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Best cars for young and new drivers  

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Without some research into an appropriate first time car, the cost of car insurance can spiral out of control. In this section Driving Test Tips offers advice on choosing an ideal car and how to keep those insurance costs to a minimum.

Also offered is a tutorial on parking a car. Not as in-depth as the tutorials found in the driving test tutorial sections but it will help you understand how to use reference points to help with your parking.

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A guide to the basics of servicing your own car. By performing a basic service, long-term savings can be made.


Car care tips and maintenance

The cost of obtaining a full driving licence is for most, expensive with the price of driving lessons and tests.

Once you have managed to pass the practical driving test, you then need to purchase a car, keep it legal on the road and keep it maintained.

The cost of running a car especially for new and young drivers is extremely expensive. Driving Test Tips offers tips on how to keep your car insurance premium as low as possible, ideal first cars for new and young drivers and many other car tips for reducing costs. This section is designed for new car drivers offering car care tips and maintenance.