Dropped Kerb Parking Laws

Dropped or lowered kerbs are essentially pavement ramps that allow for easy passage from pavement to road for wheelchair users, push chairs and the visually impaired. Dropped kerbs are also placed opposite the driveways to many business’s and private property to allow for vehicle access.

Can you park in front of a dropped kerb?
Drivers that park alongside a dropped kerb must consider not only legal issues, but those of a moral nature. Parking adjacent to a dropped kerb can cause considerable difficulties and put vulnerable pedestrians and road users at risk.

Those that park in front of a premises with a dropped kerb cause significant inconvenience to those trying to access or leave the premises.

Dropped kerb parking law

There are effectively two types of dropped kerbs; the type outside of private or business residence to allow access to the property, and those found at or close to pedestrian crossings. Parking a vehicle across either type of dropped kerb is classed as an obstruction and either the police or local councils can enforce the contravention. Based on the resources a particular authority has in dealing with the contravention, particular attention will typically be allocated to offences that impede the passage of those with disabilities.

Parking adjacent to a dropped kerb becomes a contravention where a vehicle is parked on the carriageway alongside a place where the footpath, cycle lane or verge has been lowered to the level of the carriageway to enable easier passage to:

  • Pedestrians crossing the carriageway
  • Cyclists leaving or entering the carriageway
  • Vehicles that enter or exit a property across a footpath

The Highway Code rule 243 advises drivers that ‘Except when forced to do so by stationary traffic, DO NOT stop or park:

  • where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users and powered mobility vehicles, or where it would obstruct cyclists
  • in front of an entrance to a property’

What is considered dropped kerb obstruction

The extent at which obstruction is considered as a contravention code 27 of parking adjacent to a dropped footway includes the height transition kerb stones between the lower and higher part of the kerb as detailed in the diagram to the right.

Dropped kerb parking

Who can issue a penalty charge notice for parking alongside a dropped kerb

Council enforcement
Under the Traffic Management Act 2004, grant councils that are Special Enforcement Areas (SPA) the power to enforce contravention code 27: Parked adjacent to a dropped footway.

Although the police generally now have less of a role for dealing with parking issues, Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) are often issued to motorists that leave their vehicle in a hazardous position, or a location that may impede wheelchair users. Alternatively, the police may find the owner of the vehicle and ask them to remove it, or possibly remove the vehicle themselves.

there are no signs prohibiting parking adjacent to dropped kerbs. Why?

During 2008 the Department for Transport deemed it unnecessary for the use of road markings or road signs to illustrate a prohibition for parking across a dropped kerb. Therefore enforcement authorities can issue prohibition notices without the need for a Traffic Regulation Order which is required by use of road signs to make parking on certain road markings a contravention.

Dropped kerb parking enforcement

A vehicle that is found to be parked either fully or partially alongside a dropped kerb will see the parking enforcement officer issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) when an offence has been seen throughout their daily patrol route.

A particular vehicle, or vehicles keep parking across the dropped kerb of my driveway, can I complain?

Complaints can be made to local police via their non-emergency number, although it is recommended to contact the local council. Action from the council can occur only if the complaint is received from the occupier of the affected premises. Name, address and contact details are required and confirmation that they are the occupier.

Action on the councils behalf is subject to staff availability and current location. Complaints received for repeated offences may see a parking enforcement officers route temporarily altered to deal with the issues.

If the problem persists on a regular basis, the council may provide the address owner with white bar markings along the dropped kerb area on the carriageway. White lines are not enforceable by police or councils and act as only an advisory area where not to park.

Can I park across my own dropped kerb

To avoid being issued a PCN for parking across your own driveway where a dropped kerb has been implemented, contact your local council to confirm your residency details and make, models and registration of your vehicle.

Are there exemptions to parking alongside a dropped kerb?
Exemptions to the contravention of parking at dropped kerbs are:

  • Setting down or picking up passengers
  • Loading or unloading a vehicle providing there are no loading and unloading bans in place
  • Vehicles used by emergency services
  • Vehicles parked on the carriageway across a dropped kerb that have the occupiers consent
  • Waste collection trucks
  • Road work vehicles

Dropped kerb parking fines

The amount of fine required to pay if issued a Penalty charge Notice by local council authorities depends on the borough where the ticket was issued. Fines issued by councils regarding parking offences generally range from £70 up to £120 and is typically reduced by 50% if paid within a certain time detailed on the ticket.

If issued a parking ticket by the police, a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) is given. This can be either non-endorsable (no penalty points on the licence) or endorsable (three penalty points) FPN. A Fixed Penalty Notice ranges from either £50 or £100. The amount fined and whether penalty points are gives depends on the severity of the offence and the impact or potential impact it has on vulnerable road users.

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114 thoughts on “Dropped Kerb Parking Laws”

  1. Sandra Cutting

    Thank you for the information which is very helpful !!! He have a neighbour who insists parking in our drop kerb even though we are disabled. When trying to ask why when there are lots of other spaces just got fish wife abuse !!!

  2. Josie

    Thank you for the clear explanations of parking rules. A particular visitor to our neighbour has begun treating our dropped kerb as his personal parking space. I have had a word, but it still goes on when we are away from our home, I have been informed. Some people just like to wind other people up I think, knowing it is inconveniencing them.

  3. lyle haylett

    my neighbor has a dropped curb outside her house. she has signs up saying no parking in front of gates drive way in constant use.

    however she has turned her drive way into a garden and now has a free parking space on the road?

    is there anything i can do about this?

