Nissan Qashqai Dashboard Warning Lights

This section details the dashboard warning light symbols of the Nissan Qashqai. There are many universal dashboard symbols, though some makes and models of vehicles may use some symbols that are brand specific.

Failure, attention or utility symbols are categorised by the colour of the symbol, the duration of time that the symbols stays illuminated and if it is accompanied by an acoustic sound.

Immediate attention is often required for the Nissan Qashqai if the symbol is red and particularly if it is flashing. In some cases, this can signify a safety issue or mechanical warning where damage may be caused to the vehicle with continual use.

The Nissan Qashqai dashboard lights and symbols are detailed below with use of a symbol picture, a description and possibly and explanation of what action should be taken.

Anti-lock Brakes
Anti-lock Brakes System

When the ignition is switched to the ON position in the Nissan Qashqai, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) light will come on. It should go out after about 2 seconds. This indicates system is functional. If symbol comes on whilst driving, this indicates a problem with the ABS. ABS is a braking aid and is separate from normal vehicle braking system. Brakes will work as usual in most cases. Gain assistance from a qualified technician. For an understanding of ABS and what it does see, ABS.

Brake Warning Light
BRAKE Warning Light

Warning light can apply to parking and foot brake. Light illuminates if parking / handbrake is applied. For the foot brake, light can come on if there is insufficient brake fluid in the reservoir. If levels are below the minimum requirements, do not drive until levels are replenishes else braking may be affected. If brake levels are correct, this indicates a fault in the system and vehicle should be checked by an authorised Nissan technician immediately. Driving vehicle could be dangerous due to brake failure. You may need to consider having vehicle towed to a workshop.

Battery Charge Warning
Battery Charge WARNING LIGHT

Light should illuminate when ignition is turn to the ON position and should go out shortly after. If battery charge symbol comes on whilst driving, this signifies a problem with the charging system. Check alternator belt whilst engine is turned off to ensure it is not broken or lose. If belt is not lose or broken, contact a Nissan workshop immediately.

Diesel Particulate Filter
Diesel Particulate Filter LIGHT

Diesel versions of the Qashqai only, the diesel particulate filter light can illuminate due to frequent short journeys or stop/start driving that can result in excessive build up of carbon in the particulate filter. When this happens the DPF warning light will illuminate on the dashboard along with a message in the vehicle information display. When symbol illuminates, the vehicle must be driven a certain way to begin regeneration. Car should be driven at a speed of over 60 km/h (37.5 mph) until the DPF warning light turns off. This process can take up to 30 minutes to complete. If regeneration is not completed, the malfunction symbol will illuminate (see below) where a service regeneration will be required by Nissan. Engine output speed may be reduced to protect the DPF system until service.

Malfunction Warning Light
Malfunction Warning LIGHT Red or Amber

The Qashqai malfunction warning light may illuminate in red or amber / orange. Symbol will illuminate when ignition is switched to ON and go out shortly after ignition to operate normally. If the malfunction symbol illuminates in red whilst driving, this may indicate an engine control system malfunction. Vehicle will need to be repaired as continued use of vehicle could lead to poor driveability, reduced fuel economy and possible damage to the engine control system, which may affect the warranty coverage. If malfunction lamp illuminates in orange, this can signify a regeneration of the diesel particulate filter, where Nissan is required to perform the service.

Electronic Power Steering
Electronic Power Assisted Steering

The electronic power assisted steering (EPAS) light should come on when ignition is turned to ON and shortly extinguish once engine has started. If light remains on, or illuminates whilst driving, power assisted steering is unavailable. Steering is still possible via the mechanical, though a noticeable difference in required force to turn the steering wheel may be noticed, especially at lower speeds. If symbol illuminates on the Qashqai dashboard, pull over when safe to do so and turn engine off (ignition key to OFF) for around 20 seconds and restart vehicle. If light remains on, contact a Nissan workshop.

