ŠKODA Octavia Dashboard Warning Lights

The ŠKODA Octavia dashboard warning lights in the instrument cluster indicate either a function or active utility (green or blue), or a fault (amber or red). Some warning lights that require urgent attention can be accompanied by acoustic signals and messages in the display of the instrument cluster.

Warning lights come on briefly after switching on the ignition. This is a function test and is perfectly normal providing the test is passed, meaning the lights should go out. Detailed are the ŠKODA Octavia dashboard warning symbols, along with their meaning and the recommended course of action to take. These warning symbols apply to ŠKODA Octavia models TSI S, TSI SE, TSI SE L, TSI vRS, TDI CR S, TDI CR SE, TDI CR SE L, TDI CR vRS.


Warning and Danger Lights

The red triangle with an exclamation mark signifies danger and the amber triangle with an exclamation mark signifies a warning. These symbols may light up along with other specific symbols. Igniting warning lights may result in personal injury or damage to the vehicle.


ŠKODA Octavia Service Light

When a service is required on the ŠKODA Octavia, a spanner symbol and / or a message will be displayed informing you that a service is required along with the amount of time and distance left. If you have had your vehicle serviced but the light has not been reset, see reset ŠKODA Octavia service light.

Seat Belt

ŠKODA Octavia Seat Belt Warning Light

The seat belt warning light flashes with an audible warning at speeds of 18 mph / 30 km/h or more. This will continue for two minutes and if seat belts are not fastened by either the driver or passenger in this time, the audible signal is deactivated and the warning lights stays on permanently. If you are having issues with the light not going out, see seat belt warning light staying on.


ŠKODA Octavia Handbrake Warning Light

When the red ‘P’ in a circle lights up, the handbrake / parking brake has been applied. If you continue to drive over 5 km/h / 3 mph while the handbrake is still on, an audible warning will also chime. Release the handbrake. If you are having issues with the light staying on, see parking brake stays on while driving.


ŠKODA Octavia ABS Warning Light

ABS stand for anti-lock braking system and was made compulsory on all newly manufactured cars built in the EU since 2004. Essentially, ABS very quickly pumps the brakes whilst releasing pressure if a locked wheel is detected. The benefits of this is to reduce skidding and to steer whilst under heavy braking. ABS is a separate system to normal brake and therefore, if the ABS light comes on, normal brakes will remain unaffected. However, risk of skidding and braking distance are both increased under certain conditions. Seek assistance from specialist garage. For further information, see why is the ABS light on in my car?

Braking System

ŠKODA Octavia Braking System Warning Light

The red exclamation marking contained in a red circle indicates an issue with low brake fluid. Braking ability may be impaired. Find a safe place to stop, switch off the engine and check brake fluid levels. If this braking system light comes on at the same time as the ABS light (above) stop as soon as safe to do so and do not continue driving. Seek assistance from a specialist ŠKODA garage. See why is the brake warning light on for further help.


ŠKODA Octavia ACC Dashboard Light

ACC or ‘Adaptive Cruise Control’ illuminates on the dashboard because the ACC delay is not sufficient – Apply the brake. ACC maintains the set speed and distance to the vehicle ahead without the driver needing to use accelerator or brake. The front and distance ahead is monitored by a radar sensor. ACC does not react when approaching stationary obstacles such as other vehicles in traffic jams, broken down vehicles etc. The drive must always be ready to take over operation of the vehicle.


ŠKODA Power Steering Dashboard Light

If the red light illuminates on the dashboard, it indicates total failure of the power steering system. An amber symbol indicates a partial fault with the power steering system. These dashboard symbols also relate to the Octavia steering lock / keyless entry / start system.


ŠKODA Octavia ESC Dashboard Light

If the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) flashes, it indicates that ESC and the Traction Control System (TCS) are active. ESC and TCS help to stabilise the vehicle when it is otherwise becoming unstable. If the ESC / TCS light comes on steady, it indicates a fault with the system. In this instance, you can continue to drive cautiously, but seek assistance to have the system checked as soon as possible.