  4. Hello Iyle,
    Does she actually have a car herself and park on the road? If not and she is still preventing the space on the road from being used, I would contact the council with this argument. Clearly if she has turned her driveway into a garden then she should allow vehicles to park on the road, particularly if she is not using the space herself.

  5. Dave

    Dixies Express in Batley are always parking on a dipped kerb and it is a double yellow line. a little IQ small white Toyota (their delivery driver) reg J99 UED has no consideration about public safety. Worries me if they are like that with their food!!!

  6. Kev

    Myself and next door have a drop curb which is one together. We have a fence between our gardens too , but they have many cars and park in front off their drive on the road . Their car in line with the middle wall , which leaves little turning on to my drive . Should they be made to park a set distance back so I get a chance to turn out my drive Rather than have to go pass their car too. Thanks kev

  7. Hello Kev,
    Bit of an awkward situation really as you might not want to run the risk of causing issues between you and your neighbour. As they are parking and blocking only their own driveway, I can’t see too much of an issue to be honest. If their parking really is causing you an issue, I’d probably recommend speaking to them initially and failing that, contact your local council who may write to them on your behalf.

  8. Jayne Hedge

    I have a drop kerb. My handyman was park in my driveway with my permission. A car was park on the opposite side of the road. Should the car be parked opposite my driveway when there is a car in the driveway. Parking opposite the road when my friend visited me. I have a drop kerb. Forgot to say they have four cars. My next door neighbour one of the cars was so near to the left end of the drop kerb. The other was on the right the other on the opposite of the road. He tryed to pull out and was really careful hit the car across opposite the drop kerb?

  9. Hello Jayne,
    There’s no legislation that I’m aware of that prohibits vehicles from parking opposite a dropped kerb, providing there are no other factors that make it illegal.

  10. Kathy

    My neighbour has had their curb dropped but still have a front garden with a brick wall at the front. They say only they are allowed to park on this section of the road. Is this correct? Under The Highway Code rule 243 am I allowed to park over this dropped curb until they have the front of the house made into a parking area? Thank you.

  11. Wendy Copsey

    MY house is on corner. I have a drive with a dropped curb and their is also a dropped curb which is directly opposite to our drive presumably as 1 1/2 meters from corner . One family insist on parking directly opposite to our drive on dropped curb about 2 meters from corner of road directly opposite to our driveway making it almost impossible for us to get out of our drive way without hitting their car. They have their own driveway but do not always use it. My husband hit their car 3 months ago and at the time they said they would not park there anymore. Today my husband was driving my car and hit their car again as it was parked directly across from our drive on dropped drive way again. What can I do?

  12. Hello Wendy
    All you can do is to write to your council, explaining the situation along with photographic evidence of how difficult it is getting into your drive. It does seem rather selfish and ridiculous that they leave their car there when they have a driveway.

  13. Abi

    Hi, I have a dropped kerb to my garden gate (as part of a block of flats) the gate only has back access around the property and is not used by vehicles. Can I be ticketed for parking in front of it?
    Thank you

  14. Tomg

    So what does adjacent mean then Mr or Mrs Driving test tips?

    I’m having a current heated discussion with my local council that a car parked over the road from dropped kerb driveway is adjacent to it, they say it means on or in I say not.

    Dictionary description; next to, close, or contiguous; neighbouring; bordering on.

    sentence example “The noble buildings, contrasting strangely with the wharves “adjacent and opposite to it”, make a striking picture, standing on the low river-bank with a background formed by the wooded elevation of Greenwich Park.

    So “opposite”, “neighbouring” and “adjacent” all the same meaning or not.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated

  15. Well, I don’t claim to be a grammar professional or any form of authority on illegal parking for that matter, but I would say in my opinion, to define the word would be ‘bordering on’ or contiguous as you say, which is also defined as adjoining. In mathematical terms, it is to share a side but be joined at a vertex – so for example a car parked on the opposite side of the road to a dropped kerb would not be adjacent to it, but it would be opposite it. You could keep going round in circles on this one though…

  16. Tomg

    I have …ha, the problem is that our road isn’t very wide, so although not impossible, it’s very difficult to get on and off our drive, I’ve had white “I” bar installed by local council, which I think has made at least people more aware, I also bought some signs from eBay, which again I believe help, but we live near a school and unfortunately the young mums see no such road markings, or any signs in their desire to get home to watch Jeremy Kyle, attend their gym classes, or get their nails done…ha.

    School holidays so 6 weeks of bliss

  17. Yep – certain parents dropping off their kids to school think they are above the law and park pretty much anywhere they like. I feel your annoyance on that one!

  18. S johnstone

    Can a dropped kerb be removed by the council,as I have had a dropped kerb for about fifteen years but have never been able to get my neighbours to agree,to let me shut off my side entrance,now I have neighbours that are happy for me to shut my side entrance and just use my drop kerb,they are not being allowed to drop a kerb,I’m worried if I shut my side entrance and change my deeds then the council could take away my kerb leaving me with no access to my property!

  19. Mohsin

    I have a dropped kerb in front of my house which is the access to my driveway. The council have put parking permits on the road from 10am-4pm. They have added a single yellow line across my driveway. Can other people park in front of my house now after the hours of the parking zone even though the kerb is dropped? We are a two car family and need both spaces as we have children.
    Thanks, Mo

  20. Hello Mohsin,
    It does seem rather conflicting information by the council. All local authorities enforce drop kerb parking restrictions differently. If you are having problems, write to your local council, explaining the new parking permits and road markings and request a letter specifying their particular regulation in regards to dropped kerb parking in your circumstances. You’ll at least have something in writing if you should need it.