Engine Oil Pressure
Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light

The engine oil pressure warning light illuminates to inform the driver of low engine oil pressures. Dashboard light may flicker or permanently illuminate whilst driving. If so, pull over and turn off the engine immediately as soon as it is safe to do so. You cannot continue your journey – call Nissan workshop for assistance. Continuing your journey can potentially cause severe damage to the engine. Low engine oil levels are a separate issue where a ‘Oil Level Low’ message will appear in the dashboard message centre.

Air Bag Warning
Supplemental Restraint System WARNING LIGHT

The Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) air bag light illuminates when ignition is switched to ON and turn off after approximately 7 second. This informs the driver that systems are active and operational. If the light remains on after 7 seconds, flashes intermittently or does not come on at all, system will need to be services and repaired at a Nissan workshop. Unless checked and repaired, the SRS air bag system and pre-tensioner seat belts may not function properly. For further information about airbags and possible faults, see why is the airbag light on?

Passenger Air Bag
Front Passenger Air Bag WARNING LIGHT

Switching the ignition to the ON position, the front passenger air bag deactivated (OFF) warning light which is located in the combination metre, illuminates for approximately 7 seconds and should then go out to inform driver that system is operational. If the light remains on, this informs the driver that the passenger air bag has been deactivated.

NATS Security
NATS Security Dashboard WARNING LIGHT

The Nissan Anti-Theft System (NATS) light blinks or flashes when the ignition is turned to the LOCK OFF or Acc position. This will indicate that your Nissan Qashqai is fitted with NATS and is operational. If the NATS system is malfunctioning, the dashboard symbol will stay on when the ignition is in the ON position.

Master Warning Light

The triangle with an exclamation mark is the Nissan Qashqai master warning light. This symbol illuminates when any warning message is displayed in the message centre.

4WD Light

The 4 wheel drive (4WD) will illuminate when the ignition is turned to the ON position and will go out shortly after the engine has started. If the 4WD system malfunctions or the revolution or radius of the front and the rear wheels differs, the symbol will stay on or flash / blink. If the light flashes or comes on whilst driving, the 4WD mode will revert to 2WD. In this situation, reduce vehicle speed and get checked by a Nissan workshop. If the 4WD warning light flashes in the following sequence while driving, proceed as follows:

  • Flashes rapidly around twice a second – Pull off the road in a safe place and idle the engine. The driving mode will change from 4WD to 2WD to prevent the 4WD system from malfunctioning. The vehicle can be driven again as soon as the warning light goes out.
  • Flashes slowly around once every 2 seconds – Change the driving mode to 2WD and reduce the vehicle speed as soon as safely possible.

Water in Fuel

To signify that there may be water in the fuel this dashboard symbol can remain on permanently or flash. Water should be drained from the fuel immediately else serious damage can occur to the engine.

AT Check
Automatic Transmission Check WARNING LIGHT

The automatic transmission check (AT check) light will come on to inform the driver that the automatic transmission oil temperature is too high. If light illuminates whilst driving, reduce speed until light goes out. Another situation is that when the ignition is turned to ON, the light will illuminate for 2 seconds. If the light flashes, it may indicate an issue with the automatic transmission. A Nissan workshop will need to assess the problem. Continual driving with transmission issues may cause damage.

CVT Light

The Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) light should come on for a short period when the ignition is switched to ON. If the symbol illuminates whilst driving, it may indicate a problem with the Continuous Variable Transmission. System will need to be checked by a Nissan workshop.

Electronic Stability Control
Electron Stability Control Off WARNING LIGHT

The Electronic Stability Control (ESP) off light will illuminate when the ignition is switched to the ON position and will turn off after around 1 second. The ESP is now operational. If the ESP switch is turned to the off position, light will illuminate. If the ESP OFF light and SLIP light illuminate together when ESP has not been turned on, it indicates the system is not functioning properly. Vehicle can still be used by may become less stable in extreme driving conditions. Seek assistance from a Nissan workshop.

SLIP Light

The car slipping / skidding symbol may on occasions flash / blink. This is to inform the driver that Electronic Stability Control Programme (ESP see above) is working. This is also a signal that the vehicle is approaching its traction limits due to road conditions / weather conditions or due to excessive speed.