ŠKODA Octavia Emissions Dashboard Warning Light

This symbol is typically referred to as the engine management light, or the ‘MIL’ (malfunction indicator lamp). If it lights up on the Octavia, it indicates a fault with the emissions control system. You can continue to drive, though you vehicle will enter emergency mode where there will be a noticeable loss in engine power. This is to help safeguard engine components. Have vehicle checked as soon as possible. For further help, see why is the engine management light on?

Diesel Preheat

ŠKODA Octavia Diesel Preheat Warning Light

This light should illuminate whilst heating diesel glow plugs during pre-ignition and go out when ready to start the engine. If the light does not come on at all or flashes, it indicates an engine management fault. If the engine starts, or you are currently driving when the light flashes, you can continue to drive. The vehicle may enter emergency mode to limit potential engine damage and a noticeable loss in engine performance will be felt. Seek assistance soon.


ŠKODA Octavia EPC Warning Light

The EPC light (Electronic Power Control) comes on indicating a fault with the engine electronics. There are many potential faults that relate to the EPC light, see EPC dashboard light meaning for further information. You can continue to drive, though the Octavia will enter emergency limp mode where a noticeable decrease in engine performance is maintained until the fault is rectified.


ŠKODA Octavia Airbag Warning Light

1. Airbag fault – During ignition, the airbag light should do a self-test and go out shortly after the test has completed successfully. If the light stays on or comes on while driving, there is a fault with the airbag deployment system. You may also receive an airbag error message. Seek assistance.

2. Disabled by diagnostic tool –  If one of the airbags or a belt tensioner has been disabled by the diagnostic tool, the light will come on for around 4 seconds after ignition is switched on, then flash for a further 12 seconds.

3. ProActive passenger protection – light comes on and the following messages occur: Proactive passenger protection not available or Proactive occupant protection: function restricted. In this situation, the seat belt for both driver and front passenger needs replacing.

Tyre Pressure

ŠKODA Octavia Tyre Pressure Warning Light

Symbol lights up when a change in pressure of one or more tyres has been detected. Reduce speed and avoid sudden direction or speed changes. Check tyre pressures – see tyre pressure sticker. If the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) light flashes for around 1 minute and then remains lit, there’s a fault with the system. Stop, turn off the ignition and restart the engine. If the light remains on, there is a system error. You can continue to drive, but seek remedial action soon. For further help, see tyre pressure light keeps coming on. If you have changed pressures, tyres or wheels, you may need to reset ŠKODA Octavia tyre pressure system.

Brake Pads

ŠKODA Octavia Worn Brake Pads Warning Light

Symbol lights up on the dashboard indicating that the brake pads are worn. It is safe to continue to drive as the warning comes on before the pads reach dangerously low levels, but arrange to have brake pads changed as soon as possible. For further help, see why is the brake warning light on?


ŠKODA Octavia Battery Warning Light

Only shown in the MAXI DOT display indicates the battery is not being charged when the engine is running. Turn off all non-essential electrical loads to conserve power. You can continue driving, but seek assistance from ŠKODA engineer immediately. See why is the battery light on for further help.


If the low battery charge light comes on with the low coolant light, stop the car and switch off the engine as soon as safely possible as there is a high risk of engine damage. Seek assistance from ŠKODA engineer.




ŠKODA Octavia Coolant Warning Light

Coolant symbol alongside red warning triangle indicate one of three issues:

1. Low coolant level – stop, turn off engine and allow to cool. After cooling, check coolant levels. If levels are within required range and the lights remain on, there may be a fault with the

2. Cooling fan – switch off ignition and check fuse for the radiator fan. If coolant levels are correct and the fuse is OK,

3. Coolant temperature is high – turn off engine, allow to cool and continue to drive when warning lights go out.


ŠKODA Octavia Automatic Gearbox Warning Light

The cog containing an exclamation point is shown only in the MAXI DOT display and will display alongside a warning triangle (see top of page). If the triangle is amber, this indicates the gearbox is overheating or an error has occurred in the gearbox: Gearbox in emergency mode – no reverse gear, or speed limited. You can continue to drive but seek assistance immediately.