  21. Tracey Hopkins

    Who do i complain to on weekends as my neighbour is always parking where the pavement drops down and when asks him to move saying he is not breaking the law but photo above says he his ?

  22. Neil

    I’m sorry but the law should not be ambiguous but “CLEAR” parking on a drop kerb should be illegal not well erm well erm well.If people are being charged thousands of pounds to get them installed then the law should be with them.

  23. I think when the police gave up on dealing with parking and it went over to local council authorities, that’s where the problems started. It’s quite shocking the level of confusion out there. The Highway Code should really be updated with actual facts rather than mostly recommendations.

  24. Sabrina

    There is a lady on my street with the only detached house. Part of her front garden is paved and the side has hedges with a wall… the curb is dropped. Everyday this lady curses and shouts at ppl who park on the dropped curb but behind the wall allowing her full access and more to her drive but she does not want ppl to park in front of her house FULL STOP!!! even if loading.. is it ok to park slightly on the dip part of the curb as they cannot drive through the hedges and wall as long as you are not blocking their access

  25. You’re supposed to keep the entire dropped kerb area clear from the transition stone to the lowered section. But it really depends on local councils if and how they enforce it.

  26. Adrian Lye

    I have a few questions I can’t find answers to.
    I live next door to a elderly lady with a dropped kerb, she no longer has a car and basically she doesn’t want anyone parking
    across her dropped kerb. So when her grown up children visit they can park outside.

    Q1). Can you park across a dropped kerb if the residents don’t even own a car ?
    Q2). Is it only the residents of the property that can park across the dropped curb or only people the owner of the property
    allows to park there.?
    Thank you

  27. peter

    i have just had a drop kerb installed outside my property with a new drive way came home today from work and wow someone parked across my drop kerb question i have no white painted in front of the said curb where do i stand on the law i leave in the brought of ealing london

  28. Hello Peter,
    Parking enforcement is almost always the responsibility of a local council and not the police. Contact your local council to request a line painted on the road across your driveway – though this line has no legal status in law, it offers a visual aid to advise drivers to avoid parking on it. The council can also advise you on any legal action they may take.

  29. Question
    My whole cul-de-sac is dropped kerb. Everyone has to many cars and parks wherever it’s not blocking a driveway but they are all on dropped kerbs. Isn’t this wrong ?

  30. Donna

    Hi, I live in a small town, and I use a powerchair to get around. I also drive, so know about the difficulties of finding somewhere to park, but I would never ever park on a pavement or over a dropped kerb. Lately, every single time I go out in my wheelchair, I’m obstructed by people parking over tactile dropped kerbs. These are the main crossings in the main street, yet nobody seems to do anything about it. There is another tactile dropped kerb across the road where there’s a junction to the “main” street, so it’s a bit iffy to cross there at the best of times, yet people are parking there too. Today I was driving past, and I saw a NURSE park over it and get out. I said to her “dyou know you’re parked over a dropped kerb?” perfectly reasonably, and she went “yes thanks” and walked off! I couldn’t believe it. I actually have her parking there on video, as I’ve got a dashcam, but i don’t know whether to bother sending it to the council because they never do anything. I’ve got dozens of photos on my phone of people parked over these dropped kerbs. It’s even more difficult because there aren’t exactly a lot of dropped kerbs, and so if one is blocked, it literally means having to go back to the other end of the road (where there isn’t a dropped kerb on the other side) and then go up the road until I can find another dropped kerb that isn’t being obstructed! I’m at my wits end with it, it’s happening every single time I go out. It makes me not want to bother going out, which is silly because I hardly go out as it is, and if I’ve got a bit of energy it’s nice to get out of the house. If you’ve got any suggestions on what I could do, I would be so so grateful.

  31. Hello Donna,
    Part of the problem is that parking enforcement in many places has gotten out of hand with councils on a mission to cash in on illegally parked drivers as much as possible. This tends to leave any area which isn’t enforced a ‘free’ zone to park at will with little consideration for others. The best course of action would be to contact your local Councillor directly. Take photos, make an account of how often it happens with times and dates, plus the course of action you need to take in order to navigate around these inappropriately parked vehicles. Anyone else that you know or can contact which is having a similar problem in your area is also good for back up.

  32. L. Bronti

    What part of your car is illegal over a small dropped kerb. Would this be the tyres or back or front of the car. Also should these small dropped kerbs have yellow lines around.

  33. Collette

    If you are not at home I can’t see the problem! I think you lady are being very inconsiderate.

  34. Annie

    My neighbour drives along the pavement and uses my drop kerb to get onto the road what can I do about it.

  35. Hello Annie,
    If you think the driver is a danger to pedestrians by using the pavement, then this is a police issue and would be advisable to contact your local branch. In terms of using the dropped kerb, it is a local council issue – though if they are not obstructing, then I think it unlikely they will do much.

  36. Phil

    Just had dropped curb installed and front garden block paved at a significant cost. My wife and I always parked outside our house before. Day 1 and someone has decided to park outside our house encroaching over our drop curb. Very helpful website, I will now be taking photo’s, and logging date. We did drop curb to help with the parking. Previously no one would park outside our house even if we were not home. Now we have a drop curb and one of them has decided they can park their car totally disregarding drop curb. I am not happy!!!! Now thinking of leaving a note on the car pointing out their error, and giving them the opportunity to donate to the (not inconsiderable) cost of our drop curb and block paving. Why do people do it!! Their is plenty of space on the other side of the road. Ignorance is all I can think it is.