4WD Indicator
4WD Lock
Glow Plug
Low Fuel
Side Lights
Dipped Headlights
High / Full Beam
Front Fog Lights
Rear Fog Lights
Fasten Seat Belt
Sport Mode
Trailer Signals
Indicator Signals

90 thoughts on “Nissan Qashqai Dashboard Warning Lights”

  1. Andrea Dunford

    Can you tell me what this means on my dash _ 743 thanks

  2. Jay

    In my Qashqai 59plate shows -520 can anybody tell me what’s that mean?

  3. Peter

    On my qashqai Nissan 2017 car every now and then a yellow picture of a car flashes on my dashboard and makes a bleeping noise does anyone know what it means

  4. Hi Peter,
    Does it have wavy lines under the car? If it does, it’s the electronic stability control / traction control kicking in.

  5. Jessica Jones

    It’s your lane assist. If you got over a line it will beep

  6. Martin

    Can someone tell me what the comment – 0, 1, low means that comes on after engine starts up? It soon disappear and car carries on. It sometimes starts with the usual 0, 1, good then when started again it says 0,1, low

  7. Hello Martin,
    The Nissan Qashqai 0 1 lo, or 0.1 low means you’re engine oil level is getting low and needs topping up.

  8. Anna

    Hi, does anyone know what it means on a Qashqai if the handbrake switch light flashes red and the orange brake warning light is on in the dash? Thanks

  9. Hi Anna,
    It could be related to a faulty brake control unit which appears to be a Qashqai known issue.

  10. Diamant

    My son tried starting my 07 nissian qushqai repeatedly but when I took the key off my son and when I tried starting it a green symbol pops on the dashboard I held the brake and clutch in tried starting it. It wouldn’t start I don’t know what to do

  11. Susan

    Can anyone tell me were I find the button for the 4wd on my Nissan quashqai tekna 58 plate

  12. Jay

    Hi I have a Nissan qashqai 360 13plate could some one please tell me what warning my car is giving me when it has a triangle with exclamation mark in it. All I find is master warning light, but what for? What’s the fault? Thank you

  13. Hi Jay, the master warning light is supposed to come on when you have a warning message to read. But from what I can gather, it can come on for pretty much anything. It’s usually not too much to worry about unless there’s another critical warning light illuminated at the same time.

  14. sahib

    Hello, I have Qashqai 2018 TE, a car hit my left front door, car still drives smooth but on the board it says “warning system Fault”
    what do you recon this is about and how can I get rid of it?

  15. Hi Sahib,
    Is there no symbol or warning light contained within the text or somewhere else on the dashboard? Sounds like a sensor might have been dislodged or damaged.

  16. Deon

    Hi. Can can some one help my qashqai 2007 petrol 2litre recently showed this➡●on the dsahboard

  17. Elaine

    Hi Jay
    I am also getting the -91 showing up. Has anyone got back to you regarding meaning of this?

  18. Hi Elaine,
    I’m not sure what it means, but it sounds like service / oil change interval date has been missed (by 91 days). When was your last service?

  19. Steph Cook

    My Xtrail 2014 has a amber warning on for the brake, as the light on the electric handbrake was flashing red when the handbrake was applied.
    The light on the handbrake is fine now but i till have the amber symbol on the dash, can anyone help as to why?

  20. Hi Steph,
    An amber warning light indicates a minor fault or maintenance issue. Have you checked the brake fluid level? Failing that, it could be a brake pad sensor fault or brake control unit issue. If the amber brake warning light remains on, have it booked in.

  21. Tony lees

    I have the same problem the manual doesn’t help

  22. Rick

    Just bought mine Peter and it’s gone from yellow to red.nothing in the Manuel about it .trip to Nissan me thinks

  23. Benjamin

    My NISSAN Qashqai 2009 model reduces it speed drastically that I cannot drive beyond 40 whenever the Slip Indicator appears and stays on the dashboard whilst driving. What can be the causes pls.