If the warning triangle is red, this indicates: 1. Gearbox is overheating – stop as soon as possible and turn off engine. You can continue to drive if warning light goes out. 2. Gearbox malfunction – If the warning light stays on, do not continue to drive. Call for assistance.


Oil Pressure

ŠKODA Octavia Oil Pressure Warning Light

The oil can symbol alongside the flashing red warning triangle indicates low oil pressure. As soon as safely possible, stop and turn off the engine and check engine oil levels. If oil is at recommended levels, do not continue to drive – there is a high risk of engine damage. Seek assistance from ŠKODA engineer. See why is the oil pressure light on for further help.

Oil Level

ŠKODA Octavia Oil Level Warning Light

Oil level symbol lighting up along with the red warning triangle indicates oil level is too low. Stop the vehicle and switch off the engine as soon as safe to do so. Add the required amount of oil. For further help, see why has the oil light come on and how to check engine oil level. If it’s not possible to top up oil, discontinue driving as engine damage may occur.

Oil Level

Oil level symbol lighting up along with amber triangle indicates either

1. Oil level too high – you can drive on but seek advice from a ŠKODA specialist, or

2. Fault with the engine oil level sensor – again you can continue driving but seek assistance from ŠKODA engineer as soon as possible.


Diesel Filter

ŠKODA Octavia Diesel Particulate Filter Warning Light

The ŠKODA Octavia diesel particulate filter warning light comes on along with the amber warning triangle indicating that it is blocked with soot. To regenerate and clean the filter, drive for at least 15 minutes in 4th or 5th gear (automatic D/S), at a speed of at least 70 km/h (43 mph) and at an engine speed of between 1800 and 2500 rpm. Do this only where legally possible and safe to do so and until the light goes out.

If the filter is not properly cleaned, the filter light, amber warning triangle and  will illuminate. Try cleaning again and if unsuccessful, seek assistance from ŠKODA engineer.

Additional Help for the ŠKODA Octavia

From time-to-time, the battery in your key fob will need changing and re-synchronising with your vehicle if the fob is unresponsive.

9 thoughts on “ŠKODA Octavia Dashboard Warning Lights”

  1. Ian Lyttle

    An amber warning light has appeared on the dash of my vehicle without any other symbols and i can’t
    figure out what the problem is….

  2. Mark

    In reply to Ian Lyttle.
    I have the same problem, any reasons for this?

  3. Muhammad Abid

    i have the same problem if anybody knows the issue please help by texting

  4. Bernie D

    Yellow triangle warning light ⚠️ But no other lights showing as explanation. What does this mean/what needs checked??

  5. Hi Bernie,
    The Skoda yellow triangle warning light is generally non-specific and can illuminate without other lights. Are you able to check if there’s any info on vehicle status on the multi-function display? If there isn’t any info, check your washer fluid level as it can often be that. Also ensure you clean any bodywork areas where sensors are located. Bumpers, front grille radar, top of windscreen etc.

  6. Pam Nichele

    Red outline of the car appears on dash with 1alarm sound. This has happened twice in roughly the same place on the road before we go through a fairly steep pass

  7. Hi Pam, Does the red outline of the car have any other features such as an exclamation point?

  8. Liam Liston

    I have a Skoda Octavia 151. The Tyre pressure has come on repeadedly after I have checked the tyre pressures. Similarly the coolant warning light has come on. I checked the coolant levels and found them to be ok.. The temperature guage was normal on each occasion. The coolant fan was working.

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