  37. harry

    what about if the dropped curb is out side a empty pice of land that is not being uesed

  38. mr thomas moore

    I’ve paid for a dropped curb so I can get my disability car off the drive safely ive even had H markings placed on the road too since I’ve dropped the curb drivers believe they have the rights to use the dropped curb to reverse there car’s and vans I’ve had to pay £1500 to have a gate put in to stop people walking on my drive urinating this now means ive spent £900 for the droped curb £140 for the H marking and £1500 for a gate to stop cars revesing up to my car to turn around now the gate is in they reverse up to the gate its been hit once and theyve drove off so now I go out to tell the drivers they are not allowed to by law allowed to reverse onto the pavement check your driving test booklet 2004 law states you cant drive onto the pavement from the road as the pavement is not part of the road its for publicans disabled and pushchairs to be safe and the droped curb can only be used by mothers with pushchairs and disabled under artical 27 .

  39. mr thomas moore

    if you have a car or van which continues to reverse on your drive take down there registration number and if you can photo them doing it or you have security cameras send in a USB to the council asking for the driver to be ticketed this will stop them even though it may be time-consuming to you.?

  40. David

    I’m still confused.
    The neighbours are installing dropped kerbs but they haven’t bought the bloody pavement which is pedestrian access too. Where is the right for them to stop me parking on the pavement too ? Actually … no one should be parking 1/2 on the pavement anyway !

  41. Norman

    If it is a narrow dropped curb for use by disabled users of wheel chairs or mobility scooters, then they are definitely breaking the law by parking across it whether they had it installed or not. If it is the width for a road vehicle to enter their property, I would contact the area County Council for advice.


  42. Rob

    I got a ticket today. Parked by a dropped kerb. On double yellow lines. Parked there several times before and never had a ticket cos I’m displaying my blue badge. I’m also with my friend whose mobility is badly impaired due to terminal cancer. How do these w*nker traffic wardens sleep at night?

  43. Michelle

    Ever wonder why they bother putting this in the test/Highway Code now? It’s like talking to a brick wall!!! People don’t care any more, they park where they like. My daughter is blind, I have MS and we have a dropped curb/kerb and neighbours ‘visitors’ don’t give a damn monkeys a**e.

  44. Marie Ginns

    Hello we have a dropped curb at the tip of a turning point. If you can imagine a hammer we have the entire tip of the hammer (the hitting part) as a dropped kerb. Although you are not supposed to park on a turning point our neighbor has a trailer upto our dropped kerb and his car afterwards. My husband says to tell him to remove trailer but I said surely he cannot park that close to allow us safe exit off our drive. Our house has been unoccupied for many years and they are not taking it that easy that someone has moved in and is claiming the land that was sold with the property. Any help would be appreciated.

  45. Hi Marie,
    The dropped kerb, pavement and road belong to the council. If your neighbour is blocking access to your property, you should in the first instance speak to your local council. Some councils act more than others, so it’s best to get some photographic evidence along with a record of times that it happens.

  46. Jilly

    Hi my husband encountered a very similar issue some years ago and was informed by a policeman that as long as it wasn’t on double yellow lines and he had paid his Road tax he could park where he liked ?

  47. Hi Jilly,

    I have had official people tell me that it’s illegal whilst others tell me different. I think it’s time that the Highway Code gave a proper definitive answer to the legalities of dropped kerb parking outside residential properties – rather than it’s a local issue.

  48. Amanda

    Hi, we have recently had a dropped kerb installed, we live on the corner of 2 roads, there is a small area of normal kerb which our neighbour has decided to use for themselves, in the process of parking across the slope of our dropped kerb, this makes it awkward and dangerous for me to get on and off of our driveway, I do not understand why someone would deliberately park somewhere which is making it a danger spot for children on bikes, cars, pedestrians and also us. Is there anything I can do?

  49. Hi Amanda,
    It’s unlikely the police will get involved in a parking issue, so you would need to contact your local council. Ideally take some photographic evidence to send to them and explain that it’s a danger to pedestrians as well as making entering and exiting your property hazardous.

  50. Ruthie

    So Ive lived in my current home for more than 12 years, and when we first moved I ‘adopted’ a space at the front of our building – we live in a converted house and there are 3 cars for our building which neatly fitted into the 3 available spaces on the road.
    About 3 years ago a horrid woman moved in next door who has no consideration for her neighbours -she has a driveway complete with a dropped kerb but persists on parking not one but 2 cars on the road leaving her driveway free for Fresh Aír to park his large vehicle on the drive.
    As the road i live on has many dropped kerbs or driveways, i now have to park my car 12 minutes walk away – in another postal code even!! This has led to my car being scratched, tyres nailed (at my last tyre change they found no less than 12 nails!!) and general damage. I think this is from the people that are now pi**ed that I’m taking up their space because of the hoggish person taking spaces that she doesn’t need to use. The other day when it was raining cats and dogs, i decided to park across their driveway and she had the cheek to knock my door and ask me to move claiming that she wants to park her car? Needless to say no car appeared on the driveway to free up a space for those not fortunate enough to have a drive. I know that I have no right to park outside my home but when i look up and down the road everyone else seems to be able to park their cars in the same spot every day and this issue only seems to affect us – or am I paranoid?

