Other Road Users

Other road users is defined as individuals other than yourself who also use the road on or in a variety of vehicles.

As the human population increases with more vehicles being manufactured, our roads are becoming more congested with varied road users and vehicles. This condensed shared space requires ever increasing skills that must be learnt by the learner driver.

The process of learning to drive starts with concentrating primarily with controlling the car and as they gain in experience, their ability to read the road and plan ahead becomes an important asset.

Another essential aspect of learning to drive is understanding how other vehicles use the road and how to react around them such as large vehicles, buses and emergency services.

You’ll also need to consider vulnerable road users. Vulnerable road users are those that can potentially be easily injured such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists and horse riders. The tutorials in this section offer guidance on other road users.

Driving around large vehicles tutorial
Large Vehicles

Driving Near Large Vehicles

HGV’s, lorries and trucks are large, heavy and often slow. Driving safely around large vehicles requires forward planning and an understand for when it’s advisable to provide them with extra room. This tutorial explains when large vehicles are particularly hazardous and the best action to take.

How to correctly drive near buses and bus lanes
Buses & Bus Lanes

Buses and Bus Lanes

Buses and bus lanes are a frequent sight in most towns and cities and on your practical driving test, it’s likely you’ll be dealing with them. This tutorial explains how to correctly deal with buses and bus lanes.

How to correctly deal with emergency vehicles tutorial
Emergency Vehicles

Dealing with Emergency Vehicles

For some, particularly the novice learner driver, an approaching emergency vehicle with flashing lights and sirens can cause a mild state of panic on how to correctly deal with the situation. This tutorial explains how to deal with emergency vehicles. Also covered are the various emergency vehicle light colours.

Motorcycle safety for car drivers
Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle Safety for Car Drivers

Representing only 1% of all road traffic, motorcyclists are a minority. However, statistically, motorcyclists represent 19% of all road traffic accidents. This guide explains how to drive safely around motorcycles.

Dealing with slow moving traffic tutorial
Slow Vehicles

Slow Moving Vehicles

Other road users include vehicles that move slower than the rest of the traffic flow and can be frustrating and difficult to overtake. It is important to recognise the type of slow moving vehicle, if it is necessary, legal and safe to overtake.

How to safely drive with cyclists and cycle lanes tutorial
Cyclists & cycle lanes

Cyclists and Cycle Lanes

With increasingly busy roads, shared space between vehicles and cyclists is a challenge. Many driving tests are failed each year due to incorrectly dealing with cyclists. This guide covers how to drive safely around cyclists and cycle lanes.

Driving and pedestrian safety tutorial
Pedestrian Safety

Driving and Pedestrian Safety

Other road users do of course include vulnerable road users such as pedestrians. This tutorial explains where pedestrians are most vulnerable such as pedestrian crossing, junctions and being cautious around children.

What are Vulnerable Road Users
Vulnerable Road Users

Vulnerable Road Users

What are vulnerable road users explained, plus advice on how to best act appropriately around vulnerable road users.

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