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Motorway studs

Motorway studs or reflective cat's eyes are used on many high speed roads throughout the world. Often used on roads with little or no lighting such as high speed 'A' roads or dual carriageways, they are an aid for motorists for establishing the correct lane at night or times of poor visibility.

Motorway studs use specific colours depending on the placement. The stud colour signifies which part of you're driving on. In order to eliminate confusion, the placement colours never change.

The diagram below shows a motorway with the corresponding reflective stud colours and placement.

Motorway reflective stud placement

Motorway or dual carriageway reflective studs (or cat's eyes as they are also referred to) are designed to be most effective in poor light conditions by reflecting light back to the driver to signify which part of the motorway they are driving on, or where they might need to exit.

The colour of the studs always has the same placement on motorways and dual carriageways.

Questions relating to reflective road studs are often asked during the theory test.

Cat's eyes colours

Red motorway studs are placed along the hard shoulder of both motorways and dual carriageways. They can also be seen on the left of certain A or busy B roads.

Amber motorway studs are placed to the far right, running alongside the central reservation.

Green motorway studs indicate where a junction either joins or leaves a motorway, often called a motorway slip road.

White motorway studs are placed between the lanes of dual carriageways or motorways.

Blue motorway studs can occasionally be seen and are for the use of the emergency services.

Motorway studs
Reflective motorway stud (cat's eyes) placement


Motorways and the theory test

The driving theory test involves multiple choice answer with questions covering many aspects of road safety and regulations.

Several of these questions will relate to motorway safety, driving rules and motorway reflective stud colours and their placements on the road.