Nissan Juke Engine Dashboard Warning Lights

With increasingly complicated engines, electrical and mechanical systems on cars, dashboard warning lights are increasingly used to inform the driver of potential issues.

Almost all modern cars use built-in computers and sensors to monitor the vehicle throughout. The warning, or information lights are displayed on the dashboard in the form of symbols, many of which are universally used though some may vary depending on the manufacturing location of your vehicle.

As a general rules however, the colour of the light is used to relay the severity of an issue. Information lights and symbols will typically use green or blue colours, whilst amber or yellow lights are used to provide notice to a minor error or some form of maintenance that is required, such as an engine service for example.

Red lights, particularly those that flash represent a more urgent situation. Such lights may also use an audible beep to gain attention. Take notice of red / red flashing lights as continual use of the vehicle may potentially be dangerous, or may cause damage to the vehicle.

Below details the Nissan Juke dashboard warning lights and symbols with pictures, an explanation of the symbol along with the appropriate action that should be taken.

AWD Malfunction
AWD Active
All Wheel Drive

On versions of the Nissan Juke that have the 4-wheel drive option, the ‘AWD’ light will illuminate along with the ignition being started and should shortly go out. If the AWD system malfunctions, the revolution or radius of the front and the rear wheel differs, the AWD warning light will either remain illuminated or flash. Whilst the vehicle is in motion and 4-wheel drive is selected, the AWD-V light will illuminate to inform system is active.

Anti-lock Brakes
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

System will self-test on the Nissan Juke as ignition is switched on by light illumination and to shortly go out. If light comes on whilst driving, this indicates the ABS has a fault. Anti-lock brakes are used under heavy braking situations or to prevent the wheels from locking due to certain road conditions. ABS is not related to normal braking and as such, normal braking will continue to work as usual. See your Nissan dealership or qualified technician. For an understanding of ABS and what it does see, ABS.

Exclamation Mark
BRake or PArking Brake Warning Light

Depending on the model of Juke, either of these dashboard symbols may be used. Symbols will illuminate if the parking brake (handbrake) is applied. Release handbrake or check that it is fully released. If lights remain on, it may indicate insufficient brake fluid levels. Turn engine off and check levels. If levels are sufficient, have vehicle checked by Nissan dealership. Braking system may become defective. Have system checked immediately.

Battery Charge
Battery Charge WARNING LIGHT

Battery charge light will illuminate with ignition and shortly go out once engine has started. If light comes on whilst driving or stays on, it indicates a malfunction with either the battery or the charging system. Turn the engine off and check the alternator belt. If the belt is loose, broken, missing, have belt fixed. If belt is in good working order but light remains on, have vehicle checked by Nissan dealership immediately.

Oil Pressure
Engine Oil Pressure WARNING LIGHT

This symbol will illuminate with ignition and should go out shortly after. This dashboard symbol is to warn of low engine oil pressure and NOT low oil levels. If the symbol comes on whilst driving, either constantly or flickering, pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and turn off the engine immediately. Continually driving whilst light is illuminated is highly likely to cause damage to the engine. Contact Nissan dealership.

Engine Temperature
High Engine Temperature WARNING LIGHT

Not all Nissan Juke are equipped with this. Light will illuminate with ignition and shortly turns off to signify sensor check has been successfully completed. If light comes on when driving, this signifies a very high engine temperature where severe damage may follow. Stop vehicle as soon as possible and turn engine off. Leave to cool for 20 – 30 minutes and check engine coolant levels. If low, top up levels. If levels are sufficient, do not drive vehicle and speak to a Nissan dealership. See engine coolant for further information.

Intelligent Key System
Intelligent Key System WARNING LIGHT

Light will remain on after ignition and turn off after 2 seconds. The light flashes yellow when the door is closed with the Intelligent Key left outside the vehicle and the ignition switch in the ACC or ON position. Make sure that the Intelligent Key is inside the vehicle. The light flashes green when the Intelligent Key battery is running out of power. Replace the battery with a new one. The lights constantly yellow when it warns of a malfunction with Intelligent Key system. If the warning light illuminates yellow while the engine has stopped, it may be impossible to start the engine. If the light comes on while the engine is running, you can drive the vehicle. In these cases, contact a Nissan dealer.

Low Tyre Pressure
Low Tyre Pressure Dashboard WARNING LIGHT

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) monitors the pressure of all tyres except the spare. If the light illuminates whilst driving, it signifies either low tyre pressure with one or more of the tyres, or a malfunction with the TPMS where the light will flash for around 1 minute after ignition is switched to ON. If pressures are low, a message will also display on the information display. Tyre pressure can be found inside the door post and should ideally be inflated when cold. The warning light will only go out when the system is reset by driving at 16 mph or more.