  24. Hi Benjamin,
    Are there any other lights such as ABS? Have you tried switching off traction control and if so, does the issue occur then?

  25. Benjamin

    Thanks and sorry for the delay…ABS sometimes comes doesn’t stay…it comes when ignition on then goes off. But can you pls let me know deeply what happens when ABS is on or any advice pls.

  26. The ABS light coming on with the ignition is normal providing it goes out once the engine has started. If it comes on when driving then it’s a problem. The ABS and traction control / slip indicator share components, often an issue with the wheel speed sensor. You’ll need diagnostics hooked up to read any fault codes generated.

  27. Benjamin

    Thanks so much for your help, in fact this has been my first car and had wish to know more. If u wouldn’t mind, can we have a way of talking fluently? I am a Ghanaian, currently working in Abu Dhabi but the car is back home in Ghana.

  28. Benjamin

    Thanks once again…
    Will do just that when needed …

  29. dave

    hi can anyone tell me what the what the red symbol of the engine means as i am worried and its says chassis control fault and stop start system fault as this is worrying its a 1.5 diesel 2014 model

  30. Hi Dave,
    This does appear to be a common fault with the Nissan Qashqai. From what I can gather, it can relate to the battery earth connection – where it connects to the chassis.

  31. Diane

    Hi, the malfunction warning lights illuminates in red while driving, i read that it could be from the engine… i would like some details on what could it be, looking forward for your reply, thanks a million

  32. Hi Diane,
    The malfunction indicator lamp / check engine light is a generic warning meaning there’s no specific fault associated with it. Common causes include oxygen Sensor, mass airflow Sensor, spark plugs, catalytic converter issues, gas tank pressure / fuel cap, EGR valve, diesel particulate filter (DPF)…it can be many things.
    The only option is to have a a diagnostic fault code reader hooked up to red fault codes. These codes will give you a better idea on what’s wrong.

  33. Tom Fuller

    Hi. I have a 2019, 1.4 diesel qashqai. On the instrument panel behind steering wheel,i have a ‘NO WARNINGS’ message. Im used to seeing my digital speed there. Ive read the owners manual but alas, cannot find out what it is.
    Please help.

  34. Hello Tom,
    Can the centre display be changed with the directional navigation arrow buttons on the left-side of your steering wheel?

  35. Tom Fuller

    Hi. Tried everything. Holding down the buttons one at a time & pressing the OK button to see if it would reset,nothing. Only thing left to me is the Nissan Centre(When they open).
    So Frustrating as i dont get any tire pressure warnings(Tried letting some air out & driving round the block).
    Many Thanks,

  36. Hopefully you get it sorted Tom. Let us know what the problem was when you do 🙂

  37. Tom Fuller

    Certainly will. Thanks

  38. Kate

    Hi my 1.5 DCI quashqai has the anti slip lights coming on early in a journey after a recent bounce on a pothole and a replaced sensor. Garage plugged in machine but showing an issue with glow plug relay? Had a couple of issues with cold start but can’t see the relation between anti slip lights and engine fault?

  39. On VAG motors (VW, Audi etc), a faulty brake light switch can trigger the ESP / anti slip and glow plugs lights to come on together. On a Nissan though, I’m not sure. Hopefully someone else can offer an insight.

  40. Zen

    Thats oil I believe

  41. Dirk Franke

    Hi, red engine light came on while driving but went out again, should I be worried? 2008 DCI Qashqai.

  42. Wendy

    Just bought a 13 plate quashqai and the Srs light is on and now the seatbelt light is on and beeps. Checked all the plugs under the seat is this a major light and will it affect the safety of the car

  43. Hi Wendy,
    Yes it is a safety issue. The seat belts may not work as effectively in a collision or the airbags may not deploy. Check also that there’s nothing lodged in one of the belt buckle slots as this can cause the light to come on. Other than that and what you’ve tried, it’s usually a sensor related fault that will need to be diagnosed by an engineer.

