Vauxhall Astra Dashboard Warning Lights and Meanings

With all vehicles becoming more complex due to being managed by computers, dashboard warning lights are used to inform the driver of any information or issues.

This section lists the dashboard warning lights for the Vauxhall Astra. Each picture or symbol is accompanied by their meanings. Various models Astra cover the warning lights listed, although symbols may vary slightly depending on the country and year of manufacture.

Information or warning lights generally signify their level of urgency by use of colour. Dashboard lights that are used for informational purposes are often blue or green in colour, such as informing you that the external lights are on for example.

Other symbols inform you that something needs to be done or checked soon such as an engine service for example. These lights are often yellow or orange in colour.

Lights that inform of an issue more urgent are typically red and may possibly flash if the issue requires immediate attention. It’s important to understand your cars warning lights not only for safety reasons, but to avoid damage to the car itself. Along with a dashboard warning light, you may receive an error or fault code on the dashboard. You can find out what they are by checking the full list of Vauxhall Astra fault codes.

Vauxhall Astra airbag and seat belt tensioner red dashboard light
Airbag deactivated yellow warning dashboard light

Astra airbag and SEATBELT tensioners light

Illuminates red – when the car ignition is turned on, the light should illuminate for around 4 seconds. If the light fails to extinguish after 4 seconds, or comes on whilst driving, there is a fault in the airbag system. In this situation, the airbag and belt tensioners may fail to operate in the event of an accident. Have the system checked immediately.
Illuminates yellow – light comes on for around 60 seconds after ignition is turned on. This light signifies the airbags have been deactivated. For further information about airbags and possible faults, see why is the airbag light on?

Vauxhall Astra Anti-lock Brakes (ABS) warning light

Astra antilock brake system (ABS)

The Vauxhall Astra ABS warning light will illuminate yellow for a few seconds after the ignition has been started to self-check. The system will be operational when the light extinguishes. If the ABS light does not extinguish after starting the car or comes on whilst driving, this signifies a fault with the ABS system. Brakes will still operate although stability may be compromised on certain road surfaces. See the Anti-Lock Braking System guide for understanding what ABS is and how it works.

Vauxhall Astra engine coolant temperature warning dashboard light

Coolant temperature

The engine coolant temperature illuminates in red. If the symbol illuminates whilst the engine is running, it signifies the coolant temperature is too high. High engine temperatures can result in damage to engine components. Stop the vehicle and turn off the engine. Wait for the engine to cool down and check coolant levels. See what is engine coolant and how to check engine coolant for further details. Opening the coolant reservoir tank whilst the coolant is very hot may result in release of hot gasses or coolant.

Vauxhall Astra diesel preheating light
Vauxhall Astra diesel particle filter dashboard light

Astra preheating and diesel particle filter light

The Astra diesel engine preheat light (looks like a spring) will illuminate yellow. system only activates when outside temperatures are low.

The diesel particle filter (looks like smoke) light illuminates or flashes yellow. If light illuminates, filter requires cleaning. Continue driving until light extinguishes. Try to avoid dropping engine speed to below 2000rpm. If light flashes, the filter is to full capacity and cleaning should initiate immediately to avoid damage to the engine.

Vauxhall Astra battery charging system dashboard warning light

Battery charging system

The Vauxhall Astra battery charging system illuminates a red light when the ignition is switched on and extinguishes shortly after the engine starts. If the light illuminates whilst the engine is running, stop the car and switch the engine off as the car battery is not charging. As a result, the engines cooling may not be effective, plus the brake servo unit may also cease to be effective. The assistance of a vehicle workshop is required. For further details regarding your vehicles battery, See car battery life expectancy and maintenance for help.

Vauxhall Astra electronic stability Control symbol
Electronic stability control off warning
Traction control off warning light

Astra Electronic Stability Control

The Electronic Stability Control or Traction Control System may flash or illuminate yellow. If the warning light illuminates, there is a fault in the system and the system is deactivated. Driving the vehicle is still possible although stability may deteriorate depending on the current road surface. Speak to an authorised vehicle repair shop. If the light flashes, this means the system is activating. To maintain stability, engine output may be reduced and the vehicle may be slowed slightly.

Vauxhall Astra (car with spanner) service vehicle soon warning light

Service vehicle soon

This car with a spanner warning light illuminates yellow to signify that the Astra needs servicing. A warning message or a specific warning code ( such as code 82 informing you that the engine needs a oil and filter change for example) may also be displayed to inform what issues the vehicle has. Speak to a vehicle technician or consult your vehicle owner’s manual for specific fault codes.