Air Bag
Passenger Air Bag
Air Bag and Passenger Air Bag WARNING LIGHT

Self-test checks will see the red air bag light illuminate when ignition is turned on for around 7 seconds where then it will turn off. If any of the following conditions occur, the front air bag, side air bag, curtain air bag and pretensioner systems need servicing and your vehicle must be taken to a Nissan dealer. The air bag light remains on after 7 seconds, the light does not come on at all, or the light flashes. Unless system is checked, air bags or restraint systems may not function properly. For further information about airbags and possible faults, see why is the airbag light on?

Vehicle Dynamic Control WARNING LIGHT

The Nissan Juke will self-check systems when ignition is switched to ON and light will turn off. The light will flash when the Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system or the traction control system is working, therefor alerting the driver that the vehicle is nearing its traction limits due to harsh driving or slippery roads. If the VDC light remains constantly on, it signifies a possible malfunction with the system. Vehicle will be drivable under normal driving condition though you should seek assistance from Nissan dealer.

Cruise Control
Cruise Control Dashboard LIGHT

When pushed this symbol illuminate to inform the driver that cruise control is active. Press again to deactivate. If light flashes whilst driving, this signifies a malfunction with the cruise control. Assistance from a Nissan dealer will resolve issue.

Engine Start

This light illuminates when the shift lever is in the P (Park) position (Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) models) or N (Neutral) position (Manual Transmission (MT) models). Symbol means that the engine will start by pushing the ignition switch with the brake pedal (CVT models) or clutch pedal (MT models) depressed. You can start the engine directly in any position.

Service Engine Soon
Malfunction Indicator LIGHT (MIL)

If the malfunction indicator light (Service Engine Soon) comes on steady or flashes while the engine is running, it may indicate a potential emission control and/or Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) malfunction. The malfunction indicator light may also illuminate continuously if the fuel cap is loose or missing, or if the vehicle runs out of fuel. Check to make sure the fuel cap is closed properly, and that the vehicle has at least 11.4 litres of fuel in the tank.

If the symbol remains on for 20 seconds and then flashes for 10 seconds when the engine is not running, it indicates that the vehicle is not ready for an emission control system inspection/maintenance test. If malfunction indicator light flashing, an engine misfire has been detected which may damage the emission control system. To reduce or avoid emission control system damage, do not drive at speeds above 45 mph (72 km/h), avoid hard acceleration or deceleration and avoid steep uphill grades.

Security Indicator

This symbol flashes on the dashboard when the ignition switch is in the ACC, OFF or LOCK position. This function indicates the security system equipped on the vehicle is in operation. If the security system is malfunctioning, this light will remain on while the ignition switch is in the ON position.

Power Steering
Electronic Power Steering (PS) LIGHT

A systems self-check will see the light illuminate when the ignition is switched on and should turn off shortly after. If light remains on or comes on whilst driving, this indicates a possible electronic power steering malfunction, where you will need to take vehicle to Nissan dealer. This malfunction will not effect normal steering though assistance may be unavailable and steering may become difficult at certain times whilst driving.

Main Beam
External Lights
Fog Lights
Indicators / Hazards
Door Open

Low Fuel
Seat Belt
Windscreen Washer
Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

65 thoughts on “Nissan Juke Engine Dashboard Warning Lights”

  1. Vicki

    Auto is flashing amber -what is this

  2. Tania

    Letter B in a red box was on now it’s gone, can you help…pls

  3. Tania, I think you may be referring to the Trip Computer where you can toggle between A and B to monitor your distance.

  4. Susan Cowan

    My Nissan Jukes petrol light is on although I have half a tank of petrol in this

  5. George Pekari

    I have a number below mileage # A48556 what is this. I have a 2014 Nissan Juke SL

  6. eve

    I think is a door open

  7. Robert lea

    I’ve got 15 plate Nissan duke if B appears on the dash board what does this mean

  8. Hi Robert,
    In relation to the letter B on the Nissan Juke, there are 2 buttons down to the right of the driver; one for ‘A’ and one for ‘B’. They are both trip mileage recorders and you may have accidentally pressed one of them. If you press the trip button, ‘A’ will change to ‘B’ and so on. If you press it again, the total mileage will be displayed without ‘A’ or ‘B’ being displayed.

  9. Kerry hugill

    Hi my auto symbol on my dashboard is flashing I have a Nissan Juke any idea what it means thanks

  10. Hi Kerry,
    It sounds like it might be a battery issue which appears to be quite common with the Nissan Juke. I would have the battery tested and go from there.

  11. Pauline

    2014 Nissan juke SL . Dashlight symbol of car with key symbol in it flashing red what does this mean changed battery in key fob put booster cables on car and still nothing

  12. It could be that your key needs to be reprogrammed and the immobiliser system is preventing engine start. You’ll have to arrange this with Nissan and take all your keys with you.