  44. Isabela

    Hi. I have a Nissan QQ 1.6 Tekna 2017 plate.Two weeks ago apeared a start- stop system fault message on the board, got to the destination, after starting the car the second time the fault disapeared, but an amber engine light came up. I booked a checking with the dealer. Until i got to them the light disapeared. They did the diagnostic, deleted the errors. Everything worked for 2 weeks, today again in the morning when i started the engine start- stop system fault. When i left from work no system fault but the amber engine light is on. Any ideas why is this happening? Thank you.

  45. Hi Isabela,
    Since your engine light also came on, it could be related to a DPF issue (Diesel Particulate Filter). Is your Nissan a Diesel? If it is, lots of short journeys can block the filter. A good long run on a road where you don’t need to slow down or stop such as a motorway often clears it. If it doesn’t, it will need sorting at a workshop. Car batteries also cause problems for stop start systems – though your battery is only a few years old. Might be worth getting the battery tested.

  46. Dallas

    Hi/ have had my new car for two weeks. every thing working fine. But today I noticed, when driving off there is a small sign . a Capital A, with the word HOLD by it. Also in the middle mileage information, the word Reserved 1 is there?

  47. Caroline Kelly

    , I bought a 2014 Nissan quashqai a few weeks ago from a dealer, after a couple of weeks lights came up on the dash board chassis control system fault,
    The garage has my car 4 days now not able to fix the fault would you have any idea please

  48. Hi Caroline,
    If it has warranty, ask them to exchange it for another vehicle or a refund.

  49. George

    Hi I have a 131nissan qashqai with dpf problems no warning comes on in the dash or when I turn on the ING until there is a problem. stop, start starts flashing and goes in to limp mode should there be a dpf signal on normal start up

  50. Hi George.
    Sounds like a blocked DPF. Happens a lot when mainly only short journeys are taken. Have you given your Qashqai a good long run? If the filter is blocked and unable to be regenerated, it might need replacing.

  51. philip sullivan

    I have system fault 44 on my dash ,top righthand corner just under the temperature , why? can i reset it

  52. kevin hackett

    In reply to Jay.

    you have to go into car settings,and car message settings,its on the dashboard button….

  53. Ross

    Feb amber warning light coming on and off,anyone know how bad this is.i have a 19 plate 115 connecta model.

  54. The Nissan Forward Emergency Braking (FEB) warning light coming on is often due to a sensor issue. Particularly in wet, muddy roads, the sensor can become obscured. Have you cleaned the area (top / center) of your windscreen?

  55. Felix

    Hi there, our qashqai +2 (59 plate) started having the red management light on when the car is moving. It has just been serviced and MOT 2 weeks ago and this is the first time the red light is showing. Help please.

  56. Hi Felix,
    Engine management lights are generic, meaning that they come on when an engine / emissions fault has been detected, but for no specific fault. Faults range from catalytic converter issues, spark plugs, various sensors etc. When the engine management light comes on, fault codes are generated and stored. The only way to diagnose the issue is to have the fault codes read by diagnostic equipment. I’d recommend taking your Nissan to a vehicle workshop to have the codes read and then you’ll know what the issue is.

  57. Kelly

    Hi I have a 2018 Nissan qashqai every now and then a yellow banner work exclamation marks pops up and it feels like the car brakes. Nissan did the update after they were recalled for the intelligence system but this is exactly what it was doing before it was recalled. However as it doesn’t happen all the time Nissan don’t want to know as when they take it out for a 2 minute drive it doesn’t do it. Does anyone know what it could be or has anyone else had this problem? Nissan tried telling me I would have a fly stuck to one of the cameras ha which I very doubt as my car is cleaned all the time. They are just trying to drag it out so the warranty runs out in 2 week time. Please help.

  58. Hi Kelly.
    Yes, this sounds like an issue with the emergency braking system and is clearly very unsafe if it slows down or even stops if there’s nothing ahead of the vehicle. It’s unacceptable on their part. You need to get the ball rolling quickly, there is of course Citizens Advice and a specific motoring disputes resolution organisation called The Motor Ombudsman. Other effective ways to get noticed is to write on their social media pages, they tend to take action quickly if you kick up a public stink.