  51. Hi Ruthie,
    If your neighbour didn’t park there, would there be a gap left for you? There’s far too many cars in this country that the roads simply aren’t designed for. Have you had a polite chat with her and asked if she would mind leaving a space for you? It’s a difficult situation and one that’s getting worse the country over. Because of the high traffic congestion and parking problems, people are much less patient and courteous these days.

  52. I parked outside a house and got a ticket for parking across a dropped curb. The owner of the house had grassed the area and but a tree and small wall on their land so the dropped curb was no longer used for access and therefore no obstruction was caused, yet they called police and I got a £110 fine, surely the law focuses on the work ACCESS. Are there any stated cases on this?

  53. geoff52

    same rules applies. No parking on a dropped kerb irrelevant whether there is an actual drive However the same rule applies to the homeowner unless she has specifically contacted the council and supplied her registration and proof of tenancy/ownership. as you state this gives her a private parking space and technically the council could charge her for a permit to park

  54. Nadine O'hare

    I have a double driveway on a private/council housing estate. Half my driveway is drop, half is not.
    My neighbour (who is a traffic warden!) constantly parks over my dropped path. My (late) dads car is there which hasn’t moved for a year.
    It’s a persistent problem. Making my view on reversing out of driveway very difficult.
    Who do I complain to in this situation?
    Does she has then rights to park over my non dropped curb where I park my car?

  55. Hi Nadine,
    Have you spoken to your neighbour about the issue? I don’t think you can do anything about your neighbour’s car restricting your view for reversing, but if they are preventing you from leaving your house, that’s a different matter. It’s unlikely the police will do anything (unless it’s an emergency), so you would need to contact your local council (the people who probably employ your neighbour). Explain your issue in a letter / email and photographic evidence if possible.

  56. Natalie

    Hi there,

    I am a first time home owner so my knowledge on these things is minimal, hence the turn to the internet!

    The property we bought came with a dropped curb because the house originally had a garage that we have since turned into a lounge. Now that access isn’t necessarily needed for the house as we are waiting on our driveway being done, everyone parks on our dropped curb. Currently, a car hasn’t moved from there for over a week and I can never park outside my house.

    My question is, do I have any rights to politely ask people to not park there? Is it my parking spot?

    Any advice would be great!

    Thank you

  57. Hi Natalie,
    The point of a dropped kerb is to give you access to the highway from your driveway and vice versa. The parked cars aren’t causing an obstruction as your driveway is not in use. If another vehicle was causing an obstruction and preventing you from leaving the house, you could call the police (non-emergency of course) or if a vehicle continuously obstructed you would ideally take it up with your local authority. The dropped kerb isn’t really ‘your parking space’ as technically it’s the highway. Personally I would wait until your driveway is completed and then hope that other vehicle owners keep it clear.

  58. Luke Shepherd

    Then who’s going to complain?

  59. therightthingtodo

    Here here.. At last!!

  60. John

    What is the law with parking infront of driveways wich do not have dropped kerbs? My neighbour has taken it upon himself 2 build a ramp of concrete on the road as entrance to his ney built driveway. And because of this has taken away a valuable space for the rest of us residents wich we all used before

  61. Hi John,
    It’s not legal to make any changes to the public highway / pavement without applying for and gaining permission from the local authority. If he hasn’t gained consent, he will almost certainly have to remove his ramp.

  62. Jesus

    I have same situation, both council and police where useless, the sooner they revise laws on drop curbs the better to help with situations like ours. It’s too grey of an area that no gov officials have a clue how to handle it and make people honorable.

  63. Jerry

    Useful site. I checked because I was booked as my car just obstructed the transition kerb stone. Now that the diagram has explained it clearly, I’ll just have to pay the fine, so just going to pay the 50% for early payment.

    *@!** it was a fair cop!

  64. Derek Smith

    I have a drop kerb outside my house and there is one the other side of the road. The street is wide enough for two cars to pass each other in the opposite direction. When i park in the road over my drop kerb the neighbours across the way complain they cant get out there drive. There drive is long but narrow on the exit. plus they are not particularly very good behind the wheel. However they leave one of there cars opposite my house not my drive but never use it. They leave it there to keep a space and change it round with another car when they need to use the other car. My daughter has a black box fitted to her car so it has to stay in the drive at night. This being so i have informed my insurance that i no longer park in the drive at night but in the street. So i park over my drive. Am i committing an offence

  65. Hello Derek,
    Police don’t concern themselves with parking offences anymore (unless it’s dangerous), so unless you happen to get parking wardens in your area that may end up ticketing your car for parking over your own dropped kerb, then I shouldn’t worry about.

  66. Liz callegari

    100% with you on that one Neil. Some idii t decided to park in our drive not long after moving here, to be honest the house has been empty for a while, but its NOT his drive. We urgently needed to go out but couldn’t cos of this numpty. We knocked on doors and tooted the horn all to no avail. If it was made illegal there would be no ambiguity and selfish individuals like him could be penalised!!

  67. Liz callegari

    Totally agree. Namby pamby councils are happy enough to take loadsa wonga to install a dropped kerb but unwilling to accept any responsibility despite charging such large sums for these access points!!!

