Ford Mondeo Dashboard Warning Lights

The widely popular Ford Mondeo also know as the Ford Fusion was first manufactured in 1993 and is now currently on the 5th generation. With many years of upgrades and improvements, the Ford Mondeo is considered dependable and reliable. With most modern cars however, if a problem occurs, you’ll know about it via a dashboard warning light.

The onboard computer in a car, called the ECU (Engine Control Unit) reads various sensor located around a vehicle. When the ECU detects a fault, a dashboard warning light is triggered. The colour of the light often determines how serious or urgent the fault it is.

Blue and green symbols are used to represent and active system such as lights. Amber / orange / yellow represent either a maintenance reminder or a minor fault. Red symbols are much more urgent and demand immediate attention. In some instances a red symbol that’s ignored may result in expensive damage to the vehicle, or potential risk to vehicle occupant safety.

Detailed are the dashboard warning lights for the Ford Mondeo / Ford Fusion along with symbols, what they mean and the recommended course of action to take.


Ford Mondeo / Fusion ABS Dashboard Warning Light

ABS or Anti lock brake System is a safety aid used alongside your normal brakes. ABS eliminates or reduces skidding and enables better control under harsh braking. The ABS light coming on means there’s a fault with the system. Normal brakes will work as usual unless the brake warning system light is also on (see below). Avoid harsh braking and have your vehicle looked at as soon as possible. For further help, see why is the ABS light on in my car?

Brake System
Brake System

Ford Mondeo / Fusion Brake System Warning Light

Symbol varies depending on country. The Ford Mondeo / Fusion brake system warning light has multiple meanings: 1. Parking brake – Check to ensure parking brake / handbrake is fully released. Driving extended distances with the parking brake applied may cause brake failure / damage. 2. Low brake fluid – Check brake fluid level and top-up if necessary. 3. Brake system malfunction – In this instance, have vehicle check immediately as a significant reduction in braking performance may occur. See why is the brake warning light on for further help.

Auto High Beam

Ford Mondeo / Fusion Auto High Beam Warning Light

If equipped, the blue headlight containing an ‘A’ illuminates when automatic high beam is activated. Manual override may be necessary if the system fails to switch off automatically. Auto high beam should not be used in fog and the system may not work as accurately in severe and cold weather. Always keep the windscreen clean to ensure the camera has a clear view. See Ford Mondeo Auto High Beam for activating the system, how it works, what makes it stop working and maintenance.

Battery Warning

Ford Mondeo / Fusion Battery Warning Light

If the battery warning light stays on after ignition or comes on when driving, there is a battery charging fault. This can be related to: 1. faulty battery, 2. faulty wiring / battery terminals, 3. faulty alternator. To avoid vehicle stalling and failing to start, have vehicle checked immediately. Turn off unnecessary electrical utilities such as USB charging, heaters, demisters etc. See why is the battery light on for further help.

Blind Spot

Ford Mondeo / Fusion Blind Spot Monitor Light

The blind spot monitor system symbol comes on when either the system has been manually switched off, if there is a fault in the system, or if the system is unable to operate due to the sensors being blocked. The dashboard light may be accompanied with a message.

Cruise Control

Ford Mondeo / Fusion Adaptive Cruise Control Light

The adaptive cruise control system changes indicator light colour indicating which mode the system is in. White light illuminates when the adaptive cruise control system is turned on and goes off when the speed control system is switched off. Green light illuminates when the adaptive cruise control system is engaged and active and goes off when the speed control system is switched off.

Engine Overheating

Ford Mondeo / Fusion Engine Overheating Warning Light

This light comes on indicating that the engine and/or coolant temperature is too high. Continued driving will likely result in engine damage. Stop the vehicle when as soon as safe to do so and switch engine off. Allow 10-15 minute for engine to cool down and check coolant levels in tank header. If coolant levels need topping up, undo cap very slowly using a cloth. Frequent topping up may indicate a leak in the sealed system. If light stays on do not continue to drive and call an engineer. See engine temperature warning light explained.

Engine Oil

Ford Mondeo / Fusion Engine Oil Warning Light

The red oil can symbol indicates low oil levels. Continued driving with insufficient oil levels can cause severe engine damage. Stop your vehicle as soon as it’s safe to do so, ideally on a level surface, wait around 10 minutes for the oil to drain into the oil pan and check engine oil level. If oil is required, top up to the maximum marker on the dip stick. For help with this, see how to check engine oil on a Ford Mondeo.

Airbag Fault

Ford Mondeo / Fusion Airbag Warning Light

As a self-check procedure, many dashboard warning lights come on for a short time during ignition. If the airbag light fails to illuminate or comes on after ignition while driving, there is a fault with the airbag system. Turn off the ignition and restart to see if the fault is cleared. If the fault remains, gain help from a Ford engineer. For further help, see why is the airbag light on?