  59. Sipi

    Hello, I hv Nissan qashqai 2015 model now there is two lights on on Dashboard 1 triangle and 2 sliperi light, Wt I hv to do thanks

  60. Tony

    I have a 2017 Nissan qashqai does anybody know what the flashing symbol “auto” means

  61. Andy Hockey

    I have a 2014 1.6 dCi Tekna. recently we have seen issues with virtually all the warning light coming on intermittently. These include key fault, chassis management fault, system fault, start stop fault, the Speedo stops working and occasionally the parking sensors warnings bleep whilst driving. It is intermittent, we’ve done 200 miles with zero lights and there is no loss of performance. Any ideas?

  62. olga

    nissan qashqai n connecta 2018 1.5 diesel, engine check light 3 times after repair in service, 2 times battery change and add adblue last visite, I’m not sure if the car is properly repaired,

  63. Hi Olga,
    Depends what your Qashqai was originally in for repair. The check engine light is an indication of a fault, so if this was the problem prior to repair, then it appears to not be fixed.

  64. Peter

    Hi. 2019 nissan qashqai 1.7 DCi CVT 4×4,…. Suddenly today car stuttered and a warning signal “FUEL ECONOMY” appeared on dash screen ?? It did it again about half an hour later – just after starting car again. This time just master warning light. Anyone know what it means….

  65. Hi Peter,
    Surprised the engine warning light didn’t come on. There’s quite a lot of things that can cause a stutter; EGR valve, oxygen sensor, DPF issues, blocked fuel filter, blocked injectors….
    I think the first place to start would be to have diagnostic equipment hooked up and hopefully there’s be some fault / trouble codes to read. Pretty much all vehicle worshops have diagnostic equipment, or you can buy your own.

  66. peter

    Qashqai 1.7 DCi CVT 4×4.

    Just after new year auto box would not change up. Engine felt as if in limp home mode – no warning lights !
    Foot flat to floor at 3000 rpm and no more than 60mph. Stopped for a while, restarted car and everything worked ok – go figure………………

  67. Peter

    Re earlier question on Qashqai 1.7 DCi cvt 4×4. Put car into main dealer to check om mysterious “FUEL ECONOMY” warning light…………………. They plugged car in, all ok, but none of the tecks had any idea as to meaning/reason for warning light on dash. Isn’t technology wonderful – NOT, I despair….if no fault on computer the everything OK. (slight sound of sobbing)

  68. Hi Peter.
    I guess if the official engineers have no idea, I don’t suppose there’s much hope of anyone else knowing 🙁
    Hope you get to the bottom of it soon.

  69. peter

    Yeah….I have tried contacting Nissan Technical, but I’m not holding my breath………………………

  70. Peter

    2019 qashqai 1.7 DCi CVT 4×4 – does anyone know why thw mysterious warning light “FUEL ECONOMY” would suddenly light up ??? Have asked Nissan but dead end. The light exists so there must be a cause……..

  71. Muz

    I have Nissan Qashqai 2011 n-tec, when the car starts the warning amber tirangle light with exclamation comes on and then as soon as you start driving it goes away. Does that mean there is any fault because I can’t see any other error message.

  72. Hell Muzz,
    Seems a little odd that you’re not receiving any message at all. Here are some of the warnings associated with the master warning light (amber triangle with exclamation mark)
    No key warning
    Key ID incorrect warning
    Low windscreen washer fluid level
    Parking brake release warning
    Door / boot open warning
    Low tyre pressure warning
    Four wheel drive warning
    Intelligent Key System warning

    If it was anything too serious, it would have its own dedicated warning light. If I were you, I’d just check oil levels, coolant levels and tyre pressures just to make sure all is good there.

  73. Mal Green

    I have Nissan Qashqai three years in July with very little use because of covid only 5000 Klm’s a warning light / message has come up ,chassis maintance I rang nissan who told me this means that it’s telling me that it’s time for a service I have had the car serviced each anniversary of when i got the car the last one nine months ago I do not believe what Nissan is telling me is correct.

