously flashes, it indicates a failure of the airbag or pretensioners warning light above. The airbag and pretensioners system fault light (above) may not illuminate to signify a fault. Contact a Fiat dealership immediately if this light continuously flashes after 4 seconds.

Fiat Punto Overheated Coolant

Overheated Engine Coolant DASHBOARD WARNING LIGHT

This dashboard symbol should illuminate in red when the ignition switch is turned to MAR and extinguish shortly after. If the symbol illuminates whilst driving, this indicated an overheating engine. Vehicle must be stopped immediately as an overheating engine can seize. Turn off engine and wait a few minutes for engine to cool. Check coolant level is not below the minimum mark. If it is, slowly remove the reservoir cap and replenish coolant. If the symbol illuminates on again after this, stop, turn off the engine and contact a Fiat dealership. See what is engine coolant and how to check engine coolant for further details.

Fiat Punto Low Fuel Levels


This dashboard symbol will initially illuminate when the car ignition is turned to MAR and once the engine has started will extinguish. Unlike the red symbol above indicating an overheating engine, this symbol illuminates amber to indicate that there’s only 7 litres of fuel remaining in the tank. The light will flash to indicate system failure.

Fiat Punto Low Battery Charge


This warning light illuminates in red when the engine has started and should extinguish soon after. If the low battery charge warning symbol illuminates in red either permanently or intermittently, engine starting problems are likely to occur. An authorised Fiat dealership should be contacted immediately. See Why is the battery warning light on for further help.

Fiat Punto Low engine Oil Pressure


This dashboard symbol should illuminate in red when starting the car and shortly after turn off. If the symbol remains on or illuminates whilst driving, this signifies low engine oil pressure. Low engine oil pressure can cause damage to the engine. Stop the car and turn off the engine immediately and contact a Fiat dealership. For Multijet versions with DPF, the warning symbol will flash and display a specific message. This is to signify that the oil needs changing and the flashing oil symbol does not mean the engine has a defect.

Fiat Punto Low Engine Oil Level


The low engine oil level warning light will illuminate in red when starting the engine and should shortly turn off once started. If warning light remains illuminated or illuminates whilst driving, this indicates that the engine oil levels are below the minimum safe level. Continual driving with low engine oil levels can cause damage to the engine. Check oil level and replenish as soon as possible. See how to check engine oil for a complete in-depth guide on checking your car’s engine oil and topping up.

Fiat Punto ABS Fault

Fiat Punto ABS Anti-lock Brakes Fault Warning Light

The anti-lock brakes, or ABS symbol will illuminate in amber when the ignition is turned on, and shortly after turn off. If the symbol remains on or illuminates whilst driving, this signifies a failure with ABS. Normal brakes will be unaffected during normal driving conditions. Drive carefully to an authorised Fiat dealership to have the issue rectified. See the Anti-Lock Braking System guide for understanding what ABS is and how it works.

Fiat Punto EBD Fault
Fiat Punto ABS Fault


When these dashboard fault lights illuminate together, (red and amber), it signifies a fault with the Electronic Brakeforce Distribution system (EBD). Under normal driving conditions, brakes will work as normal. EBD only becomes effective under heavy braking loads and with the system deactivated may cause locking of the rear wheels under violent braking. Drive carefully to a Fiat dealership to have the issue rectified.

Fiat Punto Power Steering Failure


Steering wheel symbol will briefly illuminate in red when engine has started and shortly go out. If the warning lamp stays on or comes on during driving, ‘Dualdrive’ electronic power steering has malfunctioned. The vehicle is still safe to dive though you will not have assisted steering. Steering may be harder whilst driving slowly. Contact a Fiat dealership soon.

Fiat Punto Injection System Fault


Starting the car should see this symbol illuminate in amber  briefly and extinguish. If the symbol illuminates whilst driving or does not go out after starting on Multijet versions, this signifies a fault with the injection system. Vehicle can be driven at a moderate speed, though a loss of performance, poor handling and high fuel consumption may be experienced. Take your vehicle to a Fiat dealership as soon as possible, do not push the engine excessively. On EOBD petrol versions, if the symbol flashes, this may indicate damage to the catalytic converter.

Fiat Punto Exterior Lights Fault


This warning light illuminates in amber when a failure is detected on one of the following: Brake Lights, Rear Fog Lights, Indicators / Signals, Number Plate Lights, Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and Sidelights. The failure may be related to one or more blown bulbs, a protection fuse that’s blown or a faulty electrical circuit.

