Ford Kuga Dashboard Warning Lights

The Ford Kuga (or Ford Escape as known in the U.S.) originally launched in Europe back in 2008 and has since increased in popularity resulting in the second generation ‘mark 2’ Kuga released in 2013 and updated in 2016. However, as with all modern computer controlled cars and ‘SUV’s’, things sometimes go wrong and when they do, a dashboard warning light is triggered to inform the driver of a fault.

The urgency, or severity of a fault is often related to the colour of the symbol being shown. For example:

  • Blue and green symbols inform that a utility is running.
  • Amber / yellow / orange inform the driver that something requires attention but is not an immediate hazard to vehicle or passenger safety.
  • Red / flashing red, possibly with an audible alarm informs of a situation that requires immediate attention and that may result in vehicle damage or risk to vehicle occupants safety.

Detailed on this page are the dashboard warning light symbols for the Ford Kuga / Ford Escape along with an explanation of each symbol and the appropriate action to take.

Message Indicator

Ford Kuga Message Indicator

The message indicator illuminates on the Ford Kuga / Ford Escape indicating that a message is available to read. The ‘i’ symbol will illuminate in red or amber depending on the severity or urgency of the message. The message indicator icon and message will remain until the cause of the message has been rectified. See Ford Kuga information messages for further information.

See Handbook

Check the Handbook Symbol

This symbol is informing the driver to check the owners manual in order to read up on guides or instructions for operating a particular piece of equipment.

System Check

Check System at Next Service Symbol

The spanner icon is a non-urgent display symbol in the information screen. It is informing the driver to have the system checked at the next service.

Immediate Check

Check System as Soon as Possible Symbol

The spanner and exclamation mark contained within a triangle together icon is a little more urgent. This means that you need to get the system checked as soon as possible.

Stop Vehicle

Stop Vehicle

If the triangle containing an exclamation mark illuminates within the information display, stop your vehicle as soon as it’s safe to do so. Turn off the engine and contact a Ford engineer.

Red Light on Dash

Ford Kuga Red Light on Dashboard

The red light located on in the centre of the first generation Ford Kuga dashboard will flash quickly, then slower intermittent flashing for a period of around 4 flashes. The reason for this light flashing is an error with your key fob in communicating with the keyless ignition system. The typical cause of this is other electrical equipment or metallic objects being close to the remote control key fob that can jam the signal. A common fault can occur with the key fob being close to a mobile / cell phone.


Ford Kuga Brake Dashboard Warning Light

The exclamation mark symbol indicates a problem with the brakes. If this light comes on and stays on, first check that the parking brake has been released, or fully released. Secondly, this can indicated low brake fluid. If it is neither the parking brake or low fluid levels, it is a malfunction with the vehicle braking system. Have your car checked by an authorised Ford dealer immediately. Ford additional help, see why is the brake warning light on?


Ford Kuga ABS Dashboard Warning Light

ABS, ‘anti-lock braking system‘ works alongside traditional brakes. ABS is controlled by a computer and rapidly engages/disengages the brakes under heavy load or where the system detects a loss in traction. This helps to prevent locking wheels, therefore offering the driver better control. If this light stays on, it indicates a malfunction with your ABS. Normal brakes will remain unaffected unless the brake system light (above) is also illuminated. Have the fault diagnosed as soon as possible.

Auto Beam
Turn On Auto Beam

Ford Kuga Automatic High Beam Symbol

To turn on automatic high beam assist, turn the switch to the autolamps position. The system works by a camera mounted behind the windscreen. To ensure correct functionality, keep windscreen clean. Manual override may be necessary for cyclists or if an oncoming vehicle is obscured by obstacles. In very cold or severe weather conditions, the system may not function. Do not use automatic high beam assist in fog.

Low Charge

Ford Kuga Battery Warning Light

This battery symbol on the Ford Kuga indicates a charging issue where a fault is occurring in the battery, charging system or wiring. If the light comes on while driving, immediately switch off or disconnect any equipment that consumes electricity (heater, USB charger etc) and seek assistance as soon as possible. It is advisable to drive immediately to the nearest repair garage as the vehicle engine may fail shortly and it’s likely that you’ll be unable to start the engine if you switch off. For additional help, see why is the car battery light on?

Engine Oil

Ford Kuga Engine Oil Warning Light

If the oil light illuminates while driving, stop the vehicle as soon as possible and switch off the engine. Check engine oil levels and top up with oil that meets Ford specification. Only top up with oil when the engine is cold. If it is hot, wait 10 minutes for the engine to cool down. See how to check engine oil.

Engine Malfunction
Powertrain Fault

Ford Kuga Malfunction Lamps

Either of these warning lights can signify a fault with many components are are non-specific. Often however, the engine malfunction lamp signifies a fault with emissions control and the powertrain lamp can signify a fault with engine, transmission, the driveshaft etc. To get specifics, diagnostic equipment will need to be hooked up to get a fault code. If either symbol lights up, you can continue to drive, but power may be limited. If either light flashes, reduce speed immediately and if it continues to flash avoid heavy acceleration or deceleration. Get vehicle checked. If both lights flash, stop the vehicle as soon as is safe to do so and turn off engine as continued use may cause engine to switch off. If engine does restart, have checked by authorised Ford engineer immediately.


Ford Kuga Front Airbag Warning Light

This symbol should come on with engine ignition and shortly go out. If it doesn’t come on at all, continues to flash, or stays on, it indicates a malfunction with the airbag system. Airbags may not be deployed in the event of an accident. Call qualified engineer for assistance. See why is the airbag light on?

Frost Warning

Ford Kuga Frost Warning Light

The snowflake sign on the Ford Kuga dash will illuminate to warn of hazardous frost conditions. Symbol will illuminate when the outside air temperature is 39°F (4°C) or below.

Stability Control

Ford Kuga Stability Control Warning Light

Electronic stability control (ESC) is a safety feature in most modern cars that help the driver regain or keep control when a loss of steering or wheel traction has been detected. The stability control light comes on when the system has been activated. ESC can be manually switched off, where then you’ll see the OFF symbol.

Power Steering

Ford Kuga Power Steering Warning Light

This symbol illuminates informing the driver that a malfunction has been detected with the power steering. This is not a safety issue, but greater force will be required when steering, particularity at slower speeds. Have your vehicle checked soon.

Start / Stop

Ford Kuga Auto Start / Stop

Auto start / stop is an fuel saving economy feature of the Ford Kuga. The auto start / stop ‘A’ symbol illuminates when the engine shuts down or when there’s a message. For further information on the start stop system, or if your Ford Kuga start stop system is not working, see Ford Kuga start stop not working.

Low Pressure

Ford Kuga Low Tyre Pressure Light

The tyre pressure warning light illuminates on your dashboard indicating that one or more of your tyres has become under-inflated. To prevent vehicle instability, excessive tyre wear and increased fuel consumption, inflate tyres to the recommended pressures as soon as possible. After doing so, you will need to reset tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). If the symbol keeps coming on, see tyre pressure warning light keeps coming on.

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  1. D Barker

    Keep resetting mine , tyre pressure ok but after half mile goes off again this is on 69 plate Kuga 2.0 diesel x edition .l

  2. Hello,
    It could be faulty tyre pressure sensors in one of the tyres, or a dead battery. Different size tyres can trigger the TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) warning light, sometimes tyres with significantly uneven wear. It may also be an issue with a TPMS receiver.

  3. Kane

    P button flashing in middle console mk1 ford kuga
    While driving

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