Extended Driving Test

A driver can have their driving licence disqualified if they are convicted of drink / drug driving or other driving offences that is necessary to result in a ban.

A court can order that once the disqualification period has ended, that the individual must return to a provisional driving licence holder and go through the entire driving test process as a learner driver does. This also includes taking the theory test.

The theory test for a previously disqualified driver is the same as other learner drivers theory test although the extended driving test is much more challenging than the typical learner drivers test. This section explains the extended driving test along with tips and information.

Extended driving test information

Once the driving disqualification period has finished, you have a provisional driving licence and have taken and passed the appropriate theory test for your category, you are then entitled to book the extended driving test.

Extended driving test time

The typical learner practical learner driving test takes approximately 40 minutes. The extended driving test takes approximately 70 minutes which includes 20 of independent driving.

Extended driving test
The examiner will fill out the report sheet during the extended driving test

Extended driving test cost

The current cost for extended practical driving test for cars is:

  • Weekday fee: £124.00
  • Saturday fee: £150.00

booking a Extended Driving Test

Booking information of all driving tests including the theory test, normal learner practical driving test and the extended driving test is made via the DVSA website or telephone booking which can be found on the How to start learning to drive section.

how hard is the Extended test?

The extended driving test isn’t necessarily harder as such, you won’t be expected to do anything different than that of a normal driving test. The extended driving test simply lasts longer and you will be doing more, therefore there is a higher possibility of something going wrong.

You are at this stage a provisional driving licence holder and essentially a learner driver. The driving examiner will be assessing you as a learner and you still have up to 15 faults (minors) that you can gain before failing. As with the normal driving test, accumulating more than three minor faults in the same category may result in a failure, though this depends on what the faults are. How hard the extended driving test is also depends largely on where the driving test centre is located. There are four manoeuvres in total. These are:

The turn in the road and reverse round a corner manoeuvres are no longer conducted on the new driving test. A normal driving test will involve the examiner requesting one of these manoeuvres (occasionally two if time permits). The extended driving test may involve all four manoeuvres, although if the test centre you are taking the extended test from doesn’t have parking bays, or another DVSA test centre within appropriate driving distance does not have bay parking either, you will not have the bay parking manoeuvre requested.

Dual carriageway driving is heavily features during an extended driving test. If the test centre does not have dual carriageways in the vicinity, they will not feature on the extended driving test. However, many busy, high speed ‘A’ roads will certainly feature. The emergency stop having around a 1-in-3 chance of being requested during a normal learners test, is compulsory on the extended driving test.

How difficult the extended driving test is, can also be associated with where the driving test centre is based. For instance taking an extended test in London is likely to be more challenging than say, Cambridge. The traffic flow and style of driving in a large city such as London is often much faster and aggressive. Roads, junctions and roundabouts often have fast moving multiple lanes and the driving test pass rates reflect this.

Extended Driving Test Routes

Extended driving test routes are longer than the standard learner driver routes. You’ll be expected to safely negotiate a wide range of roads and traffic systems. Extended driving test routes are on offer to view. These routes will provide a valuable insight into the various types of roads and systems you’ll be expected to take during your test. For further information, see:

Extended driving test courses

Although you will have had previous driving experience, it doesn’t take very long for most drivers to acquire bad habits. As you have previously been disqualified, the examiner will be keeping a keen eye to ensure that your driving is particularly safe. In particular, the examiner will be focusing on safe passing distances of cyclists, parked cars etc, excellent and appropriate observation, appropriate signalling and in good time, speed limits and to remain courteous to other road users.

Extended driving test courses are similar to refresher lessons where for example a individual that has been driving in another country needs to pass the UK driving test. It is highly recommended that you take an extended driving test course from a qualified driving instructor as any bad habits will soon become apparent during the test.

Ensure you are clear to your instructor that you require training for an extended driving test as the instructor will need to adopt a more intensive approach to teaching to prepare for the long 70 minute extended test. After your first lesson, the instructor will provide you with a detailed analysis of your ability, progress and how many further lessons they think you will require.

The instructor will re-teach you all the correct observations not only for driving, but for all the manoeuvres. This may include reference points in the car for manoeuvres if applicable. In such cases, it will be beneficial to use the instructors car during the extended driving test.

Tips for taking the Extended Test

  • Try to choose a driving test centre that has less traffic density within that area.
  • Book the extended driving test during the least busy times of day. This often falls between 10 am and 3 pm.
  • Choose a fully qualified driving instructor and inform them that you need lessons for the extended driving test.
  • Ensure your chosen driving instructor is highly familiar with the driving test routes for your test centre.
  • Take a mock extended driving test before the real test to ensure you are up to standard.

Finding the Right Driving Instructor

It may be a little more difficult than initially thought when trying to find a driving instructor for the extended driving test. Follow the guide in finding a good driving school or instructor, but you may get turned down by some instructors because their insurance does not cover them for previously disqualified drivers.

which car to use for the Extended Test?

If you manage to find a driving instructor willing to teach you for the extended driving test, use the instructors car for the test as it is highly unlikely you will find a car to use on the test. To take a normal learner test and the extended driving test, a hire car must have dual controls. It can be difficult finding a car hire company offering cars with dual controls. Even then, the hire companies insurance is unlikely to cover them for previously disqualified drivers.