Fiat Punto Car Protection Fault

Car Protection System FAULT WARNING LIGHT

This car with a lock (Key Code Light) symbol will light up in amber with a message displayed on some Punto versions. This signifies a failure in the engine immobiliser system (Fiat Code System), or if installed on your Punto model, the system alarm will be disabled. An authorised Fiat dealership will need to be contacted to reset the anti-theft system.

Fiat Punto Generic Warning


This triangle containing an exclamation mark represents a generic fault that illuminates in amber. this warning light illuminates if: there’s an engine oil pressure sensor fault, there’s a fault with the start/stop system, exterior lighting fault or the fuel cut-off switch has been tripped. On certain models of Punto, a fault code may also be displayed.

Fiat Punto DPF Particulate Filter Cleaning

DPF Particulate Filter Cleaning LIGHT

This system is only relevant to Multijet versions with DPF. The symbol lights up in amber when the engine is switched on and goes out shortly after. If the symbol illuminates constantly, it is to inform the driver that cleaning is in progress. Once cleaning has been completed, the light will go out. This process usually takes around 15 minutes. For optimum cleaning, keep the car in motion up to 60 km/h, with an engine speed higher than 2000 rpm. This light does not signify a defect.

Fiat Punto ESP System Fault

ESP System Fault Dashboard LIGHT

The ESP, or Electronic Stability Programme fault lamp should illuminate amber when the engine is turned on and shortly be extinguished. If the light does not go off or illuminates whilst driving, this indicates a fault in the system. The ESP system monitors the stability of the vehicle by applying per-wheel braking and engine power to ensure a safer, smoother driver.

Fiat Punto Hill Holder Fault


The Hill Holder dash light illuminates in amber when the engine is initially switched on and should go out after a few seconds. This symbol illuminates, or the ESP System Fault light illuminates in alternative versions of the Fiat Punto to indicate a problem with the system. If illuminated, the Hill Holder System may be unavailable and your car may not be secure from rolling downhill during a hill start. A Fiat technician will need to be contacted.

Fiat Punto Water In Diesel Filter


System light should go out shortly after engine has started. If the light remains on or comes on during travel, this suggests water may be in the fuel circuit. Water in the fuel circuit may cause high level of damage to the injection system. A Fiat technician must be contacted as soon as possible to have the system bled.

Low Tyre Pressure

Low Tyre Pressure WARNING LIGHT

The Fiat Punto has been around in the UK since 1994, well before tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) were used. If you have a later model, the low tyre pressure symbol may illuminate on the dashboard in yellow to warn that one or more tyres is has deflated. Check tyres as soon as possible. If you have checked pressure and the light remains on, see tyre pressure warning light keeps coming on for further information.

Common Fiat Punto Dashboard Warning Lights

Main Beam Activated (Blue)
Fog Lights Activated (Green)
Rear Fog Lights Activated (Amber)
Doors Open Warning (Red)
Left Indicator / Signal (Green)
Right Indicator / Signal (Green)
Dualdrive Power Steering On (Green)
Sidelights and Dipped Lights (Green)
Worn Front Disc Pads (Amber)
Seat Belt Not Fastened (Red)
Glow Plug Heating – Flashing Amber if Fault

37 thoughts on “Fiat Punto Dashboard Warning Lights”

  1. Creswell switch off the battary light goes on and sometime the car takes long to start but then when you work.on the gas it starts why

  2. Margaret McCourt

    I am getting a shift message on the dashboard why?

  3. Alan Cotton

    Why does the digital clock keep flashing on and off when engine running
    Any one help please. It’s a Fiat Punto 53 plate.
    P’s answers in plane English please no jargon thanks

  4. Ronald Ray

    its asking you to change gear

  5. arno

    My light for front brakes comes on do i need to change them or is it only a warning that its almost done
    reply in eng

  6. Hello Arno,
    You probably have roughly around 10 – 20 percent usable brake pad left and how long that lasts depends largely on your driving habits – how much and how heavy you use the brakes for example. When the brake light comes on, it isn’t required to change the pads immediately, but it should be done as soon as possible.

  7. Raj Tilak

    I am getting CAR PROTECTION SYSTEM FAULT WARNING LIGHT in Dashboard and having stating problem

  8. Hello Raj,
    Sounds like it could be the Fiat CODE system. The key code is not recognised by the system control unit. Try an alternative key if you have one, or try replacing the battery. Failing that, you may need a new key.

