Swansea ADI Driving Test Routes

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) no longer publish learner driver or ADI driving test routes for public viewing.

Detailed below are the ADI driving test routes for Swansea Driving Test Centre. The test routes are developed by examiners for potential driving instructors to be taken during the ADI Part 2 test. These test routes are for driving instructors, if you would like routes for the learner driver practical test, see driving test routes.

The test routes may have altered as this is down to the discretion of the examiner, or they may remain similar or identical. Test routes are for Swansea, ADI routes 1-4.

Use the test routes below to form a knowledge base for the various types of roads and traffic systems that you will encounter during the ADI Part 2. The routes are to assist potential driving instructors into formulating their own routes for the Part 2 test based on the structure of the ADI routes found below.


ADI Driving test routes for Sat Nav, Google Maps, Google Earth, iPhone, Android & CoPilot Live may be available. Browse to see if the Swansea driving test routes are available for your device in the Driving Test Routes for Sat Nav section.


  • EOR – End of Road
  • T/L – Traffic Lights
  • DTC – Driving Test Centre
Name of Practical Test CentreSwansea
Type of Test RouteADI Part 2
Name/ Number of RoadDirection
Driving Test Route Number1
Valley WayRoundabout right, 3 rd exit
Fendrod WayRoundabout ahead, mini roundabout right
Nantyffin Rd2 nd left
Viking WayLeft, right, EOR right, EOR left
Nantyffin RdRoundabout left, mini roundabout ahead, mini roundabout right
Mansel RdLeft
Caldicot Rd3 rd right
Caernarvon RdLeft, EOR right
Cefn RdEOR left
Mansel RdRight, ahead
Bonymaen RdLeft
Dartford PlaceEOR left
Brokesby RdRight
Dartford RdEOR left
Pentrecwyth RdEOR left
Foxhall Rd / Pentreguine RdT/L left
Delhi StEOR right
St Leger CrescentEOR right
Port Tennant RdEOR left
Fabian WayEOR left
M4 WestExit junction 46, roundabout left
Clasemount Rd2 x mini roundabouts ahead
Pentrepoeth RdT/L right
Woodfield St2 nd exit
Martin StRoundabout left
Ffordd Cwm Tawe2 nd left, roundabout right 2 nd exit
Swansea Vale RdRoundabout ahead, roundabout right
Upper Fforest Way2 x roundabouts ahead
Valley WayRoundabout ahead, 2 nd right
Driving Test Route Number2
DTC2 x left
Valley WayRoundabout ahead, roundabout right
Samlet Rd2 x T/Ls ahead, T/L right
Bethel RdLeft
Frederick Place2 nd right
Bryn AwelLeft
Bryn TegLeft, right
Bryn AwelEOR left
Frederick PlaceEOR right
Bethel RdT/L right
Peniel Green RdRoundabout ahead, T/L right
Birchgrove RdEOR right
Park Ave / New Rd / Brookville
Dynevor RdEOR right
Drymau RdEOR left
New Rd2 x mini roundabouts ahead
Stratton WayEOR left
Neath Abbey RdRoundabout left, mini roundabout right
B4434T/L left
Riverside DriveMini roundabout right
Prince of Wales DriveMini roundabout right
Gnoll Park RdLeft
St Davids StLeft
London RdAhead
London Rd / Stockhams CornerMini roundabout right 2 nd exit
A474Dual carriageway, roundabout left
A465Dual carriageway, roundabout right
M4 WestJunction 46, roundabout 2 nd left
Ffordd Cwm TaweRoundabout ahead, 2 x roundabouts left
White Rock RdLeft
Brunel WayRoundabout ahead, 2 x T/Ls ahead, roundabout left
Nantong WayMini roundabout right
Seimans WayRoundabout left
Valley Way5 th left
Driving Test Route Number3
DTC2 x left
Valley WayRoundabout ahead, roundabout left
Clase RdRoundabout ahead 2 nd exit, T/L left
Woodfield StRight, 3 rd exit
Morfydd StRight, ahead
Clyndu StMini roundabout right
Parry Rd / Vicarage RdMini roundabout ahead, left
Heol BrayleyEOR right
Heol RhosenEOR left
Camillia DriveEOR left
Heol DyfanMini roundabout left
Chemical RdRight
Heol Y DeriEOR left
Llanllenwen RdRoundabout right 3 rd exit
Heol Maes EglwysRight
Llanllenwen CloseEOR right
Heol Maes Eglwys2 x roundabouts left
Pant Lasau RdMini roundabout right
Clasemount RdRoundabout ahead 2 nd exit
A48Roundabout ahead, roundabout right
5 th exit
M4 East, Junction 45Roundabout right 3 rd exit
Peniel Green RdT/L left
Bethel RdMini roundabout ahead
Trallwn RdMini roundabout ahead
Carmel Rd4 x mini roundabouts ahead, roundabout left
Link RdT/L right
Brunnel WayRoundabout right 3 rd exit
Nantong WayMini roundabout right 2 nd exit
Siemens WayRoundabout left
Valley Way5 th left
Driving Test Route Number4
DTC2 x left
Valley WayRoundabout ahead, roundabout right
Samlet RdT/L right
Nantyffin RdMini roundabout ahead, roundabout left
Carmel Rd2 x mini roundabouts ahead, mini roundabout right
Colwyn Ave / WyngarthLeft
Maes DeriEOR right
WyngarthEOR right
Lan CoedMini roundabout left
Carmel Rd3 x mini roundabouts ahead, roundabout left
Pentrechwyth BypassRoundabout right 3 rd exit
Cross Valley Link2 x roundabouts ahead
Neath RdRoundabout left
Cwm Level RdT/L ahead
Penfilla RdLeft
Eaton Rd5 th right
Clare St4 th right
Manselton StEOR left
St Johns RdEOR mini roundabout right, mini roundabout left
Upper Gendros CrescentMini roundabout ahead
Gendros CrescentT/L right
Carmarthen RdT/L ahead, T/L left
KingswayRight, EOR right
Ystrad RdT/L left
Carmarthen RdRight
Hospital RdMini roundabout right
Gorseinon Rd2 x mini roundabouts ahead, roundabout ahead
A48Roundabout ahead, 4 th exit
M4 East2 nd exit (Junction 45), roundabout right
Fford Cwn Tawe2 nd exit, roundabout left
Clase RdRoundabout right
Valley WayRoundabout ahead, 2 nd right