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Motorway signal colour

A red flashing signal with an 'X' tells traffic that it must not go beyond the red flashing signal in that lane.

Amber flashing signals warn traffic of a hazard ahead and provide information on the hazard or directions needed.



Motorway light signals

Motorway light signals are used on motorways to warn traffic of any dangers ahead or changes on the motorway such as roadworks or speed limit changes. Due to the high speed of motorways, light signals are used to provide drivers with sufficient warning of any dangers or hazards ahead.

Looking well ahead to spot motorway signals is important to take action at the earliest possible stage.

An example of possible dangers could be a traffic accident, reduced visibility due to fog, road works, traffic delays, temporary speed limits imposed and lane change signals.

Must not proceed in this lane motorway sign
You must not proceed further in this lane.
This motorway sign may be used to indicate a lane closure due to an accident for example. A red cross with flashing red light will indicate the lane closure.
Change lanes motorway sign
Change lane motorway signal.
The amber flashing lights on this motorway signal indicate a hazard and you must change lane.
Leave motorway next exit signal
Leave motorway at the next exit.
Amber flashing lights show a hazard ahead.
Accident motorway signal
Motorway information signal.
Motorway information signal with temporary speed limit imposed.
Fog motorway signal
Motorway fog signal.
Hazard signal indicating reduced visibility ahead.
Lane closed motorway signal
Lane ahead closed.
Signal indicating a particular lane ahead is closed.
Temporary speed limit motorway signal
Motorway speed limit signal.
Temporary speed limit flashing amber hazard signal.
End of restriction motorway signal
End of restriction.
Signal indicating the end of any restrictions and normal driving can resume.
Lane control motorway signals
Lane control motorway signals.
This particular signal indicates the green arrow lane is available to facing traffic. Red crosses lanes are closed to traffic facing the sign with the white diagonal arrow indicating that lane changes are required in the direction of the arrow.