  68. Annette O'mara

    I know what tou mean we hadone installed in march this year and the people around us are making it impossible to useit

  69. Amanda

    Someone across the road from me has two cars there neighbour has a dropped curb like myself but like myself there neighbour doesn’t drive they block her drive or park on her dropped curb but they do on mine I feel quite angry about this situation as I do use my drive and her attitude when asked to move it was you only have to ask me to move it if you want to use your driveway

  70. Hi Amanda,
    This is the problem with the UK, many cities and towns simply weren’t designed to take into account for the millions of cars out there. If you don’t have a car, you could perhaps ask her if she’s willing to pay a small monthly fee to park in your driveway? Some people do this. Dispute wise, the only way round it is to take it up with your local council. Some councils are more proactive than others regarding parking issues.

  71. Keith Webb

    Hi, the neighbour across the road has a drop kerb approx 4 metres wide. They have a garage which has been unused for along as I can remember. Sometimes he parks his large van across the drop kerb over night. Other times another neighbour puts a cone out to reserve the space for her own use, (they must have an arrangement). The second neighbour parks directly in the centre of the 4 meter drop kerb so there is space each end of her vehicle but not enough to get another vehicle parked. It’s a Cul de sac, with no restrictions. As I would not be causing an obstruction to vehicles entering or leaving as the garage is not in use, could I park there?

  72. I would recommend asking the neighbour if they don’t mind you parking across the dropped kerb, regardless of whether it’s in use. Providing they don’t mind, you’re good to go, but dropped kerb parking causes many disputes up and down the country, so might be worth getting their consent.

  73. Lisa

    I live in the corner of a grove, I have a dropped kerb which is positioned at the end of the public path way and my neighbours entrance gate is next door but set back into a corner… I have two cars and only bought the property a few years ago one reason was because of all the parking.,one of my cars is low underneath so I park that car at the bottom of my dropped kerb. There is also a large grass verge set in front of my house in front of the public walk way. My next door neighbour has one entrance which is well away from where I park. My car being parked in front of my house does not obstruct him accessing his property if anything I think he wants his house to appear as if it is at the end of a private road and wants his guests to be free to drive in and out of his drive. My car maybe makes him feel his house isn’t special. He can’t park outside of his house. He always has to drive into his driveway and either back out or turn round as he has a very large front. He has no public walk way outside just a wide gate for access. Can he complain to the council that I park outside my house even though it doesn’t obstruct him or any other neighbour in any way???? He has made threats that if I continue to park in front of my access at the bottom of my dropped kerb that things will escalate..! He threatened to park his car in front of my lounge window on the grass verge. Which he did and I returned home from my break away yesterday to discover a dead mouse in my back garden. I know it has been him that has thrown it over..! I just need a bit of advice…. thank you

  74. Hello Lisa.
    Provided that the driveway is not shared with any other households and that the dropped kerb is for your personal use and by you parking across it will not restrict pedestrians in any way, yes you can park across your own dropped kerb.

    There are certain occasions where you may receive a PCN for parking across your own dropped kerb. The police rarely get involved in parking issues, but a parking warden may issue a ticket. To avoid any potential issues, particularly if your neighbour does escalate his complaint, I would contact your local council and see if you can register your car at your address so that any enforcement officer will be aware that it’s your vehicle.

  75. Marie

    Our neighbour decided to put a small wall up in front of his house but built over the dipped part of our dropped kerb,Firstly is this allowed? so when his visitors park they in fact cover a part of our drive ,So inconvenience us driving off n back on to our drive. Though there is plenty of room out side of their house.

  76. Hi Marie,
    Unless your neighbour owns the pavement / kerb or unless they have permission for the building work from the council then it’s not allowed no.

  77. Marie

    Thank you for clarifying this ,how do I go about sorting this issue?

  78. Hi Marie,
    I would advise taking some photographic evidence and contacting your local council.

  79. Marie

    Thank you

  80. Barry Brown

    In reply to Sandra Cutting.

    We have a Similar problem. For Years our Neibours have Parked across our Dropped Curb. Now we have been Told by the Council, That we have to use it, Instead of Driving round the Cars across the Pavement. We have had ongoing Rows with the Neibours,and we are Now concidered as Miserable Bs. Funny how Neibours Can’t use their Double Garages, One is a Workshop. Another is a Gym. Others Jeep’s won’t fit in them.Yet they all have Two Parking Spaces in Front of their Garages.If I have them Fined which I Legally can. Then I can Expect Mysterius things happen to my Car or Property when Im out.I am 74 now and too old to Argue.

  81. Jordan Abbott

    In reply to Sandra Cutting.

    So I have a drop kerb but the cars park on the other side of the road and it still blocks my drive I can get the space to reverse my car on the drive so if there parking directly opposite and the narrow road is that still blocking my right of way I’m just a bit stuck

  82. Rose

    In reply to Jordan Abbott.

    Same problem at my daughter’s very difficult to get off her drive when cars parked opposite her house are they parking illegally

  83. Brig

    What are the rules for parking outside a business premises with a dropped kerb .
    The business is a local pub in a residential area .
    Over the last 10 years, the only people who p[ark outside are patrons of the pub .
    over the last year a local resident has been parking one of there cars on a near permeant basis .
    any advise would be appreciated

  84. Hi Brig,
    The same rules apply for private or business residence. If it’s a specific individual persistently parking across your dropped kerb, it’s probably worth talking to them or leaving a polite note on their vehicle. Illegal or nuisance parking is usually for the council to sort out under the Civil Parking Enforcement. Most councils are part of this so are obliged to act. If your driveway is in use and the vehicle is preventing you from leaving your premises, you can in this situation call the police. If the offending vehicle isn’t preventing you from leaving your property, the police probably wont attend and will refer you to the council.