Vauxhall Astra lane departure warning light

Lane departure warning light

Dashboard light illuminates green or flashes yellow. Illuminated green signifies the system is active and ready to go. The light flashes in yellow to warn the driver it detects and unintended lane change.

Vauxhall Astra malfunction indicator dashboard warning light

Malfunction warning light

The malfunction indicator light illuminates or flashes yellow. The light will initially illuminate when the ignition is switched on and after a few seconds extinguish when the engine starts. If the light illuminates when the engine is running, this signifies a fault with the emission control system. The legal emission limit may be exceeded. Seek assistance from a qualified workshop. If the light flashes whilst the engine is running, ease off the power and seek assistance from a qualified workshop as this can lead to damage to the catalytic converter.

Vauxhall Astra tyre pressure monitoring system warning light

Tyre pressure monitoring system warning light

Light will either illuminate or flash yellow. If the tyre pressure warning light illuminates constantly, tyre pressure loss is occurring. Stop the car immediately and check tyres. If the light flashes, there is either a fault in the tyre pressure monitoring system, or a tyre without a sensor is fitted, such as the spare tyre. See tyre legal limit for information on having too high and too low pressure in tyres.

Vauxhall Astra power steering dashboard warning light

Astra power steering warning light

The Astra power steering symbol will illuminate yellow to signify power steering assistance is reduced due to overheating. The light will extinguish once the system has cooled down. If light remains on continually, consult with a qualified workshop as this signifies a failure with the power steering system.

Vauxhall Astra low engine oil pressure warning light

Engine oil pressure

The Astra engine oil pressure light will illuminate red when the ignition is activated and extinguish a few seconds after the engine has started. If the oil pressure light illuminates red when the engine is running, lubrication to engine components may be disrupted and engine damage may occur. Turn off ignition immediately. Check oil levels. Oil level should be topped up if necessary. See how to check engine oil for further information. If oil level are sufficient, seek the assistance of a workshop.

1. Vauxhall Astra electric parking brake warning light
2. Electric parking brake fault dashboard warning light

Electric parking brake warning light

1. The electric parking brake light illuminates or flashes red. If the light constantly illuminates, it signifies the electric parking brake has been applied. If the light flashes, it signifies the electric parking brake is either not fully applied or released. Attempt to reset the system by switching on the ignition, apply the brake pedal and then apply and release the electric parking brake. If the P in a circle continues to flash, do not drive the vehicle and seek assistance from a workshop.

2. Electric with spanner – Electric parking brake has a fault. If light illuminates yellow, the system is operating with degraded performance. If flashing, system is operating in service mode. Stop the vehicle, apply and release electric parking brake to reset.

Vauxhall Astra (P with a triangle) ultrasonic parking assist dashboard light

Ultrasonic parking assist

The Astra ultrasonic parking assist dashboard light illuminates yellow to signify either a fault with the system, or the system is unable to operate due to dirty sensors, or sensors covered. Sensors could be covered with snow or ice for example. The warning light may also illuminate yellow due to external ultrasonic interference rendering the system unable to operate effectively. Once the external source of interference has been removed, the system will begin to operate as normal.

Vauxhall Astra apply clutch or brake information light

Press brake or clutch warning light

The foot on a pedal warning light will illuminate or flash yellow. If the light illuminates constantly, it is signifying that the brake pedal must be applied to release the electric parking brake, or that the clutch needs to be depressed to start the engine in autostop mode. If the light flashes, it signifies that the clutch must be pressed for a main start of the engine.

Vauxhall Astra Interactive Driving System (IDS) warning light

Interactive Driving System (IDS) light

The IDS light illuminates yellow for a few seconds when the ignition is turned on. If the IDS light illuminates whilst driving, it signifies a fault in the system.

What is Interactive Driving System (IDS) and Continuous Damping Control (CDC)? The Vauxhall Astra Interactive Driving System (IDS) is activated with the sports mode, which also in turn activates Continuous Damping Control. this system controls the car suspension on an individual wheel basis, controlling each suspension damper in air suspension systems. The pitch, roll and yaw of the car is controlled, sustaining a level vehicle which offers better handling and control.

Vauxhall Astra car with spanner warning light

Astra car with spanner warning light

This Vauxhall Astra car with spanner warning light illuminates when the ignition is turned on and should extinguish a few seconds later. If the symbol illuminates yellow whilst the engine is running however, it signifies a fault in the engine electronics or the transmission electronics. System will override into emergency mode where fuel consumption may increase and stability of the vehicle may be reduced, Consult a workshop. If it illuminates along with InSP4 in service display, it signifies the diesel fuel filter needs draining of water. If the symbol flashes, there is a fault in the electronic immobiliser system and the vehicle will not start.