  74. Craig

    Hi what’s the problem is the nats warning light starts flashing when I remove the key and stays flashing

  75. Jimmy

    Hi can any body please help me my cruise control and limiter won’t come on. It come on the other day but when I turned the engine of then back on it wouldn’t come back on any idea’s best regards Jimmy.

  76. Nora

    Hi, I have a Nissan 2010 giving me a red triangle warning sign that come and dissapears, no other sign next to it. What could it be

  77. Hi Nora,
    Is it a triangle with an exclamation mark inside it? If it is, it’s the master warning light. The master warning light sounds intimidating, but it’s essentially a generic warning light where no other dedicated symbol is used. For the the Nissan master warning light, the following conditions may apply:

    • No key warning
    • Key ID incorrect warning
    • Low windscreen washer fluid warning
    • Parking brake release warning
    • Door/boot open warning
    • Low tyre pressure warning
    • Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) warning (where fitted)
    • Intelligent Key system warning

  78. Julian

    Hi can any one tell me what a spanner and -144 comes on when I turn my ignition on Qashqai 07 plate thanks

  79. I have a Nissan Qashqai and I’ve never had any warning lights come on. Is this something that I need to be concerned about?

  80. Hi,
    Most warning lights should come on initially when you switch the ignition on, then after the engine has started, almost all of them should go out. Is this not the case?

  81. keeley

    hello, ive a diesel 2011 nissan quashqai. today a red battery light and red exclaimation light came on, any ideas what it might be

  82. Hi Keeley,
    When the battery light comes on, it means that your vehicle isn’t receiving enough electrical charge. This is usually due to bad alternator, but it can also be due to an old failing battery that can no longer hold sufficient charge. Wiring can also be a problem, could be a bad earth, in your case, around the brake lights. Your brakes should continue to work, unless the brake problem is separate.

    So to start off, test your alternator and battery. Your battery might be fine, but needs a charge, particularly if it hasn’t been used in a while. If one of those is the problem, hopefully when it’s rectified, the brake lights problem will also go away. With the battery warning light and the vehicle receiving insufficient charge, it means the engine could stall at any point. With either the battery or brake light on, I wouldn’t advise driving the vehicle, except to a local repair workshop.

  83. Steven

    I have a Nissan quasqai 214 diesel acenta 1.5 , only when on the motorway I get warning light coming on, don’t come on any other time just when been on motorway for a while, but stop engine and restart it has gone and only comes on when back on motorway, the sensors I think as dial at top For sensors go yellow system fault 2 of 2

  84. Mohammed Bahauddin

    Hi I have a Nissan qashqai 2011 model SRS warning light are blinking continuously is it have a problem or it has to blink?

  85. Hi Mohammed,
    Yes, the blinking SRS (Supplementary Restraint System) warning light means you have a problem. It might be related to air bags or the seat belt pretensioner. You’ll need diagnostics, an scanner that connects to the OBD-II port to read fault codes. This should let you know where the problem is.

  86. Ant

    Hi i have got a nissan qashqai diesel 2009 plate got no power at all struggle juddering to get to 40mph with the exclamation light on any ideas of how to fix this

  87. Hi Ant,
    If you’re referring to the master warning light, it’s not typically associated with anything serious. Could be fuel filter. You’ll need to have fault codes read by a diagnostic scanner. That should then help point you in the direction of the problem.

  88. Roy

    Hi I have a 2016 Nissan duke the last few days it has a yellow square with a key in it on the dash which stays on while the engine is running it’s not the fob battery I’ve changed it Nissan garage want £150 to check it

  89. Hi Roy,
    The manual suggests it’s a problem with the Intelligent Key system. Do you have another key you could try? As you can switch the engine on and off, it’s doesn’t appear to be urgent, but if another key doesn’t resolve it, it might be a trip to Nissan. It doesn’t have to be a Nissan dealership of course, but another workshop’s scan tools might not do the job. I would ask about.

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