  85. Brig

    The vehicle is not preventing me from leaving the premises , there is a side gate that is kept clear at all times But we have a dropped curb along the whole frontage of the pub . room say for two cars to park .
    between the drop curb and the pub is the path and then some outdoor furniture ,
    Hope that all makes sense
    I am thinking it is reasonable not to park there , but not illegal ??

  86. In terms of legality, realistically it’s a bit of a grey area. The police rarely want anything to do with parking offences unless it is causing restriction to a member of the public (unable to leave your premises) or it’s causing a significant hazard. So the burden is often placed onto local councils, who most have a Civil Parking Enforcement scheme in place. As said, I would politely ask the driver to park elsewhere and failing that, contact your local council. Take photographic evidence and an account of how often the driver parks their vehicle over the dropped kerb.

  87. Brig

    Thanks so much for the advice , will let you now how i get on with the council .
    I have already had a polite word , which came back with i leave the gap by your front gates , anyone can park in the other two spots, i tried to explain that they were for people visiting the pub, which fell on deaf ears.
    Luckily i am told the car is up for sale, so maybe once sold the problem may go away 🙂

  88. Sorry not read all the comments so apologies if this has been asked. Can i stop off/pick up on a white line/dropped kerb? Not parking. Not leaving the vehicle just literally drop someone off…

  89. JohnM

    I believe the diagram is wrong – the transition curb is not part of the dropped curb. The dropped curb is only the flat part so you should not have been fined for obstructing the transition curb. The logic I believe is that you are not allowed to drive over the transition curb to use the dropped curb to enter or exit a property.

  90. Peter

    I have a house that is garage linked to the neighbour. The driveways are adjacent with a single dropped kerb that spans both driveways, i.e. double width. As theirs is the end house on our cul-de-sac joining onto the main road, people visiting them often park outside their house as far from the junction as possible. This often results in the car being parked on their half of the dropped kerb, making it difficult and sometimes impossible for me to drive onto my drive (on the left side entering the cul-de-sac), particularly if there is a car parked on the opposite side of the road. We have obviously asked the neighbour to ensure this does not happen, but to no avail. In fact, after a recent altercation with one of the drivers in which the neighbour got involved, the neighbour has started parking their car at the end of the drive to make our access difficult even without a car parked on the road. This is deliberately causing a potential problem for pedestrians as we cannot see the pavement when reversing out. If I contact the council about this, there will be a record of the dispute. We would like to sell the house, so my question is: do you know whether a potential buyer would be able to find out about this council record through searches, as it could potentially endanger the sale?

  91. Michael Gill

    If a property has a dropped kerb that allows them to cross the pavement to access their driveway, can they also park on the pavement itself?
    ie. If they have a car already parked in the driveway, and then they have a second parked behind it (over the pathway)

  92. Hi Michael,
    It is illegal to park on the pavement in London, unless there are signs that permit it. Elsewhere is is considered an obstruction and should be avoided if at all possible.

  93. William

    My Neighbour has just had a drop kerb put in , but because the drive is to the far left of her property as you look out, the drop kerb has come right over the front of my house so pushing my parking from out of sight of my house, I park my van next to the drop kerb not in front but she insists on telling me to move because she says she cannot see round my vehicle to get out, parking is a premium and there is just no space to shuffle up , I told her my van was there 20 years before her drive was and maybe planning should not have been given if access was going to be so difficult but I just get a mouthful of abuse, any help would be gratefully recieved

  94. Hi William,
    Providing that you are not parking your van in front of the dropped kerb, then it is absolutely none of your neighbours business where you park it. Parking can be problematic, but we all need to share and it does sound like she’s being unreasonable. Continue to park where you are parking, there’s nothing legally that she can do about it.

  95. Sarah Williams

    I have 2 neighbours in a row who both park over their dropped kerbs causing me considerable trouble reversing off my driveway, I did contact the council and they were not interested at all.The joke is the neighbour knows it causes us problems, because during lockdown she came and told us they would be parking across their dropped kerb as the handbrake was ‘dodgy’ and they could not get it fixed?..But this would be for 2 weeks..well it has been 2 years now and they are still doing this.The other woman half parks over her dropped kerb and half in the space behind,so when something does squeeze on the end of her it is blocking me.Also had a word with her and told her she was being a pain but again falling on deaf ears.As a disabled person who cannot rotate my back fully i really thought the council would be a lot more helpful.But no luck, I moved from my last home due to parking issues and really thought when i had a driveway it would be better,but it is more stressful.

  96. Hi Sarah,
    If your neighbours are blocking you in, your council really should take action. Failing that, you can resort to the police if their actions prevent you from leaving your property. It’s really quite sad how some individuals become with parking issues.

  97. One of my neighbours has a dropped curb outside he council bungalow, she is disabled never goes out. The carport its only used when her ex boyfriend visits some days in the week. Because its a cul-de-sac it’s hard to park on road if you have 2 cars, and Because alot of cars and van use it to turn, you could get one car hit, so one has to park on grass. Can that woman stop you from driving on to the carport to get onto the grass. Has she the right to block you from doing it. 90% of the time it’s empty, I don’t park on it just use it to get onto grass.

