Extended Driving Test Routes

Extended driving tests are sometimes imposed by a court when a driver has received a ban. A driving ban can range from various reasons.

The now provisional licence holder will have to go through the entire process of taking the theory and practical driving test once again. See extended driving test for full details.

The extended driving test lasts almost twice as long as the standard learners test and as a result, the test routes are considerably more challenging. The extended driving test is provided by many of the UK practical test centres, though not offered at all. If not provided at your local test centre, you may have to take the test in an area you are unfamiliar with.

Provided in this section are the DVSA extended driving test routes. These test routes should be used as an informational guide only as some of the routes may have changed. Examiners are also at liberty to change routes during the test due to various reasons; one being traffic congestion.

The extended driving test routes provide an insight into the various roads and traffic systems that you’ll be taking during your test.


Extended driving test routes may also be available to download for your mobile device or Sat Nav. Available are driving test routes for Sat Nav, Google Maps, Google Earth, iPhone, Android & CoPilot Live. Download Driving Test Routes.


The standard driving test is challenging, examiners ensure that the extended driving test is harder. The routes are longer and there’s more chance of things going wrong. Rather than planning your extended routes road by road, concentrate on the more challenging areas such as:

Find Extended Driving Test Routes

Use the A-Z menu below to locate your extended driving test routes. Not all DVSA practical test centres provided the extended driving test. If you are required by law to take the extended driving test before your licence is reinstated, you may need to take the test at a practical centre not within your local area.

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