Aylesbury Taxi Test Routes

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) no longer publish taxi driving test routes for public viewing.

Detailed below are the taxi test routes for Aylesbury Driving Test Centre. The taxi test routes are developed by examiners for those who wish to take the hackney carriage (black cab) or private hire taxi test.

The taxi test routes may have altered as this is down to the discretion of the examiner, or they may remain similar or possibly identical. Routes can also change on a daily basis due to road or traffic conditions. Test routes are for Aylesbury routes 1-3.

Use the test routes below to form a knowledge base for the various types of roads and traffic systems that you will encounter during the DVSA taxi test. Only use the routes as guidance for basing a representation of the types of roads and traffic systems to expect.


Taxi test routes for Sat Nav, Google Maps, Google Earth, iPhone, Android & CoPilot Live may be available. Browse to see if the Aylesbury taxi test routes are available for your device in the Driving Test Routes for Sat Nav section.


  • EOR – End of Road
  • T/L – Traffic Lights
  • TTC – Taxi Test Centre
Name of Taxi Test CentreAylesbury
Type of Test RouteTaxi
Name/ Number of RoadDirection
Taxi Test Route Number1
TTCEOR right
Walton RdRoundabout right 4 th exit
Tring RdRoundabout left
Broughton Ave4 th left, 2 nd left
Parton RdEOR left
Tring Rd2 x roundabout ahead
Aston Clinton RdRight
New RdEOR mini roundabout right
Main StLeft
Bates Lane / Main StMini roundabout ahead
Marrow WayRoundabout left
Wendover RdRoundabout right
Nash Lee Rd2 x roundabout right
Risborough RdLeft
North Lee LaneRight
Marsh LaneEOR left
Lower RdRoundabout ahead, roundabout left
Churchill Ave2 x roundabout ahead, left, 2 nd left, T/L ahead
Fowler Rd2 x mini roundabout ahead, left
Oxford Rd3 x roundabout ahead, 3 x roundabout right, right
New StRoundabout ahead
Upper Hundreds WayRoundabout right
Vale Park WayRoundabout left
Lower High StRoundabout right 4 th exit
Walton Rd2 nd left
Walton GroveRight
Taxi Test Route Number2
Walton Rd2 nd exit
Stoke Rd2 nd right
Old Stoke RdRoundabout 1 st exit, 2 nd right
Taylor RdRoundabout 1 st exit
Cottesloe RdRoundabout 1 st exit
Taylor RdRoundabout ahead, left
Church Square3 rd left
Churchill Ave2 x roundabout ahead, T/L left
Oxford RdRoundabout right, roundabout ahead,
3 rd left
Portway (A4129)Right
Stanbridge RdEOR right
ChurchwayEOR right
Aylesbury Rd (A418) / Oxford RdRoundabout ahead, roundabout left, T/L ahead, roundabout ahead
Oxford Rd2 x mini roundabout ahead, mini roundabout right
New StRoundabout ahead
Upper Hundreds WayRoundabout right
Vale Park DriveRoundabout left
Upper High StRoundabout 4 th exit
Walton Rd2 nd left
Walton GroveRight
Taxi Test Route Number3
Walton RdLeft
Wendover RdRoundabout ahead, 2 nd right
Elm Farm RdEOR right
Wendover RdRoundabout left
Crambourne Ave / BedgroveMini roundabout right, mini roundabout ahead
Tring RdMini roundabout ahead
Aston Clinton RdRoundabout ahead, right
Green Park RdEOR right
Halton RdRoundabout ahead, roundabout right
Wendover Rd4 x roundabouts ahead, roundabout left
Station RdRoundabout ahead
Lower RdMini roundabout ahead, mini roundabout left
Ellen RdMini roundabout left, roundabout ahead
Churchil AveRoundabout left
Grenville RdRoundabout left
Churchill AveRoundabout right
Prebendal Ave2 nd exit
Stoke RdAhead Gyratory, 2 nd exit
Walton RdRight
Walton GroveRight