Ford Mondeo Change Oil Soon / Service Reset

On your Ford Mondeo / Ford Fusion you’ll receive a a message on the dashboard Service oil / Change oil soon which may be accompanied by the symbol of a spanner.

If you service / change the oil  in your own vehicle, or on occasions if the engineer has forgotten to reset the reminder, you’ll need to do it yourself to stop the nagging message. The procedure to reset the Ford Mondeo service light reminder is quick, simple and should work on all Mk4 models from 2007 to 2017.

  1. When an engine oil change / service is due, you should have a message similar to . This will vary depending on the dashboard instrument cluster type you have.
  2. Get in the vehicle and ensure all doors are closed.
  3. Now press down both the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal and keep them pressed down.
  4. Now turn the ignition key to ON. If it is the button start ignition, briefly press the button once. Avoid starting the engine.
  5. You will now receive a message Service: Oil reset in prog. .
  6. Keep both pedals pressed down until you receive the message Service: Oil reset complete. . This should take around 15 seconds or so.
  7. Remove feet from pedals.
  8. Press OK button on steering wheel to confirm and close message.
  9. That’s it, service reset complete. Turn ignition off and on again to confirm the reminder message has gone.
Ford Mondeo / Ford Fusion engine oil service reset procedure

How Often Does the Ford Mondeo Need a Service?

The servicing specifics of your particular model of Ford Mondeo will be covered in your owners manual / servicing schedule book, or if you are missing this, ask your local Ford dealer. In general however, a full service should be conducted around every 12,000 miles or every 12 months – whichever comes soonest.

To keep the engine in optimal condition, some owners also opt for an interim service around every 6 months or 6,000 miles – whichever comes soonest. An interim service often involves a basic oil and oil filter change between each full service.

5 thoughts on “Ford Mondeo Change Oil Soon / Service Reset”

  1. Robert Barr

    (Titanium MB tdci push button start) Problem is … engine starts immediately on touch of ignitio button … no rapid touch possible. I’m annoyed with Ford dealer who changed oil for dpf regen and forgot to reset. I dont want another tdip over there. Many thanks.

  2. Flukey

    You press the start button BEFORE you put your feet on the brake and accelerator pedals.

  3. Karl

    just done. press start wait for screen to load press both pedals then it will come up press ok then wait 15 secs for it to say its done then press ok again….done

  4. STephen holpin

    Thanks worked first time. Had oil changed at Ford garage 2 week age they had reset it just came on today no reason

  5. Sam

    Thank you! it helped a lot

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