Ellesmere Port ADI Driving Test Routes

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) no longer publish learner driver or ADI driving test routes for public viewing.

Detailed below are the ADI driving test routes for Ellesmere Port Driving Test Centre. The test routes are developed by examiners for potential driving instructors to be taken during the ADI Part 2 test.

The test routes may have altered as this is down to the discretion of the examiner, or they may remain similar or identical. Test routes are for Cleethorpes, ADI routes 1-5.

Use the test routes below to form a knowledge base for the various types of roads and traffic systems that you will encounter during the ADI Part 2. The routes are to assist potential driving instructors into formulating their own routes for the Part 2 test based on the structure of the ADI routes found below.


ADI Driving test routes for Sat Nav, Google Maps, Google Earth, iPhone, Android & CoPilot Live may be available. Browse to see if the Ellesmere Port Driving Test Centre driving test routes are available for your device in the Driving Test Routes for Sat Nav section.


  • EOR – End of Road
  • T/L – Traffic Lights
  • DTC – Driving Test Centre
Name of Practical Test CentreEllesmere Port
Type of Test RouteADI Part 2
Name/ Number of RoadDirection
Driving Test Route Number1
Thamesdale2 nd left
Park Rd2 nd right
Underwood RdEOR right
Chester RdEOR right
A5117Roundabout right
A41Roundabout left
Liverpool RdT/L ahead, T/L right
Upton LaneLeft, right
Upton LaneEOR left
Liverpool RdEOR left, roundabout ahead
Brook LaneMini roundabout ahead, mini roundabout left
Ermine RdRight
Woodlands DriveLeft
Woodlands DriveRight
Kilmorley Park Rd / Hoole RdEOR left
Canadian AveRight
Panton RdRight
Clare AveRight
Lime GroveLeft
Canadian AveLeft
Hoole LaneEOR right
Ring RdMini roundabout left
A56EOR left
A56 (E) FrodshamRoundabout right
A5117EOR right
M56 To M53 Ellesmere Port To J9Roundabout left
Station RdRoundabout left
Whitby Rd
Driving Test Route Number2
Pooltown RdLeft, roundabout ahead
Luton RdRight
Pooltown RdEOR left
Sutton WayRoundabout right
Overpool RdRoundabout right
Rivacre RdRoundabout ahead
Hillside DriveLeft, right
Rivacre RdRight
Rivacre LoopLeft, right
Rivacre RdEOR left, EOR left
Eastham Village RdEOR right
A41EOR right
M53 To J4Roundabout right
B5151 Willaston RdRoundabout left
Lydiate LaneRight
Damhead Lane / A540 Hoylake RdEOR right
Badgers Rake LaneLeft
A550 Welsh RdEOR left
Ledsham RdRight
A41 New Chester RdEOR right
Station RdT/L right
Overpool RdRoundabout right, roundabout ahead
Chester RdEOR right
Whitby RdMini roundabout ahead
Driving Test Route Number3
Thamesdale2 nd left
Park Drive2 nd right, right
Underwood DriveEOR right
Thirmlere RdLeft, right
Underwood DriveEOR right
Stanney LaneEOR right
Dover DriveLeft
Rochester DriveEOR left
Rugby Rd2 nd left
Marlborough RdRight
Rugby RdEOR right
Wolverham RdEOR left
Stanney LaneEOR right
Wellington RdT/L right
Civic WayLeft
Whitby RdT/L right
M53 To J12Roundabout right
A56(W)Roundabout right
Hoole RdRoundabout ahead
Ermine RdRight
Dixons Drive / Egerton RdEOR right
Rosewood AveEOR left
Egerton RdEOR right
Mill LaneEOR left
Liverpool RdEOR right
Countess WayRoundabout right
A540 Hoylake RdRoundabout right
A5117Roundabout right, roundabout ahead
Station RdLeft
Capenhurst LaneEOR right, roundabout right, T/L ahead
Overpool RdEOR right
Chester RdEOR right
Whitby RdMini roundabout ahead
Driving Test Route Number4
Stanney LaneT/L right
Wolverham Rd2 nd left
Milton RdRoundabout left
Milton RdLeft
Newham RdEOR left
Cambridge RdEOR left, mini roundabout ahead
Holly Rd2 nd right
Cromwell RdEOR left
Whitby RdEOR right
Sutton WayT/L right, roundabout ahead
Overpool RdRoundabout right
Seymour DriveRight, left
Rossmore Rd WestEOR left
Fairways DriveRight
Rossmore Rd WestEOR right
Station Rd / Heath RdT/L ahead
A550 Welsh RdEOR left
Badgers Rake LaneRight
A540 Hoylake RdEOR right
Damhead Lane3 rd T/L right
Lydate Lane / Birkenhead RdEOR right
Hooton RdEOR left
Through Willaston / A41 Chester RdEOR right
M53 To J9Roundabout right
Station RdRoundabout right
Whitby Rd
Driving Test Route Number5
Pooltown RdLeft
Sutton WayRoundabout left
Overpool RdRoundabout right
Mill Lane3 rd left
Woodchurch RdLeft
Overpool RdEOR left
Seymour DriveLeft
Thornleigh DriveRight
Rossmore Rd WestEOR right
Rivacre RdRoundabout left
Hillside DriveLeft, right
Rivacre RdRight, EOR right
Netherpool RdEOR right
Rossmore Rd WestRoundabout right
Station Rd / A41 Chester RdEOR right
Capenhurst LaneT/L right
A540 Hoylake RdEOR left
A540 Towards ChesterRoundabout ahead
Coalpit LaneLeft
Demage LaneLeft
Station RdEOR left
A41 Chester RdEOR right
A56 Hoole RdRoundabout left
A56 (E) Frodsham And HelsbyRoundabout ahead
A5117EOR right
M56 To M53 To J10Roundabout left
A5117Roundabout left
Kinsey RdRoundabout right, roundabout left
Stanney LaneRoundabout ahead
Underwood Rd2 nd left
Park Drive2 nd right
ThamesdaleEOR left
Chester RdEOR right
Whitby RdMini roundabout ahead