  13. Patrick

    Have an orange dot with righthanded arrow on dash any ideas what it signifies as nothing in handbook

  14. Hi Patrick
    It relates to the current value on your MPG display; MPG in real time or cumulative MPG – which one is indicated by the orange dot and arrow.

  15. Abby


    I have a spanner and 0 on my dashboard and I’m not sure what this means? Is it okay to drive the car? I have a long journey coming up of 3 hours tomorrow and I wondered if it could be okay to drive?!

    The car was serviced back in Feb/March time!

  16. Hi Abby,
    The spanner symbol is telling you that a service is due and the ‘0’ is how many days remaining until it’s required. You’ll be fine on your trip as you’ve had it serviced, so it looks like the service department forgot to reset the service reminder or you’ve done a significant amount of miles in a few months.

  17. Michelle

    Hi, ive got a 63 plate Juke and its started flashing O,L lo on the dash when I first start the car. does anyone know what this means? thanks

  18. Michelle

    thanks very much for your swift reply

  19. Nocwaka

    My VDC warning light is orange, what does that mean?

  20. If the light is constantly on (not flashing) this means that VDC has malfunctioned and is no longer in operation. There’s many reasons for this; wheel speed sensors, suspension parts or other parts associated with the wheels such as bearings, brakes, pads, rotors and calipers being deteriorated can cause an issue. Also if certain parts have recently been fitted that are not recommended by Nissan, it may trigger the VDC fault. If you haven’t had anything changed or fitted recently, it’s likely that a part has a fault. Vehicle stability may be reduced, so it would be ideal to have a workshop do a diagnostics error code check to see if you can locate the problem.

  21. Mary

    I just noticed that a flashing red car symbol appears when the engine is turned off. Can you help. Thanks

  22. Hi Mary,
    The flashing red car warning light is an indicator to inform you and potential thieves that the security system / immobiliser is armed.

  23. Sammy

    Did you ever get this sorted? Mines doing it now

  24. Sammy

    Sorry comment was for Susan about petrol light

  25. Hi Sammy,
    It could be an issue with the fuel sender unit / fuel level sensor inside the tank. Try filling the tank right up if possible as it may jog it back into action. Failing that, you’ll need diagnostics and replace parts.

  26. Jerri

    What does the letter H mean in the dashboard warning

  27. The Nissan Juke H on the dashboard I think what you are referring to is in relation to torque vectoring for the AWD (All-wheel drive) model.
    It’s two bars with an ‘H’ that displays the amount of torque (or force) that is applied to each wheel. In this mode, the indicator is displayed as a bar graph divided into 3 segments. The top graph shows the amount of torque to the front left and right wheels and the bottom graph shows the amount of torque to the rear left and right wheels. The number of segments shows the amount of torque currently distributed to each wheel.

  28. Jerri

    How do I fix it to turn the light off? Why did it come on?

  29. Hi Jerri,
    It’s not an issue or a fault, it’s just a particular mode or setting that it’s showing you. Go through your settings and look for torque vectoring to switch it off, but it’s nothing to worry about.

  30. Andrei

    My VDC warning light is orange, it is stay like that for a wile and then when i stop the car and go after 2 our wit it the vdc light it is going of. what issue could be

  31. VDC warning light issues can be related to ABS wheel speed sensors, yaw-rate sensors, steering angle sensors all of which are used to establish vehicle stability. Non-standard tyres or tyres that have significant uneven wear can trigger the warning light. Tyres that have incorrect / uneven pressures may also trigger a fault.

  32. Debbie

    my battery won’t stay charged, I’ve gone through two new ones in the last year, now I leave it on a charger overnight, every night. is this normal for a Juke? I’ve never had this problem with any other vehicle.

  33. Becky

    I have a Nissan Juke & there is a red light that blinks every so often when driving. It only blinks once and then won’t again for a while. It doesn’t stay on long enough for me to be able to tell exactly which symbol it is! Can anybody help?

  34. Really difficult to say with such limited details. If you know where the light is on the dash, I would search for images showing dashboard warning lights on the Nissan Juke. Just make sure it’s the same dash as yours and hopefully you’ll spot it. Alternatively, you can look up owners manual for your model / year Juke.

  35. Becky

    I’ve tried this and narrowed it down to either the car with a key in it or the oil light, I also put oil in the other day and it did stop blinking for like a week but had started again today. Like I said though it’s only every so often and one blink a time, so really hard to distinguish which

  36. If you’re absolutely sure the oil level is correct, it could be the oil level sensor is intermittently failing. That in itself is nothing to worry about. If it was low oil pressure or low oil level, it would likely stay on. check the oil regularly in case you’re losing any.