Extended driving test rules

The rules of the extended driving test are the same as the normal driving test. The extended driving test will start with the eye test, followed by the Show Me Tell Me Questions and will involve a variety of roads, traffic systems and manoeuvres. With the exception that the extended driving test will last much longer. At the end of the extended driving test, the examiner will inform you if you have passed or failed.

21 thoughts on “Extended Driving Test”

  1. shaun

    i am taking an extended test next week,I am aware that the examiner will know the reason for my disqualification from the code used but i am wondering if it would be a good idea to give the examiner an idea of what happened as i don’t want them to think i was speeding the wrong way down a road being chased by the police or something!?

  2. Hi Shaun,
    You really shouldn’t feel obliged to tell the examiner what happened. The examiner has no interest in what you did, only on your ability to drive.

  3. shaun

    yes I suppose you’re right thanks, but just for the record it was an accident at a very low speed, but with the shock and adrenaline I panicked and left the scene (I did go to the police station within the hour though). I was charged with dangerous driving which I felt was completely over the top and so pleaded not guilty which then meant it went to crown court. anyway to cut a long story short I ended up pleading guilty to avoid a crown court trial and was disqualified for 12months and told to take the extended driving test, I would prefer if the examiner knew the circumstances but hopefully you are correct and all that matters is the standard of my driving. in fact the whole incident has made me a much more careful and safe driver so all being well that is all I will be judged on. thanks for the reply!

  4. Outside of your ability to drive safely and legally, it wouldn’t be professional for an examiner to decide whether you ‘deserve’ a driving licence or not, that’s for a court to decide. Having said that, in terms of being approachable, friendly and chatty, examiners do vary considerably. So if you get a chatty one, then feel free to divulge your reasons for requiring an extended driving test. As I said though, a professional driving test examiner should only judge your driving.

  5. shaun

    thank you again for your response, ill have to judge for myself on the day if I feel it would be appropriate or not, if the examiner brought the subject of my disqualification up then I probably would/should mention it, but otherwise ill probably let my driving do the talking!

  6. Nicola Theobald

    In reply to shaun.

    Did you also have to take a new Theory test?

  7. G J

    Yes all re-licencing processes require a new provisional to be obtained and theory to be completed

  8. Robert

    Hi duz a extended driving test flag up on computer or DVLA or that when you go to renew Ur license az I have been driving nearly 5 year nicer did a extended driving course because I forgot az it waz back in 2004 I got banned ntrully did forget but av been told it flags up when you go to resit test az now I have a license been driving nearly 5 year and got pulled over n told I waz a disqualified driver bit police let me drive away pulled me two wk later said I waz still driving while banned n let me drive away again n now av to go to court charge with driving whil disqualified any one no were a stand plz

  9. Hello Robert,
    The police let you continue driving though you’re disqualified? They usually arrest you right away. If you are caught driving while disqualified, regardless of whether you’re aware of the ban, there’s really not much you can do about it. You’re likely to receive a further ban and fine. Repeat offenders can receive a prison sentence.

  10. Daniel

    I got disqualified over 4 years ago had 1 year before I could re sit an extended test. Is there a time limit for the extended to run out and I can sit a normal test. Thanks

  11. Hi Daniel,
    As far as I’m aware, if a court has ordered you to take an extended test, then that’s what you’ll need to do. The extended driving test isn’t harder as such, it just takes longer as you’ll be doing more things.

  12. jacob

    Is there anywhere I can check if I have to do an extended driving test?

  13. Hi Jacob
    An extended driving test in court-ordered. Were you banned from driving? If so, the court will have made it clear what you’ll need to do in order to get back your licence. If you need to take an extended driving test, you’ll only have that option when it comes to booking it. The fee for an extended test is double that of a normal test.

  14. If iv been banned from driving a car can I resit my extended driving test on a motorcycle or do I have to resit my car license test

  15. Hello G,
    You’ll need to take the extended car driving test if you wish to drive a car.

  16. Leighton

    Can enybody help me I need to take my extended driving test in Llanelli Carmarthenshire can enybody help me as I’m struggling to find a driving instructor

  17. Hi Leighton,
    If you can’t find a local driving instructor, have you tried one of the three national driving schools? If it’s just the driving test, you can borrow a car, or use a hire car.

  18. Can I reshedule extended driving test if I can get any early appointment,

    And also can I take my own car for driving test as was not using it for 1month but still I have insurance and valid MOT on it

  19. Hi Saitej,
    Yes, you can reschedule an extended driving test for an earlier one if it’s available on the system. Yes, you can also use your own car for the extended driving test, provided of that it’s road legal and complies with the DVSA requirements for using your own car.

  20. Simon Matthews

    Hi, I was disqualified for dangerous driving on a motorcycle in 2013, ten years ago. The judge said I would need to take an extended driving test. I have since started driving lessons for a car for the first time in my life. Will I still need to take an extended driving test for a car even though I was disqualified on a motorcycle? Thanks 🙂

  21. Hi Simon,
    Yes, it will need to be an extended test, but you can take either the motorcycle or car extended test, it’s up to you.

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