Parking Brake

Ford Mondeo / Fusion Brake Warning Light

The red exclamation mark in a circle indicates a fault with the electronic parking brake. If you are unable to release the electronic parking brake, or it fails to release automatically, turn off the ignition, then turn it back on again, press the foot brake and press the electronic parking brake switch. If the light remains on, speak to a Ford engineer.

Glow Plug

Ford Mondeo / Fusion Glow Plug Warning Light

For diesel vehicles, turning the ignition on and wait for the glow plug light to go out before attempting to start. When external temperatures are below 5°F (-15°C), you may need to crank the engine for up to 10 seconds. After a certain amount of ignition attempts and if it still fails to start, the system will prevent further attempts for a period of time (around 30 minutes). A flashing glow plug symbol indicates a malfunction and is rather non-specific. Typical failures are EGR valve, injectors, turbo issue. Diagnostic equipment is required and vehicle may enter limp mode.

Frost Warning

Ford Mondeo / Fusion Frost Warning Light

The Ford Mondeo snowflake light illuminates in yellow / amber to warn of frost and a potentially slippery icy road surface. It will illuminate when the outside air temperature is 39°F (4°C) or below. On certain models of Mondeo, a red snowflake illuminates when outside air temperatures reach 33°F (1°C) and below.

Tyre Pressure

Ford Mondeo / Fusion Low Tyre Pressure Warning Light

If the low tyre pressure warning light comes on and stays on at start up, or comes on when driving, this indicates one or more tyres have deflated – check tyre pressures as soon as possible. Upon ignition, the light should come on momentarily as a self-check. If the light fails to come on at all at start-up, or begins to flash at any time, this indicates a fault. Have system checked. For further information including how to reset the system, see Ford Mondeo tyre pressure monitoring system reset.


Ford Mondeo / Fusion Engine Oil Service Light

When a service or engine oil change is required, a spanner symbol along with a message Service oil or Change oil soon will appear on the dashboard. This symbol and message appear roughly every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first (depending on your model of Ford Mondeo). Resetting and to stop this reminder displaying is a simple process, see Ford Mondeo change oil soon / service reset.


Ford Mondeo / Fusion Powertrain Fault Light

This particular spanner / wrench symbol indicates a powertrain fault. Having this symbol light up on the dashboard can involve a multitude of potential faults due to the powertrain being anything from the engine through to the components that deliver power to the wheels. Diagnostic equipment is required to locate the fault. Contact a Ford engineer for assistance.

Engine Fault

Ford Mondeo / Fusion Engine Fault Light

Often referred to the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp), ‘check engine light’, or ‘engine management light’, this symbol illuminates when the OBD (On Board Diagnostics system) has detected a malfunction of the vehicle emissions control system. If the light is flashing, this indicates an engine misfire and may damage the catalytic converter due to excessive exhaust emission temperatures. There is a risk of fire. In this instance (flashing light), drive carefully and seek immediate assistance from Ford Engineer. For further help, see why is the engine management light on?

Stability Control

Ford Mondeo / Fusion Stability Control (ESP) Warning Light

This system also known as ESP (Electronic Stability Program) makes the vehicle more stable when it starts to slide away from the intended path. This is done by braking individual wheels and reducing engine power as required. Traction control is also a feature of this system to prevent wheel spin which aids in pulling away on slippery or loose road surfaces. The stability control light will flash when the system in engaged – reduce speed and drive carefully. If it remains illuminated or does not illuminate when you switch the ignition on, this indicates a malfunction.

Low Fuel

Ford Mondeo / Fusion Low Fuel Warning Light

This low fuel warning light will come on when there’s approximately 50 miles remaining. This is an estimate and is relative to driving style and conditions. It’s advised to refuel as soon as possible. Running out of fuel can damage the engine. Any damage obtained as a result of running out of fuel is not covered under manufacturers warranty.

Seat Belt

Ford Mondeo / Fusion Seat Belt Warning Light

The seat belt warning light illuminates along with an audible sound when the front safety belts have not been fastened and the vehicle exceeds a relatively low speed. If you do not fasten your seat belt, the safety warning alert will turn off after approximately five minutes. If you are experiencing issues will the light failing to go out, see seat belt light stays on.


Ford Mondeo / Fusion DPF Warning Light

The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) light comes on indicating that the DPF requires cleaning. Not all models of the Ford Mondeo have a DPF warning light, instead you may receive message Diesel Filter Overloaded. In either case, the regeneration process is usually automatic, though under certain conditions driver support may be required. This is more likely if you drive for only short journeys and the system may require driver support at approximately every 500 miles. To assist the process, drive at 50 mph (80 km/h) for 25 miles (40 kilometres) using the lowest possible gear.

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