Engine Water

Astra Radiator Coolant warning light

This symbol that looks like an engine with a star inside, or a radiator containing an asterisk illuminate in yellow / amber. This comes on indicating that engine coolant / water is required. Top up the radiator header to the maximum level.

Vauxhall Astra common light list

Indicator signals or hazard lights flash green in colour
The seat belt warning light flashes in red
Sport mode activated dashboard light
High beam lights are on dash warning symbol
Low fuel warning light – never run out of fuel as damage to catalytic converter may occur
Upshift light illuminating in green to signify a gear change to improve fuel efficiency
Winter program (snowflake) for automatic transmission or easytronic is engaged
Astra high beam assist function or intelligent light range illuminates green to signify it ‘s active
Vauxhall Astra cruise control illuminates white or green. Illuminates white – system is on, illuminates green – cruise control is active
Circle with exclamation mark illuminate red, signifies clutch and brake fluid too low. Also signifies the manual handbrake is applied
If the Astra immobiliser light flashes yellow, it signifies fault and the engine cannot be started. Seek assistance from workshop
Vauxhall Astra reduced engine power light illuminates yellow and signifies that the power in the engine is limited. Consult a workshop
Front fog lights switched on warning light
Vauxhall Astra rear fog lights switched on
Vauxhall Astra exterior lights turned on
Door or tailgate open dashboard warning light
Adaptive forward lighting – if the light illuminates or flashes yellow, it signifies a fault within the system
Vauxhall Astra low windscreen washer fluid dashboard warning light
Vehicle detected ahead in the same lane green warning light
Another alternative to the Vauxhall Astra low fuel warning light

Other makes and models of vehicles dashboard warning lights

44 thoughts on “Vauxhall Astra Dashboard Warning Lights and Meanings”

  1. keith

    i have another light that apears on the dash so i don’t know what it means. It looks like an engine but it has a star in it. I need its meaning.

  2. Aaa

    I had a yellow F instead of N. when I switch the key on start mode, automatic gearbox.
    And the the car did not start.

  3. Elvis

    Which are the problems when the spanner light flashes all the time and the car doesn’t start?

  4. kenny

    i have a astra 1.9cdti after 3000 revs spanner light comes on sometimes cuts out then i can restart then same again anyone no what it is?????/

  5. joseph

    i have another light that apears on the dash so i don’t know what it means. It looks like an engine but it has a star in it. I need its meaning.

  6. Hello Keith,
    This sounds like engine coolant light. Check your radiator header tank for coolant levels. If the coolant doesn’t require topping up, it’s likely that the coolant level sensor is faulty.

  7. alan

    lim came on the instrument panel and then flashed when i drove at 75mph . drove at 55mph for the last 20 mins of my journey to make sure i got home

  8. Jennifer heron

    I have a sign like a notebook not sure what this means

  9. Hi Jennifer,
    I think it’s a symbol telling you that there’s an information message that you need to read.

  10. Daft Invader

    It’s going to be a long boring trip home…
    Seriously, not seen it before/during driving my Vx.Ast.1.6sri. Doesn’t sound serious. Check colour (red/green), and frequency. Flash your eyes when ‘nipping in’ to Vx. garage near home!

  11. Stephen Jones

    Vauxhall Astra. I had LIM appear on my dashboard today.
    What does it mean?

  12. Barry

    I have a red circle with a + inside it [like the sport mode sign] at the side of the clock…2.0 sri astra 62 plate.Any idea ?

  13. Brian Randles

    My 2010 Astra is showing a warning light detailed like an open book with a letter i on the page it also warns of a code 16. What does this mean?

  14. Hello Brian,
    The warning light is telling you to check the manual (book) and the fault code 16 is a brake light failure.

  15. Allan

    Normally it’s something to do with mobiliser on the car what year is your car mate

  16. Mandy

    I’ve got a red door light with a seatbelt (?) across it. The alarm goes off continuously whether or not I’m driving.

  17. Dash

    I have a service light going on while I drive (usually after 40 km drive), while it remains on it causes loss of power and then it goes off and everything is back to normal… Opel Astra 1.7 cdti 2005.
    Anyone has an idea what it might be?

  18. The fault light and reduced engine power / limp mode can be related to the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Valve being quite common, but equally it could be many other things. Have you had a diagnostics?

