Leeds ADI Driving Test Routes

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) no longer publish learner driver or ADI driving test routes for public viewing.

Detailed below are the ADI driving test routes for Leeds Driving Test Centre. The test routes are developed by examiners for potential driving instructors to be taken during the ADI Part 2 test.

The test routes may have altered as this is down to the discretion of the examiner, or they may remain similar or identical. Test routes are for Leeds Harehills, ADI routes 1-6.

Use the test routes below to form a knowledge base for the various types of roads and traffic systems that you will encounter during the ADI Part 2. The routes are to assist potential driving instructors into formulating their own routes for the Part 2 test based on the structure of the ADI routes found below.


ADI Driving test routes for Sat Nav, Google Maps, Google Earth, iPhone, Android & CoPilot Live may be available. Browse to see if the Leeds driving test routes are available for your device in the Driving Test Routes for Sat Nav section.


  • EOR – End of Road
  • T/L – Traffic Lights
  • DTC – Driving Test Centre
Name of Practical Test CentreLeeds (Harehills)
Type of Test RouteADI Part 2
Name/ Number of RoadDirection
Driving Test Route Number1
DTC1st right
Coldcotes AvenueEOR right
Foundry ApproachBecomes
Coldcoates CircusEOR left
Cold Cottes DriveEOR right
Oakwood LaneEOR right
Wykebeck Valley Rd2nd right
Gipton ApproachEOR left
York Rd1st right
Selby RdLeft
Wilfred AvenueEOR right
Green LaneLeft
Park StEOR right
Primrose LaneEOR left
Green LaneRight
Gravelythorpe LaneEOR left
Green Lane2 nd left
Temple WalkEOR left
Selby Rd /Knights HillEOR left
Selby RdRoundabout ahead
Selby Rd A631st roundabout ahead, 2nd roundabout right
M1 South (Junction 44) Slip RdRoundabout right, 2 ND roundabout ahead
B6481 Pontefract RdBecomes
Thwaite GateBecomes
Low RdBecomes
Hunslet Rd2nd T/L right
South Accommodation RdRight
Green LaneLeft mini roundabout
Pontefract LaneBecomes
East Park ParadeBecomes
Ivy StRight 2nd roundabout
York RdLeft
Gipton ApproachEOR left
Wykebeck Valley RdLeft
Oakwood LaneLeft
Coldcotes DriveRight
Coldcotes CircusBecomes
Foundry ApproachLeft
Coldcotes AvenueEOR left
Harehills Lane 1st left
Driving Test Route Number2
Harehills Lane4th T/L right
Harehills AvenueEOR left
Roundhay RdLeft
Gledbow Wood RdBecomes
Thorn LaneLeft
Gledhow LaneBecomes
Lidgett LaneEOR right
Bentcliffe GardensEOR right
Talbot AvenueEOR left
Talbot RdEOR left
Sreett LaneT/L right
Harrogate RdAhead 1 st roundabout, left 2 nd
Ring Rd A6120Left 2 nd roundabout
Otley RdLeft
Glen RdLeft crossroad
Weetwood LaneEOR right
Ring Rd A6120Roundabout right
King LaneRoundabout right, roundabout right
3 rd exit
Scott Hall Rd2 nd roundabout left
Potternewton LaneEOR right
Harrogate Rd2 nd T/L left
Harehills LaneLeft
Driving Test Route Number3
Harehills LaneEOR left
York Rd2nd left
Gipton ApproachEOR left
Wykebeck Valley RdRoundabout right 2nd exit
Foundry Lane1st left
South Parkway ApproachRoundabout right 3rd exit
South Parkway1st right
Kentmere AvenueOnto
North ParkwayRight, 4 th left
Ramshead Drive1st right
Ramshead ApproachEOR left
Ring Rd A6120Roundabout right
A58 Wetherby Rd5th left
Coal RdBecomes
Bay Horse LaneLeft
Brandon Lane1st left
Tarn LaneEOR left
Wike Ridge Lane1st right
Wigton Lane1st left
Plantation GardensRight
High Ash AvenueEOR right
High Ash DriveEOR left
Wigton LaneEOR left
Harrogate RdRoundabout right
Ring Rd A6120Ahead roundabout, left
Smithy Mill LaneBecomes
Tarnside RdEOR right
Stonegate RdLeft
Stainbeck AvenueAhead into
Potternewton LaneEOR right
Harrogate RdLeft
Harehills LaneLeft 4th T/L
Driving Test Route Number4
Harehills Lane1st right
Coldcotes AvenueEOR left
Foundry ApproachRoundabout right
Oak Tree DriveBecomes
Amberton ApproachEOR left
Oakwood Lane1 st right
Fearnville Rdleft
Fearnville PlaceRight
Fearnville RdEOR right
Oakwood LaneRoundabout right 3 rd exit
Easterley Rd3rd left
Asket HillEOR left
Wetherby RdRight T/L
Princes AvenueBecomes
Street LaneRight
Park LaneEOR left
Moortown Ring RdRoundabout right
Harrogate RdRight T/L
Wigton LaneEOR right
Wike Ridge LaneAhead T/L
Roundhay Park LaneLeft T/L
Ring Rd ShadwellRoundabout ahead
Ring Rd Seacroft2 nd roundabout right
York RdRight
Foundry LaneLeft 2 nd mini roundabout
Wykebeck Valley Rd1st right
Oakwood LaneLeft
Coldcotes Drive3 rd right
Coldcotes CircusBecomes
Foundry Approach1st left
Coldcotes AvenueEOR left
Harehills Lane1 st left
Driving Test Route Number5
Harehills LaneEOR left T/L
York Rd2 nd left
Gipton ApproachEOR right
Wykebeck Valley RdEOR left
York RdLeft
Inglewood DriveEOR left
York RdBecomes
Barwick RdRoundabout left
Ring Rd A6120Ahead 2 nd roundabout, left
Roman Avenuenuenue1 st right
West Park Drive WestBecomes
Shadwell WalkEOR left
Ring Rd A6120Left 3 rd roundabout
Otley Rd4 th left
Hollin RdEOR right
Weetwood Lane1 st left
Moor RdEOR left
Monk Bridge RdEOR left
Stonegate Rd1 st right
Stainbeck AvenuenuenueAhead
Potternewton LaneRight T/L
Harrogate Rd2 nd left
Harehills LaneAhead 4 th T/L, left
Driving Test Route Number6
Harehills Lane1 st right
Coldcotes AvenueEOR left
Foundry ApproachRoundabout right 3 rd exit
Oak Tree DriveBecomes
Amberton ApproachEOR left
Oakwood Lane1 st right
Fearnville RdEOR left
Fearnville PlaceBecomes
Grange Park RdEOR right
Dib LaneEOR right
Easterley RdBecomes
Wetherby RdRoundabout left
Ring Rd Shadwell2 nd left
Roman Avenue1 st right
West Park Drive WestBecomes
Shadwell WalkEOR left
Ring RdLeft 3 rd roundabout
Otley Rd3 rd left
Glen RdEOR right
Weetwood Lane2 nd left
Moor RdEOR left
Monk Bridge Rd1 st right
Grove RdEOR left
Grove LaneBecomes
Stainbeck RdRight T/L
Potternewton LaneRoundabout right
Scott Hall RdBecomes
Sheepscar St NorthLeft
Barrack RdBecomes
Roundhay Rd2 nd right
Bayswater RdEOR right
Harehills RdLeft
Stanley RdEOR left
Compton RdRight
Harehills LaneLeft
Kimberley RdDTC