  9. dean

    why is my gear change indicator on my punto not working

  10. Hello Dean,
    Are you driving in sport mode where the gear change indicator may be turned off? In the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) menu, there should be some options for the gear shift indicator light.

  11. salim j

    spanner symbol indicates .what is the problem

  12. Hi Salim,
    The spanner symbol in the instrument display panel is the service schedule / vehicle maintenance which is every 20,000 km or 12,000 miles or every year (which ever comes the soonest).

  13. ANDREA

    Hello can u help me with somthing whst is mean GENERIC WARNING SYSTEM FAULT LIGHT

  14. Generic means that it’s non-specific. It means the warning light can relate to numerous faults.

  15. john

    next to city sign meaning power steering I am getting an Orange sign like a Car with bonnet open bottom left on dash and an noise any idear please.

  16. Hello John,
    Is it the warning light at the top that has been added? That’s the only symbol that looks a little as you described. If it is, it’s an issue with the semi-automatic transmission versions of the Punto. The faults could be numerous so it would require diagnostic checks to locate the fault.

  17. Larnelle

    The generic warning light and the open door light and the back wiper keep going what could this mean?

  18. Paul

    My fiat punto 2007, having problems with the display in the dashboard, some times not working or sometimes not readable

  19. Arinjay kakran

    my fiat punto 2010 is showing Generic Warning system Fault light, what could be the reason

  20. Hi Arinjay, the generic warning light is there because a fault has been detected that doesn’t have a dedicated light associated to it. If there are no other warning lights illuminating along with the generic light, you would need to have diagnostic equipment hooked up to read fault codes. It’s usually nothing too serious though as high priority faults have specific warning lights.

  21. Aziz

    It may be gear box switch fault or wiring problem

  22. eva nock

    i have a dashboard sign witch has a c at the beginning and a n at the end .a red warning light comes on periodically what does it mean.

  23. Hi Eva,
    I can’t think of anything where that symbol sounds familiar. What year is your Punto? Also, is it petrol, diesel, hybrid etc?

  24. Maiya

    Hi i have a 1995 fiat punto theres like a needle light on the right side of the dash and the car dies and wont turn back on anything would be much appreciated 🙂

  25. Delyth

    I’ve had the same thing today. The ‘shift down’ light was stuck on permanently. Then when I got in the car afterwards the ‘shift up’ light didn’t come once.

  26. issam masri

    i have speed gear light on dashboard is flashing on my fiat punto 2000. it is not shifting gears what could be the problem.
    the gearbox fault is flashing

  27. Hello Issam,
    Fiats and damp don’t go together very well. The warning light can come on if there’s been heavy rain or damp. Could be many things such as accelerator switch, gear selector switch. Could be a problem with the automatic gearbox ECU. It’s usually an electric fault when it’s a Fiat. Diagnostic scan should hopefully reveal fault codes that will point to the issue.

  28. chris b

    Hi Can anyone help me, I bought a punto grande recently, the digital display was originally working, now it remains blank and despite reading the manuel many times I cant get the digital screen to light up. I’m stuck. can anybody help. chris

  29. Hi Navjyot,
    It depends which exterior light / lights have failed. A number plate light isn’t as important as a brake light. Have a good look around your car to see which lights are out. Don’t forget the brake lights, you can either ask someone to help you check these or look in a reflection.

  30. David Kauri

    Hi I have a 2002 fiat punto I love it but very recently after buying it its started to lose power whilst driving dropping 20kms then immediately returning to normal this has happened maybe half a dozen times since I’ve had it (1 week) previous owner isn’t returning emails/texts, also the engine just stops under low speed this has happened maybe twice any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers

  31. Fayaz Rahuman

    My fiat punto grande stops suddenly while driving do u guys have any idea please help me thanks

  32. Hi Fayaz,
    Not really I’m afraid. Did you notice anything out of the ordinary prior to it stopping or as it stopped such as warning lights, noises or smoke?

  33. Barry

    The key logo is flashing, why?

  34. william

    2002 punto petrol, the warning lights go off when started but stay on when the key is out of ignition. wireing fault?

  35. Hi William,
    Usually yes. Might also be worth checking fuses to ensure they all properly seated and if the battery charge is low, that can cause strange electrical glitches.

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