  19. bill

    I have the vaxhull astra with a spanner through it it only come on since I reset my key fob with a opcom

  20. Mathew

    Hi mate I have a Holden Astra Sri turbo 2003 when I drive and turbo kicks in the engine light comes on and car cuts out for a second then light turn off and car runs fine can figure it out

  21. Kadir

    My Vauxhall’s Astra 2018; some times now engine management sign stay on on one or two days and goes off again and after few days come back again and stay again one or two days and I don’t understand why and when I go to garage for help then no sign is there and it is difficult for me to understand why this things happen please help me

  22. Hi Kadir,
    When the engine malfunction warning light comes on, it should store a fault code. Have you had diagnostics done to read any fault codes? The engine malfunction light is generic, meaning there’s many potential faults associated with it. As such, the only way to find out what the problem is, is to have fault codes read with diagnostic equipment.

  23. Kadir

    Yes code is C1221 says Wheel speed sensor front left Malfunction but I been in Vauxhall’s garage and they can’t find anything but now again sign come and after one or two days it gone again , do you think can I change the new Spark plug or please tell me what can I do
    I very much appreciate your reply

  24. Hi Kadir,
    I think the best thing to do rather than keep replacing random parts would be to get your own diagnostic tool. You have have the tool handy to use then. They can be purchased quite cheap now.

  25. Brammy34

    In reply to keith.

    That is for the radiator… Check your coolant level and top up if possible

  26. William Vankie

    Hallo ,sometimes my opel just stop the running engine especially when there is convoy or
    stop and go when the engine is very hot and low gear,please help

  27. Godfred

    After visiting the electrician on dashboard light, handbrake n fuel indicater lights are on n doesn’t goes off pls help

  28. Hi Godfred,
    If the low fuel warning light stays on, it’s probably a faulty fuel level sensor. If you have any light that stays on relating to brakes, always check brake fluid levels first. After that, when parking brake / handbrake warning lights stay on, it’s usually a faulty switch.

  29. Dillon Parkin

    Hi I have a red like dipstick warning light on my 64 plate combo van any ideas ?

  30. Hi Dillon. I thought the red dipstick represented either a low engine oil level, or if the level is correct, a fault with the oil lubrication system.

  31. Tara Paterson

    Hi I have a holden astra convertible 2006 the alarm is going off when I unlock the door and stops when I start the car but goes again when I release the hand break it stops after about 6 seconds, the digital dash shows brake but I can’t read the next word as not all digits are working. Any ideas please

  32. Jamie

    I’m new to the astra j, I have a 2011 1.7cdti
    Turned the ignition on today and heard 4 (tones) then the spanner in car light stayed on solid, leaving work it was on again but nipping to the shop it went off

  33. Hi Jamie,
    Are you getting any messages or just the warning light / beeps? You’ll need to scan for fault codes really, else it’s just a guessing game.

  34. Jamie

    All I’m getting is the light and 4 beeps on start up, but then Somtimes no light.

    There are no messages or warning description on the display.
    I’ve tried my eBay scanner and my next doors even better in depth scanner, but nothing shows and says no codes are stored.

  35. Are you sure the scanners are 100 percent compatible? For what it’s worth, try the pedal test – both feet on gas and brake with ignition off, hold them there then turn on the ignition. See if any fault codes flash up.

  36. Jamie

    Not entirely sure, but both scanners worked on my astra H , and I didn’t think the pedal test worked on the astra j

  37. Anne

    I have a Vauxhall Astra. There is a small red box on the bottom right hand corner of the central panel displaying my speed in large numbers. I don’t think I’ve seen it before. The small red box displays the number 7.

    Any ideas??

  38. Ryan

    I have a 2007 astra diesel turbo there is a yellow triangle with a car and 2 swerve lines behind it then car cuts out after 20 mins it starts again any ideas pleas

  39. Ernie

    I have a 2016 astra 1.4 t.
    I know all the usual warning symbols, so its none of them.
    However on 2 occasions while driving and it happens so fast, a red long strip light flashes quickly on my dash
    and it happens so fast i can’t determine where but its on the dash panel (took me by surprise as it was so bright.???)

  40. Jackie

    I have yellow light that looks like a cog with an exclamation mark in the middle it comes on when you start the engine and then on off while driving. Can you help please

  41. Hi Jackie,
    The cog with an exclamation mark in the middle is typically associated with automatic transmission. It could be a problem with transmission fluid, overheating or something else. What you’ll need to do is book your vehicle in for diagnostics. This is where they hook up a diagnostic computer to scan your car for fault codes. When fault codes are detected, the diagnostic tool will show the specifics of the problem.

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