Eastbourne ADI Driving Test Routes

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) no longer publish learner driver or ADI driving test routes for public viewing.

Detailed below are the ADI driving test routes for Eastbourne Driving Test Centre. The test routes are developed by examiners for potential driving instructors to be taken during the ADI Part 2 test.

The test routes may have altered as this is down to the discretion of the examiner, or they may remain similar or identical. Test routes are for Eastbourne, ADI routes 1-4.

Use the test routes below to form a knowledge base for the various types of roads and traffic systems that you will encounter during the ADI Part 2. The routes are to assist potential driving instructors into formulating their own routes for the Part 2 test based on the structure of the ADI routes found below.


ADI Driving test routes for Sat Nav, Google Maps, Google Earth, iPhone, Android & CoPilot Live may be available. Browse to see if the Eastbourne driving test routes are available for your device in the Driving Test Routes for Sat Nav section.


  • EOR – End of Road
  • T/L – Traffic Lights
  • DTC – Driving Test Centre
Name of Practical Test CentreEastbourne
Type of Test RouteADI Part 2
Name/ Number of RoadDirection
Driving Test Route Number1
Wartling RdRoundabout left
Lottbridge DroveRoundabout left
Seaside3 rd right
Southbourne RdRoundabout right
Churchdale RdLeft
Marlow AveEOR left
Churchdale RdCrossroads left
Astaire Ave2 nd left
Hunloke AveEOR left
Astaire AveEOR left
Ringwood Rd3 rd left
St Phillips AveRight
Woodgate RdEOR right
SeasideT/L right
Whitley RdRoundabout left
Upper AveRoundabout left, T/L right
Ashford Rd / Susans RdEOR right
Seaside Rd / Trinity TreesRoundabout 4 th exit
Cornfield RdLeft
Hyde GardensEOR right
Gildredge RdFollow left lane
Terminus RdRoundabout left
Grove RdRight
Meads Rd2 nd right
Compton Place RdLeft
Paradise DriveEOR right
Summerdown Rd2 nd left
Old Camp RdRight
Lindsay CloseEOR right
Old Camp RdEOR left
Compton DriveEOR left
Summerdown RdT/L left
East Dean RdRight
JevingtonT/L left
Eastbourne RdT/L ahead
A22Roundabout right
EastbourneRoundabout right, 2 x roundabout ahead
Highfield Linkleft
Lottbridge Drove2 x roundabout ahead, roundabout right
Wartling Rd
Driving Test Route Number2
Wartling RdRoundabout 2 nd left
Princes RdRight
Beatty RdLeft
Cunningham Drive4 th right
Mountbatten Drive4 th right
Frazer AveEOR right
Mountbatten Drive2 nd left
Vian AveEOR left
Mountbatten DriveEOR right
Hardy DriveEOR left
Beatty Rd2 nd right
Princes RdLeft
Wallis AveEOR right
St Anthony’s AveRoundabout left
Langney RiseRoundabout left
Willingdon DroveRoundabout right
Friday StCrossroads ahead
Hailsham Rd / Ersham RdRoundabout right
South RdLeft
Western Rd / Summerheath RdEOR left
London RdRoundabout left
Hempstead LaneLeft
A223 x roundabout ahead
EastbourneRoundabout 2 nd exit
Willingdon RdT/L right
Victoria DriveLeft
Green StEOR left
The GoffsEOR right
Upperton RdRoundabout right
Grove Rd5 th left
South StT/L left
Gildredge Rd4 th right
Hyde GardensEOR right
Cornfield RdRoundabout left
Bolton Rd / Langney RdT/L right
Susans RdEOR left
Seaside RdRight
Addingham RdLeft
Royal ParadeRoundabout left
Wartling Rd
Driving Test Route Number3
Wartling RdRoundabout 3 rd exit
Prince William ParadeRoundabout left
Atlantic DriveRoundabout right
Prince William ParadeRight
Ramsay WayEOR right
Princes RdRoundabout ahead
Langney RiseRight
Priory Rd2 nd right, 3 rd right
Golding RdLeft
Tolkien Rd2 nd left, EOR left, EOR right
Golding RdEOR right
Priory Rd2 nd left
Wordsworth DriveEOR right
The RisingEOR left
Priory RdRoundabout right
Eastbourne RdCrossroads ahead
High StT/L ahead
Wannock / Jevington RdEOR left
East Dean Rd / Church StLeft
Moat Croft RdEOR right
Upperton RdT/L ahead
Station ParadeRoundabout ahead
Terminus Rd / Ashford RdT/L right
Cavendish PlaceT/L left
Langney RdEOR left
Addingham RdLeft
Royal ParadeRoundabout left
Wartling Rd
Driving Test Route Number4
Wartling RdRoundabout right
Royal Parade4 th right
Beach Rd3 rd right
Latimer RdEOR left
Channel View RdEOR left
Windemere CrescentEOR right
Roselands AveLeft
Fitzmaurice AveEOR left
Woodgate RdLeft
Baille AveEOR left
Woodgate RdEOR right
SeasideT/L right
Whitley RdT/L ahead, T/L left
Firle Rd / Cavendish AveT/L left
Cavendish PlaceT/L ahead, T/L right
Seaside RdRoundabout right
Cornfield RdLeft
Hyde GardensRight
Gildredge RdFollow left lane
Terminus RdRoundabout ahead
Station Parade / Upperton RdRight
Rodmill Drive2 nd right
Burton Rd2 nd right
Parker CloseEOR right
Burton RdEOR left
Beverington RdEOR right
Willingdon RdRoundabout ahead, T/L ahead
A22 Dual CarriagewayRoundabout ahead, roundabout right
Diplocks WayRoundabout right, EOR left
South RdRoundabout right
Ersham Rd / Hailsham RdCrossroads ahead
Friday StRoundabout left
Willingdon DroveRoundabout right
Langney RiseRoundabout ahead
Princes RdRoundabout right
Wartling Rd