  98. Mrs Davidson

    I have been told you cannot park over the ramp part of lowered kerbs either due to the fact the person who has access to it has that right to access that and lowered kerb . An highways inspector told me that the ramp is classed as a lowered kerb we have problem with a neighbor doing just this the thing is how on earth can my vehicle tyres cross the lowered kerb next to it whilst a vehicle parked over the ramp kerb it’s impossible.

  99. Hi Mrs Davidson,
    Yes, that’s correct, the transition kerbstones are considered part of the dropped kerb. Have you asked your neighbour to politely leave more room? Failing that, you’ll probably need to contact your council.

  100. Chloe

    I have an elderly neighbour who doesn’t drive, but out of spite she had her kerb dropped and a driveway installed purely to stop people parking outside her house.
    She has a car parked there by her son, which has never moved in 6 months has flat tyres, so anyone parking there is not restricting access.
    She threatens anyone who parks there with having their car lifted and towed away!

  101. Hi Chloe,
    This type of ‘neighbourly’ attitude really doesn’t help the parking situation does it. If you don’t use it, let somebody else benefit.

  102. Liam


    I have been issued a PCN for parking over a dropped curb at the end of my driveway and also denied on appeal “for parking at a point where the pavement slopes down to meet the road. These points allow easy access onto, and off, the road. Even if you own the driveway, these sloped sections of pavement need to be kept clear”

    Any idea why this is being upheld. There is room for 1 car on the driveway and therefore the other car is parked in front of the driveway on the dropped curb.

  103. Hi Liam,
    The part: ‘These points allow easy access onto, and off, the road.’ I would think relates to disabled pedestrians, the elderly using mobility scooters etc who would use dropped kerbs to access the pavement or carriageway. Each council has their own rules for dropped kerb parking. Might be worth approaching them for clarification.

  104. Not just me then! I have a dropped kerb and it is parked over almost daily by different people in their vehicles. The council is the worst. Our house is ex local authority with a council property next door and next but one and when the council are doing repairs the vans block my drive. A few years ago, repairs were being done next door. Two vans were totally blocking my drive and I had a hospital appointment. I repeatedly asked for one of the vans to be moved as I was going to the appointment in my car. but they kept refusing. I eventually had to ring the hospital to cancel the appointment. I think I am going to take photographic evidence and take it to the council. See what action they will take against themselves

  105. Hi Susan,
    As far as I’m aware, in your situation where the repair people refused to move their vehicles, you can call the police. Where intent on preventing a person from leaving their property.

  106. Damsel

    I live on the end house with an alleyway between my house and the neighbours. The alleyway leads to all the houses (including mine) garages at the back. The alleyway has a drop kerb already and it stretches to almost a third of the way in front of my house. If I create a driveway and remove part of my boundary wall (to the alley way side), am I commuting an offense by driving into the alleyway and onto my drive?

  107. Hi Damsel,
    I would say no, you’re not committing an offence. There are regulations about the type of driveways that you use (to ensure water drainage) and dropped kerbs that permission is required for, but as you say, there’s a dropped kerb already. It’s not likely you’ll need any form of planning permission, but it’s worth checking with your local authority just to make sure.

  108. Hello, i have spoken to the police about my van being half on the path half on the road ( Nottinghamshire) they have no issues with this and have said if it was fully on the road it would be an obstruction so is best to do what i am doing. Im am set to have a dropped kerb installed however my van will be over my boundary line by approx 6” it is a wide path. What’s the law with this?


  109. Maggie May

    I’m a Disabled person,have very poor mobility respiratory issues & need access to my vehicle 24/7 like many people.
    I live in a narrow road with narrow pavements,the road consisting 5 properties,4 have garages & 1 has a drive.
    My neighbour’s who are renting a property opposite have 2 vehicles,the property has a garage & tandem driveway for 2 vehicles.

    They park 1 vehicle on the edge of the driveway,the other car gets parked opposite my drop kerb,making it hazardous for me to get off my drive,of at all possible.

    I have contacted the Council & Police as their vehicle is causing an obstruction, making it challenging for pedestrian’s,people with prams mobility scooters walking aid’s,more importantly partially sighted/ blin people to get passed on the pavement.

    I had a Police Officer come to see me telling me to REVERSE my vehicle on my drive as there’s NO LAW against parking on the pavement !
    I contacted the owner of the property,she said she would sort it….but !
    I have contacted Councillor for my borough,emailed my M P with photo’s.

    I have kept a log of times dates of all vehicles parking opposite my drop kerb,but the main cause of obstruction is my neighbour.

  110. Hi Margaret,
    The police are correct in that there’s currently no laws against parking on the pavement (outside of London and unless signs say otherwise). Is the vehicle that you’re describing parked over your driveway / dropped kerb or directly opposite on the other side of the road? If the vehicle is on the opposite side of the road, I don’t think you can do much about it. Have you spoken to the tenants to see if there’s an alternative place they could park?

  111. John David Beal

    We have dropped curbs adjacent to social housing for disabled, complete with tactile paving for the sight impaired and blind. They are constantly blocked , by contractor vehicles in the main. Its a new development, three years old and the local authority claim that it is not yet adopted by Highways and that therefore, are unable to intervene. They suggest contacting the police, who to be frank are pretty useless in dealing with anything in these parts of a lesser , but no less pressing nature. I wonder what the time limit is for the adoption of Roads and Paving’s by Highways? I also wonder whether there is a case to be answered under various disabled legislation. The place is chaotic, its been like a marshalling yard for the past three years , yet it supposed to be a residential area. Poor management all round and the usual do nothing response from the local authority , in this case Swale B.C. Say no more!

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