  37. Jake

    Hi I got a 2014 nissan juke the security indicator light come red the other day and stay on soild all the time even when am driving can you help

  38. Stacy

    Fuel door probably left open or gas cap not on tight/properly

  39. W Harrison

    In reply to Patrick
    It is to say you can scroll through other items. Nothing to worry about. I think I pressed the two tiny buttons left hand side if the steering and it went

  40. Mary Ann

    In reply to Kerry hugill.
    Hi I have the same issue the auto symbol is flashing the same car , did you find out?

  41. Angel

    Hi, I hope you can help I was driving home from a long journey and the orange engine light and red engine light and VDC light all came on the car began to wobble a lot and I made it home about 10minute drive but now am very worried about what the problem may be if you have any ideas your assistance is greatly appreciated thanks 🙂

  42. Hi Angel,
    When the engine warning light comes on, a fault code is stored in the ECU. The fault code helps to identify the problem. There’s many possible faults when the engine light comes on, so the only way forward is to have the fault code read. All vehicle workshops have diagnostic fault code readers, so I’d recommend taking it in.

  43. Char

    There is an arrow pointing to a picture of a clock on the dashboard.

  44. Felicity

    Hey there
    Have recently bought a Nissan Duke, a caution sign which is an exclamation mark,, keeps flashing on when driving the car,, what could be the problem guys,, please help

  45. Hi Felicity,
    Is the exclamation mark contained within another shape, for example a circle with brackets?
    What colour is the symbol?

  46. Hello Everyone
    What does the orange lightbulb with 2 lines underneath mean please.

  47. I have an orange car symbol with skid marks on my dashboard please tell me what this means

  48. Hi Tammie,
    That symbol is the Electronic Stability Control (ESC), or as Nissan call it, Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC). They’re pretty much the same thing and it’s a system that can apply brakes to individual wheels and cut engine to help prevent understeer and oversteer. It makes cornering in your car a bit more stable.

    Your Nissan wont break down or anything, but if the warning light remains lit, then it means VDC isn’t functioning. The fault is usually a wheel speed sensor that’s defective, but you’ll usually have the ABS warning light on too. It could be the VDC control module. Ideally you’ll need to have diagnostics done on your vehicle to see if there’s any fault codes stored. These fault codes help you identify the fault.

  49. Hi,
    Please. I just bought a Nissan Juke 2016, I realised that the car consumed a lot of fuel. I fuel the car every week for £45 although I do roughly 40miles, 5 days a week. Is this normal? I use to used Renault megane with the same size of engine and same journey and used to fuel for £roughly £50 and it will last me for 2 and half weeks.

  50. At roughly £5.5 per gallon, the diesel does around 50 mile per gallon, the petrol version less. Depends which version you have, but it does seem to be using rather a lot of fuel based on your numbers. The Renault Megane does appear to have better fuel economy than the Nissan Juke though. Personally, I would expect the economy of your old Megane to be about what you would expect with the amount you’re paying on fuel.

    You’re not running any unnecessary weight in the vehicle, leaving electrical utilities constantly on that use more fuel and you have the optimum tyre inflation pressures?

    I’m no professional on car MPG, so I would look for a forum that has other Juke owners where you can compare real-world fuel expenses.

  51. Mia

    There is a capital “A” in a box on my dashboard. It appeared right after I got my battery replaced that day. What does it mean and how do I get it to go away?

  52. Hi Mia,
    Sounds to me like the trip meter for calculating journey distances. Many cars have an A and B trip meter. There’s usually a button close by on the dash display, or if you go through your vehicle options, you should see the options for resetting etc.

  53. Tina

    Hi my gear shift light is constantly on does anyone know what is wrong ? Pls

  54. Marlon Hepi

    Hi when starting car (Juke 2014) get a number flash up in orange with a spanner icon – top centre. The number is -785. Also hearing a clunking noise, help?

  55. Marie

    Hi, a sign appears on my dashboard just below the temperature. It is white and looks like a lightbulb with two lines below, it has an arrow pointing down to the left of the sign. It’s not on all the time, I can not find out what it means.
    Can you please help?

  56. Alan

    On the Nissan Juke

    A spanner light comes on for 4/5 sec with the number -43
    What would that mean or whats wrong

  57. Abs

    Hi Marie. That sign when it shows up either with arrow pointing up or doen when driving means change gears.

  58. Shane

    We have just bought a 17 plate diesel juke and there is a spanner symbol on the dash what does this mean

  59. Vicky

    Hi I have a Nissan Juke 2020 , 4000 miles on the clock , only had it 2 months , recently had to have a new key coded , since then loads of warning lights coming on , latest one says service light on says engine warning , can you help

  60. Hi Vicky,
    If your Nissan is under warranty, which I assume it is, you don’t want to be doing anything to it yourself, else you risk voiding the warranty. Take it to the dealers to sort.

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