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To legally drive a car on public roads we need some form of car insurance. With all the various types of car insurance available, it can be a challenge knowing which policy is best suited to you.

This car insurance help section aims to provide an understanding on the different types of car insurance to help you decide the most appropriate policy.

We shall also be covering some essential help on finding the cheapest car insurance.

These car insurance help guides will be of benefit for everyone for understanding the complexities of car insurance, but most significantly, the young and new drivers who struggle the most when it comes to finding an affordable car insurance policy.

How does car insurance work thumb
How car insurance works guide

How does car insurance work

A guide explaining the basics of how car insurance works and what happens in the event of an accident.

No claims bonus / discount thumb
No claims bonus / discount guide

No claims bonus / discount

What is a no claims bonus, how it is worked out and calculated, how a no claims bonus can be lost, can it cover a second driver or provisional licence holder and is it worth protecting a no claims bonus.

Car insurance excess thumb
Car insurance excess guide

Car insurance excess

Car insurance excess explained, what is car insurance excess, why is it used, compulsory and voluntary excess explained and how it can gain cheap insurance.

Third party car insurance thumb
Third party car insurance guide

Third party car insurance

The basic third party car insurance once used to be the cheapest you could buy. Provided is an explanation on what third party car insurance is, what it covers, and if it is cheaper than other types of car insurance.

Third party fire and theft thumb
Third party fire and theft guide

Third party fire and theft

Once considered the choice for newly qualified drivers, Explained – what is third party fire and theft explained. What TPFT car insurance covers, if it is cheaper and if it is worth purchasing third party fire and theft car insurance.

Comprehensive car insurance thumb
Comprehensive car insurance guide

Comprehensive car insurance

Fully comprehensive car insurance help, what it covers and what often insurance providers leave out to appear competitive. Plus help on how to obtain the cheapest comprehensive car insurance quote.

First time car insurance tips
First Insurance

First Time Car Insurance Tips

Car insurance is usually the most expensive expenditure for the running of our vehicles Рeven more so for new or new young drivers. Check out these first time car insurance tips on our blog to receive the cheapest quotes possible.

What is short term car insurance thumb
What is short term car insurance guide

Short term temporary car insurance

Short term temporary car insurance can work out as a cheaper method for insurance a car. This guide offers help on what short term insurance offers, who is eligible, age restrictions, how long it can last up to, plus the benefits and disadvantages of short term car insurance.

Black box car insurance thumb
Black box car insurance guide

Black box car insurance

What is black box car insurance explained. Black box insurance for young drivers from 17 – 25, black box insurance rules, restrictions, advantages, disadvantages and if black box car insurance will be cheaper for your circumstances.

Drive any car insurance thumb
Drive any car insurance guide

Drive any car insurance

Many individuals require that their insurance policy allows them to drive any car. This guide offers help for understanding those that are covered to drive any car and those that aren’t.

Green card insurance thumb
Green card insurance guide

Green card insurance

Green card is the minimum insurance required by law for traveling in certain countries including those in the European Union. Explaining what is a Green Card, Green Card countries and help on how to get a Green Card.

GAP insurance thumb
GAP insurance guide

What is GAP insurance and is it worth it

GAP insurance can often be mis-sold and massively overpriced. GAP insurance explained, is it worth it on new and used cars, where and when to buy it, types of GAP insurance and being mis-sold GAP insurance.

mot certificate thumb
No MOT and your insurance guide

No MOT, invalid insurance

An explanation of driving a car without a valid MOT certificate, but whilst insured. Is the car insurance valid without a current MOT certificate?

Car insurance tips

Other than age, the second most important factor to obtaining cheap car insurance is the actual vehicle you intend on insuring. For car insurance tips, see the best cars for young and new drivers and if possible, purchase a car that falls into the lowest insurance group possible.

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